Tuesday, November 22, 2016

All is not well with our great lakes water.

Urgent! In the absence of our former editor Ms. Wendy Beal we are in the process of resurrecting this much needed information hub. Every American needs to investigate the alleged increase in water withdrawal from Michigan by the Nestle corporation. This proposal will result in 4 million gallons per day and the water will be sold to china, this water belongs to every American citizen not any individual corporation. Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota governors need to maintain there public oath of office and insure that the great lakes are protected. The public comments period has been extended to December 3rd and it is essential for every citizen to become proactive especially in lieu of the water crisis that we are all experiencing in our own country, i e Napa valley and Flint. Hopefully Donald trump and his new administration can hear the public out cry and protect our water. Please do you're part to disseminate the information and become involved.

A few years ago a documentary video called Blue Gold was filmed by Jessie Ventura. The video has since vanished if you can locate it, it is worth viewing. Some of the allegations were that china has been for years dragging bladders behind freighters to America and disposing sewage and industrial waste water into the waters of the united states and then capturing millions of gallons of our fresh water to recharge the Chinese aquifers. This should come as an insult to all Americans. Hopefully through a concerted effort we can expose the corruption of our water and recapture the integrity once known to our precious great lakes. Please assist us in any way possible and we will be bringing much more information to the blog. Thank you for visiting the pretty lie or the ugly truth where we remain dedicated to exposing corruption where ever we find it. In closing are many contributors and public comments to our blog will be shared as we reorganize.

This is some of the related criteria for these allegations. Sent to us by one of our contributors.