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Pregnant Homeschool Mom Assaulted by Sheriff as CPS Kidnaps Her Kids in Kentucky

Friends of the Naugler family in Kentucky reached out to us and asked us to tell their story. Their 10 homeschooled children were allegedly taken away by Breckinridge County Sheriff deputies and CPS this week, allegedly acting on an anonymous tip. The officers reportedly had no warrant to enter their property. Nicole Naugler is currently 5 months pregnant, and reportedly attempted to drive away from the property with a couple of the children. Officers allegedly detained her from leaving her own property, and when she objected to them taking away her children, they allegedly “slammed (her) belly first into the cop car and bruised and scraped on both arms.”
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Friends of the Naugler family in Kentucky reached out to us and asked us to tell their story. Their 10 homeschooled children were allegedly taken away by Breckinridge County Sheriff deputies and CPS this week, allegedly acting on an anonymous tip. The officers reportedly had no warrant to enter their property. Nicole Naugler is currently 5 months pregnant, and reportedly attempted to drive away from the property with a couple of the children. Officers allegedly detained her from leaving her own property, and when she objected to them taking away her children, they allegedly “slammed (her) belly first into the cop car and bruised and scraped on both arms.” - See more at:


  1. I'm a homeschooling mom of 3 and we are in the process of trying to live off grid so when I first heard this story I was mortified. Now listening to the audio I'm kind of torn. The officer came to the property because of a complaint he received regarding the children's well being. He asked to see the kids because he needs to make sure they are ok. She refuses and does make things pretty difficult. I understand how angry she must be feeling BUT when officers get a complaint about children they do need to see if they are ok. Can you imagine if they got a call for someone that is actually abusing their children and they don't press to see the kids? I think if I were in that situation I would have just let him see that my kids were ok and be on our way

    1. I feel the same way after listening to the recordings.
      There are accusations that the dad threatened a neighbor because the neighbor confronted him over stealing water. The dad asked his kids to get a gun out of his truck so he could shoot the neighbor.
      Even if the neighbor is flat out lying, the cops/CPS are required to get involved when an accusation like that is made! Not to mention, the dad has had prior arrests (seemingly for minor things).
      Nor is this the family's first CPS investigation.
      The cop in the audio recording was very calm. Even after the mom got worked up within minutes, the cop remained calm (until the very end when the mom was arrested).
      At first the mom wouldn't even let the cop just visibly see the two oldest kids to make sure they were okay. What is a cop supposed to think?!
      Then the mom states they have been living somewhere else for a several days, but she refuses to disclose where. That makes it appear as though she's hiding something.
      Obviously, being investigated by CPS would be horrible! However, let CPS view the home and schedule for the kids to be interviewed with a lawyer present (having a lawyer present for interviews seems like a good idea). Working with CPS will most likely make the situation resolve much quicker than fighting CPS. If you have nothing to hide, then there shouldn't be an issue.

    2. agreed eventually your instincts kick in and probable cause comes into effect. something seems "very very wrong." and its often when stuff like this GETS ignored something dangerous happens, and then the public is up in arms that "nothing was done!" now something was done and its "how dare they do this!!!"

  2. I personally know this family and they are now saying that this is all because they unschool their children and that is not true at all. The complaint to CPS was made because of the horrible conditions that these kids were living in. The family at one time was living in a 384 square foot shed that they rented. The shed which they called a cabin did not have anything in it except for a particle board floor. They added a composting toilet in it but started asking for money so they could put a wood stove in it for the winter. When they did not get the funds to put get the wood stove they took out the seats of their van and everyone slept in the van in the winter. They decided to give the shed back and start trying to build their own shed (again asking for "donations" to do so) and posted that they needed tents to stay in while trying to get this shed built. She lied to the officers when she said that they were not living out there, all you have to do is look at their blog or facebook page to see that they are in fact living there and where they have been is working on some scam of a job that she claims to have.

    There have been several times since I have known them that both the parents have stop working and had no food for their children and would beg for food even though both quit working for stupid reasons. The father has had his rights to his older child (who has never lived with them) terminated for abuse/neglect and has been arrested several times in both Texas and Kentucky. Every time I saw there children they were unsupervised, filthy, and hungry. They receive no type of education or medical care. There were several times when one of the children were seriously hurt (her oldest son was playing with a hatchet and got cut very badly and the mother did nothing and another time one of her older sons were starting a fire outside since they do not have a kitchen and used gasoline to start the fire and was burned and again the mother did nothing but write a blog post about it where she deemed it a lesson learned). The thing is this is not the first time this family was dealt with CPS, they are constantly being called on them and every time the parents move into another county or state. I can understand people who want to live off the grid and I support that decision as long as the children are safe in this case the children are not safe at all. I have listened to the recordings and there are many things that upset me...First off, she does not even cry or get really upset about them taking the kids, she starts crying and screaming when the officers take her phone away from her. Then she starts screaming at the boys not to say a word to anyone and to not tell the authorities anything. When her husband is on the later recordings talking to the children he tells them the same thing....Do not tell them is apparent that they are trying to hide something and I for one hope that the state is smart enough not to return these children because they are in serious danger. Look on her facebook right now and you will see that today she posted that her main fear is that they (the state or doctors) are going to retract her sons foreskins. They are really sick people and seriously need to get help before these children are returned to them

    1. Well if you really know them, my opinion may have just changed. I am in support of homeschooling, living off-grid, etc... but you painted them as a crazy couple. Can you tell us how you know them? I don't want to support crazy people who are bums and not caring for their kids, but also don't want the government overstepping their bounds either.

    2. I've been looking at the mothers facebook and blog posts today and the kids look filthy in all of them. She admits they have ticks and fleas. The reason CPS finally took the children was that they didn't have clean drinking water. It sounds like they were drinking dirty water, probably from a pond they don't have rights to.

    3. This isn't the first, second or even third time they've had CPS called on them nor is it the first time they've begged for donations. I know them too and they've had issues with CPS in multiple states. They quit jobs for no reason, refuse any benefits or food stamps out of pride and even got in trouble with the is for not filing taxes. Their kids ate filthy and living in cramped, disgusting conditions and when they get hurt, they are denied medical care by the parents. I think nicole has slowly lost her mind over the past few years and gone beyond being an extremist. She's paranoid and thinks the got is out to get her and hates cops posting all kinds of all kind of crazy shit on her Facebook page. She gives homesteaders a bad name!

    4. I know him as well. Such a scammer.

    5. I'm with you. I'm all for off grid, basic living, unschooling, home birthing....all of that. These people made it seem like those rights are being attacked but that's not the case. It's cool to build yourself a little homestead and live off grid but only if you have the means to do so. I've noticed a lot on their facebook page them asking for donations. They were even given a van through donation. Now looking at the GoFundMe account, they have $35K and growing coming to them. It just seems like a big huge scam. I hope they use that money to provide their children with proper shelter. You can live in a tiny space, off grid with children while being sanitary. A tarp held up by a few pieces of wood with no toilet or running water is hardly sanitary for 10 children

    6. I know them from when they used to attend the same church as my family. The started so many problems within our church that they were eventually asked to not return. They were horrible people when they attended my church but have become so much worse in recent years. The husband had his parental rights to his older child terminated when his own family (I believe it was his own mother and brother) reported him to CPS (I believe in New Hampshire) for abusing and neglecting the child. Nicole is now claiming that didn't happen but she wrote a blog about the child which I have submitted to have posted on this site. Much like in this case Nicole is claiming that they were the victims of false allegations. These are just sick people.

    7. I noticed that he was the one who opened the go fund account. I refused to give once I saw that, then I really started to dig into them no way now these people are scammers. T ::) e children need foster care or family who will take care of them.

  3. I know of them and how thay are and what you see is what you get thay are very nasty people . Conman forthe most part lay out there pity story and conn people in to donating mony to them . The last place she worked 8 out of 10 kids forced to work at employers as her slave labor so you tell me how much home schooling thay give. But thats ok she has done stated she doesnot home school she no schools . And had the dum remark on her page i dont know how my kids learned how to read or do math . Please dont fall for there crap there kids will at least have a chance now . People like them are whats wrong with world

  4. Look what happened with the pre-trial shark-fest that condemned the Missouri cop before the facts were fully vetted. Public prejudging from third, fourth, fifth, etc., party knowledge is a crime in itself. It's called gossip/slander/libel/hysteria.

    Sure, the people might be "back-woods" (as some of the commenters appear to be), and you can't criminalize ignorance, or culture, but to come right out that they have done everything wrong that you can imagine is just off the deep end.

    Some of the factors in play: living conditions, bruising, nourishment, medical treatment, privacy, illegal search and seizure, overreaction, etc.

    Do kids get bruised in the wild?
    Did you ever get bruises playing in the rough?
    Do farmers/kids get bruised and dirty in their lifestyle?
    Is it wrong to teach your OWN children to live in the rough? Child abuse?
    Is CPS always right?
    How many CPS workers have families themselves?
    After KY CPS has been shown to be corrupt, do you trust them in these circumstances? $10K trophy per child taken from parents? An incentive?

    What do you REALLY know about this family, other than what they have openly shown the world in their cause to live independently.

    Could the Sheriff had handled this differently, knowing that people that like to be private would react to a violation of their private domain?

    I might have taken a different tact, having lived in city, suburban, small town, and backwoods environments. Culture predicts response. Educating deputies and police in better situation management would have prevented this explosive outcome. It's not all a brute-force situation. A woman would defend her cubs like a bear after having them so close to her. It's likely she would respond with aggression, so work with it, don't exacerbate it, just because you MAY be right at the moment.

    I'll wait for more facts to settle in, and see how their attorneys handle it. If HSLDA takes the case, then there will be a level playing field, where parents rights will meet with reason, and the Law, and CPS will be put in check, so they can't collect a check for opportunistic bounty hunting.

    1. There is NO bonus for the CPS for taking children! It's fine to teach kids about surviving in the wild, etc, but if your child is seriously injured and you refuse to get care for them, you lose my sympathy completely. I doubt that when the rest of the story is revealed, HSLDA won't want to defend them. It's not their schooling decisions that are really at issue here, but the physical well-being of the children,

    2. begging people for donations to support them is hardly living independently

    3. On the day the Naugler story broke, Kentucky CFHS was busted in the news precisely for taking and placing children to get more federal grant money. Caseworkers described a statistics driven management, and the mechanisms they used to keep defense lawyers from interfering (essentially go after their kids too, in retaliation). No matter what side of the story you fall on, this is a complication that puts the process in question.

  5. people who actually know need to speak out. this family is clearly serving up propaganda and using the kids to get the donations. and its working.

  6. Hi Anonymus troll
    You are everywhere!
    Yes there is a bonus for CPS to take kids. They are given money based on placement of children in adopted homes. This explains why unrelated adoptees are given children more often than grandparents and other relatives. The money is earned by CPS on each child until grown inless a relative has custody. A big family means big bucks to your local CPS. CaChing!
    "Oh what a disgrace to be in the human race"

    1. I'm going to need a citation for that. Given that the when children are put in foster care the government has to pay for them and when they are put with family, they don't, I fail to see how the government could have a financial interest in putting kids in care. CPS is given a fixed budget, regardless of the number of kids they take in.

  7. Michigan Department
    Family Independence Agency

  8. This is a blog that Nicole Naugler wrote several years ago that talks about what happened with Joe's oldest son. Always the victims when they are nothing more then con artists

    January 11, 2013
    The Story of Alex

    The story of Alex: from my point of view.

    My senior year I began dating my husband. We had a long journey ahead, but we knew we were meant to be together. Its been a rough road at times... really rough.. This is the story of one of those really bumpy roads..

    About a year after we got together we moved to Wisconsin to stay with his brother. That led to Joe and I breaking up for a few months and went our separate ways. Joe went back to New Hampshire and I went to Texas. Shortly after we reconciled, we were informed that a woman Joe had slept with during our separation was pregnant. She suspected Joe was the father. It was an incredible blow to both of us, in different ways of course. I had already suffered a miscarriage in the beginning of our relationship. It was not easy, but I had to make a decision. I decided to stay with him. In November 1995 Alex was born. A few months later Joe was asked to take a paternity test. Which really wasn't needed. The boy was an almost exact replica of his dad. This of course was very trying for Joe and I and the years that followed were very hard. We lived in Texas, Alex in New Hampshire. Joe had traveled up at times to NH to visit Alex. He struggled with the notion of doing what was right, and being a husband and father to this family, and being with me, who he truly loved. It took me many years to understand this. It was a lot of emotional pain for both of us, for a long while. I can not imagine his struggle. This is his child. During this time, I suffered a second miscarriage It was the most devastating experience of my life to this day. Not only was I feeling the loss of the man I loved with all my heart, now I was dealing with the fact I may never carry a child. The doctors had chalked it up to endometreosis, and after my 2nd miscarriage, it was discovered I was also RH-.

  9. Nicole Blog Continue.

    It wasn't till the fall of 1997 that I agreed to move to New Hampshire so Joe could have a relationship with Alex. Things were rough. Alex had a very bad home life and that was the only thing that gave me comfort in my decision. Alex NEEDED us. I admit I was extremely hurt and jealous, of her. Alex and I took to each other quite well. He filled a void I had. Several people would tell me stories of evil step moms, but I did not feel that way. My maternal instinct was very strong. He was my husbands* son. I was not the only one with jealousy issues. Alex's mother began to make things difficult for us and into custody court we went. Visitations became a power struggle, the mother would not be home when we came, or not have Alex ready. We bought Alex everything he needed to be with us, so we no longer had to rely on her for his belongings.
    *(we were not married till years later, but I refer to him as my husband because that is how I see him, then and now)

    We spent 2 years in New Hampshire/Vermont. In that time we developed a great relationship with Alex and I was finally able to carry a child to term. I gave birth to Jacob in December 1998. Shortly after Jacobs birth, we decided to head back south where we had a stable income. We had planned to bring Alex, but the last moment, his mother opposed. Our goal was to get settled and go back to court. It didn't take that long.. Within a month, she called and sent Alex on a plane to live with us.
    Me, Alex and Joe

  10. Nicole's Blog on Alex Continues

    Alex and Jacob when Jacob was born. Urijah looks just like him

    Jacob and Alex

    Alex and Joe spent a lot of time traveling back and forth to visit Alex's mom. It took a toll on our family. We now had a second child, another son. We finally decided, the summer before Alex was to start kindergarten that we were not going to do that anymore. So Alex and Joe stayed the summer with us. It was the last few weeks of summer when Joe's mother called and begged for us to send Alex up there to see her at least. She even offered to pay the plane ticket. Joe agreed and sent Alex on a plane to New Hampshire. That was August 2001. We never saw him again............

  11. Nicole's Blog Continues

    We got a call and Alex arrived safely and was having fun. Things were going good. Little did we know about the plot that was boiling. A few days later we got a phone call from their attorney. Joe's uncle had petitioned for an emergency custody hearing... in New Hampshire at 2pm EST that day. Let me remind you that we were in Texas and the call came in at 10 am CST. this gave us 3 hrs to get Joe to the airport, on a plane and into the courtroom. The judge granted custody by default and Alex went to live with his great uncle and his wife.

    We got notice of another custody hearing to finalize it all. But there was no way we could attend. The cost of travel and court fees was more than we could bear. Joe made several pleas to the courts but they went unheard. It didn't matter. The judge had already made his decision. Joe's appearance by phone call was just not enough. The State of New Hampshire took away Joe's paternal rights, based on nothing more than hearsay.

    So what was all this about you ask. Joe's mother, brother, uncle, grandmother,cousin all got on the stand and told of horrible stories of abuse. All the ways Alex was mis-treated. Their testimony, some even quietly admitted to purgery years later, gave the State of New Hampshire all they needed to take away Joe's parental rights.

  12. Nicole Blog
    Its only fair to note two things here. Prior to Alex leaving Texas, the state where he was in fact residing, Social Services interviewed both Joe and Alex based on an "anonymous" phone call they received. They had no findings and we received a letter stating their investigation was dismissed. New Hampshire how ever, never did conduct and investigation. Other than that interview no one ever came to the home after the allegations from NH surfaced. While that may be disturbing to you, what you may find more disturbing is this. We had two other children in the home. If Joe and I had been the people they described on the witness stand. Such abusive and vile people that they deemed fit to take Joe's son from him then why would they put those other two children in jeopardy? Why was no one looking out for the welfare of those two little boys? Its simple.. Everyone one involved, from the family, to the lawyers, to the State itself, knew those children were not in danger.. They knew the allegations were false. If only I had known the law better.. If only I had had the gusto I do now...If only we had more money... I will spend forever saying.... If only..

    Things started to look up, or so we thought. We were able to speak to Alex on his birthday and again at Christmas,. This of course was only to make us aware of all the material items this child now possessed. and to buy them a bit of time.

    Joe and I had called and spoken to a few attorneys about the case but none would touch it with out a large retainer. Joe had began to slip into a depression and no longer allowed me to speak of the situation. He became a very angry man. Every so often I would try to make contact. I'd send certified letters which were returned. I'd call the State of NH and try to see what we could do. This usually would drive Joe into a deeper depression. I still made my bi annual calls but without Joe there was little I could do. It was a very trying time for me.. Joe was starting to become the man they accused him of.

  13. The Blog Continues

    I cant recall the dates or specifics, that is for Joe to tell, but one day he decided to give all his anger over to God. I do not know how, because I have not been able to. Not fully. I want to. I want to let go of it. I just have not been able to.

    We also gave up the fight as we knew it.. We knew at this point there was no undoing what had been done and now it was our job to wait. For several years after that I continued to make my phone calls regarding Alex's new living situation. It was not ideal and in fact, border lined the type of situation which would require the state to remove a child from custody. I find it quite ironic that they would not even investigate based on my phone calls as I did not actually see these "events". This is the same type of "hearsay" they used to take him in the first place.

    We have tried in recent years to make amends with the family. We have told them that it is not our intention to create division. We only want to be able to reestablish a relationship with Alex. That in the end they can still be the good guys. They cant hide him forever. This is their chance. He has 9 siblings here who know about him. Two that remember him. Its hardest on Jacob.. He was 3 when Alex was taken. For years I protected those involved. He knows the truth of it all. He is also patient. He knows he will see Alex again someday.

    As for those involved, well they know Karma quite well. She has them on speed dial. I wont get into the nitty gritty because its not something I feel I need to disclose. I will say that my last phone conversation with the State of New Hampshire, they actually called me this time, I told them I am on record warning them for years. This is now on their head.

    Alex turned 17 a few months go. We know the day will come when he wants to find dad. Even if its to "kick his ass" as some have put it. The truth never stays covered for long. My heart breaks for him.. To have a family who loves you so much and to not know they even exist or that they care so much about you. I am also saddened by the thought of the loss he will feel when he knows the people he cares about most lied to him for so long. I have seen a few recent photos I have been able to snag. He looks terribly sad. You can see the emptyness in his eyes. In 10 months he turns 18. I get anxious thinking about it. I hope he is able to find it in his heart to contact us. I wish he knew how much we love and miss him.

    The irony in all of this, is that several years ago, the custodial uncle lost everything. His job, his home,... It was at this point, he went to the state to get welfare for Alex.. The state then began to come after us for support. Joe is required to pay money to the man who unlawfully legally stole his son. This sounds like something the mob would do. Kidnapping and ransom.

    I have had this blog post in draft mode for 2 years. I have written and re-written it a gazillion times. I never had the courage to publish it. Fearful of indulging our most private matters, fearful of judgement. Fearful of putting my heart out there like this.. I still cry when I tell the story.

    But I feel I had to. I feel I need to share my story. I hear so often about how innocent people have nothing to worry about. How if you just comply, things will be fine..

    Don't be so sure.

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  14. For several years after that I continued to make my phone calls regarding Alex's new living situation. It was not ideal and in fact, border lined the type of situation which would require the state to remove a child from custody. I find it quite ironic that they would not even investigate based on my phone calls as I did not actually see these "events". This is the same type of "hearsay" they used to take him in the first place.


  15. Well this is interesting, the same anti Naugler anonymous person saying the exact same thing as if you were different commenters from blog to blog. Arent you tired?

  16. Know them too...unfortunately through all the trouble they caused at our church as well. He threatened our Bishop, his wife, and children, when the Bishop stood up and stopped giving him money. I know people from the church who have been in the home to take food, and said there was human feces everywhere! It was in buckets, smeared on the floor, the kids. It was definitely grounds to call CPS. I pretty certain someone did. On the news last night the eldest son who is now an adult...stated that he had in fact been abused by his father. Emotionally, physically, and sexually. I believe him!I hope CPS doesn't give the kids back and that they all go to good homes. T

  17. What has become of the Naugler family since the children were returned in July, 2015. Are the homesteading? What is the truth?

    There is so much more than meets the eye. And it ISN't what the Blessed Little Homestead would have you believe.