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When You See What This Guy Used His ‘Never Ending Pasta Pass’ To Do, You’ll Have a New Understanding of What Generosity Really Means

He may have a beard and a generous spirit, but he’s not Jesus multiplying loaves and fishes to feed a crowd — he’s Matt Tribe, and he multiplied pasta to feed the homeless.
It all started with Olive Garden’s $100 “Never Ending Pasta Pass.”
Hailing from Ogden, Utah, Tribe chronicled his charitable adventures on his blog RandomActsofPasta, breaking down the 14 times he said he used the pasta pass to get food for himself — and the 111 times he used it to feed other people.
Image via YouTube
Matt Tribe. (Image via YouTube)
Initially, Tribe wasn’t even sure he’d been successfully able to order the elusive pass — Olive Garden only sold a limited number of the passes and the company website crashed as Tribe tried to purchase one — but on Sept. 19, he said:
Much to my surprise, I arrived home from work to find a little package from the United Parcel Service sitting on my front porch. Inside? My pasta pass. Needless to say, I was pretty excited. I lobbed a phone call to Olive Garden’s customer relations department to inquire as to whether take-out was permitted with my newly obtained pass. The answer? A resounding yes. Holy crap—this was the best news I had ever received. Random Acts of Pasta was now in full effect.

The tragic and preventable death of Anne Avery Miller

This story cannot be told without going back in our archives to refresh your memory or in case you missed it. This post concerns Antrim County, Charlie Koop and Antrim County Probate Judge Norman Hayes, who is charged with protecting the vulnerable citizens of our county. The children, the elderly and the disabled, not to mention estates.

If you follow this blog, you will see that all of these stories and all of the same players are connected in a spider 
web of deceit.
Judge Hayes framed these guys for murder while acting prosecutor in Otsego County and was sent to Antrim to fill a newly created judgeship in our district court, rather  than to prison where he deserves to be.
After reading A Travesty Of Justice, please check out the links to The Northern Express and it's coverage of the Anne Avery Miller murder of her 16 year old son and her suicide in the Antrim County  jail the night before Hayes was to terminate her parental rights on her little girl.
Whether she shot her son or not, the system failed her and she lost her life as a result. Something is strange with this whole story. But dead men tell no tales, and her death wrapped this whole affair in a nice neat little package. Case closed.
And this post will not be complete without mentioning Anne Avery's dear friend Darcie Pickren, who Antrim County prosecutor Charlie Koop went on a decades long vendetta to ruin this woman's life. Her name was recently cleared.

He is awaiting trial on the beaches enjoying the Blue Angels at the Cherry Festival in Traverse City Michigan. Judge Mikko was Anne Avery-Miller's referee the entire time of the divorce from Lance and for their child custody case for their daughter. Mikko NEVER made Lance accountable for his wrong doings and NEVER made sure Lance went to the counseling her was ordered to go to through Friend Of The Court. Sam was so pissed that his mother was being denied protection over and over again and again every time Anne tried to find protection for him and his little sister from Lance and Baker. Sam wanted to kill Lance to protect his mother and sister because Judge Mikko wouldn't. There is no law in Northwestern Michigan.

Mikko is the one that allowed the child custody case to go to a lower court from Grand Traverse to Antrim County where Charles Koop is the Prosecuting Attorney. Charles Koop continued Mikko's abuse of power to help Lance frame Anne again so Lance could take the little girl away from Anne. Lance wanted to remove Anne's name off the birth certificate. He wanted her permanently removed from his and the little girl’s life.

Anne Avery-Miller hung herself while under suicide watch in Antrim County Jailhouse on May 3rd 2010 while WAITING OVER 6 MONTH for a trial where she was falsely accused, once again. Charles Koop admitted to more than one person that he made a wrong choice in rescinding the traffic ticket that eventually was used by Lance to frame her for the tanning bed larceny by conversion. What is it called when you arrest someone for one reason and then charge and convict them of something else?

Judge Mikko failed to protect Anne, Sam and the little girl from Lance's alcoholic abuses. Charles Koop failed to protect Anne's mental health by stopping her counselor from helping her and made her suffer in isolation while she WAITED over 6 months for the trial.

I wonder if Mikko liked the Blue Angels? 

Ken McElroy

Keep an Eye on Him

Missouri map with Skidmore locator
Missouri map with Skidmore locator
No one should have been surprised when Ken McElroy showed up in Skidmore, Mo., on that miserably hot Friday morning in July 1981.
McElroy had gotten word that he was the subject of a rump session down at the local Legion Hall. Sixty frustrated, frightened men had demanded that the local sheriff brief them on what they could do to safeguard themselves from McElroy, a notorious bully and master manipulator of the criminal justice system.
Ken McElroy
Ken McElroy
Sheriff Danny Estes suggested a sort of neighborhood watch to keep an eye on McElroy.
Someone at the meeting said, "But isn't that your job, sheriff?"
That simple question was the essence of what would happen in Skidmore that day, July 10, 1981. It was clear law enforcers had not done their job. And this compelled to action certain members of the community.
McElroy had shown up at an inopportune moment, just as some of the oppressed men of Skidmore finally decided to do something about their scourge.

This Striking Ferguson Photo Is Going Totally Viral — Here's the Story Behind It

View image on Twitter
A photo of a police officer hugging a 12-year-old at a Ferguson protest in Portland, Oregon, is going viral at what might be the most opportune time.
The image shows Portland Police Sgt. Bret Barnum hugging Devonte Hart at the beginning of a Ferguson rally on Tuesday. Hart was wearing a "free hugs" sign, which caught Barnum's attention, sparked a conversation and ended the way you see above.
The photo has been shared hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook and across other social media sites. It's a stark contrast to images of police conduct in other places, especially the militarized response to protests in Ferguson and elsewhere.

Man arrested after pointing banana at police

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. -- A man is facing a felony menacing charge, because two Colorado sheriff's deputies say they thought a banana he pointed at them was a gun.
Nathan Rolf Channing, 27, was arrested Sunday, according to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.
According to an arrest affidavit, Mesa County deputies Joshua Bunch and Donald Love said Channing pointed the fruit at them while crossing a street. The deputies said they feared for their lives even though they saw that the object was yellow. Bunch wrote in the affidavit that he has seen handguns in many shapes and colors.

The Strange, Satanic World Of NSA Mind Control (VIDEOS)

The surveillance society is a secretive apparatus of intrusion and deception. An enigma within a disinformation perception of reality is at the core all activities of spooks. One of the most pervasive and all reaching agencies is the NSA. The National Security Agency officially is a cryptologic intelligence agency whose primary function is Signals Intelligence Directorate (SID), which produces foreign signals intelligence information, and the Information Assurance Directorate (IAD), which protects U.S. information systems. The General Accounting Office defines the nature of the structure of the NSA.
“The National Security Agency (NSA) is a combat support agency within the Department of Defense (DOD) established by presidential directive in 1952. NSA has two separate missions: signals intelligence and communications security. For signals intelligence, NSA manages all U.S. signal collection and processing and produces signals intelligence in accordance with DOD and DCI priorities. For communications security, NSA provides leadership, products, and services to U.S. agencies that need to protect their information and communication systems from foreign exploitation. NSA is headed by a three-star flag officer, who reports to the Secretary of Defense. About 80 percent of the NSA workforce is civilian.”


The US justice system is no longer concerned with justice, but with the careers of prosecutors, punishing the powerless, and protecting the powerful. As justice has largely departed the justice system, it is hardly surprising that police lack any concept of justice.
ATLANTA, November 29 (Sputnik) —  Few, if any, of the correct questions were asked in the grand jury hearing to decide whether policeman Darren Wilson would be indicted for killing Michael Brown.  The most important unexamined question is whether police are trained to use force immediately as a first resort before they assess a situation or determine if they are at the correct address. Are the police trained that the lives of police officers are so much more valuable than the lives of possible suspects, or a houseful of people into whose residence a heavily armed SWAT team enters, that police officers must not accept the risk of judicious behavior when encountering citizens? If this is the case as all evidence indicates that it is, then the police when they gratuitously murder members of the public are merely doing what they have been trained to do. As police are trained to use violence as a first resort, the police cannot be held accountable when they do.
There are a large number of videos available online that show that the first thing that police do when they arrive is to use force.

Ohio Republicans push law to keep all details of executions secret

ohio execution chamber
A proposed state law would draw a veil over events at the death chamber at the Southern Ohio Corrections Facility in Lucasville, Ohio. Photograph: Kiichiro Sato/AP

Republican lawmakers in Ohio are rushing through the most extreme secrecy bill yet attempted by a death penalty state, which would withhold information on every aspect of the execution process from the public, media and even the courts.
Legislators are trying to force through the bill, HB 663, in time for the state’s next scheduled execution, on 11 February. Were the bill on the books by then, nothing about the planned judicial killing of convicted child murderer Ronald Phillips – from the source of the drugs used to kill him and the distribution companies that transport the chemicals, to the identities of the medical experts involved in the death chamber – would be open to public scrutiny of any sort.
Unlike other death penalty states that have shrouded procedures in secrecy, the Ohio bill seeks to bar even the courts from access to essential information. Attorneys representing death-row inmates, for instance, would no longer be able to request disclosure under court protection of the identity and qualifications of medical experts who advised the state on their techniques.
“This bill is trying to do an end run around the courts. When things aren’t going well, the state is making its actions secret because they don’t want people to see them screwing up,” said Mike Brickner, senior policy director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in Ohio.

Is There a Masonic Paedophile Ring Terrorising Scotland's Children?

A letter from Scottish police expressing that they had found no truth in the allegations during their 2004 investigation and that, after repeated requests, the investigation was still closed.
Over the past ten years or so, Britain has been fairly preoccupied with paedophiles; finding out who they are, naming and shaming them, even – in a highly embarrassing set-back for the credibility of vigilantes everywhere – beating up paediatricians because it sounds a bit like paedophile. But, in previous years, it seems like paedophiles were everywhere – running the country, inventing dance music, touring the world in successful rock bands – and no one gave two hoots. In fact, shagging 13-year-old girls was mythologised as something glamorous in itself.
However, times change (the "wandering hand" is now known as a grope) – something you probably noticed after this year's media witch hunt. A hunt that hit its peak when Phillip Schofield assumed the role of a mum-friendly Guevara – an everyman freedom fighter who handed the Prime Minister a list of names the internet said were paedophiles on live TV, gave the camera a glimpse and ended up getting sued by a Tory peer. Adding weight to the old adage that daytime television presenters probably shouldn't accuse people of being child molesters.
Although Schofield's mistake and subsequent suing was high-profile enough, and the subject rich enough that his name was effectively cleared, not everyone branded a paedophile in public has had such a clear-cut opportunity to escape the allegations. Likewise, in such a difficult act to prove, not every victim receives justice.
A perfect example is Scotland's Hollie Greig, a girl with Down's Syndrome alleged to have been abused by a Masonic cabal at the very highest levels of Scottish society. As is usually the case with coverage of anything Masonic, you probably won't have seen the case anywhere other than on the pages of badly formatted Blogspot accounts. Attempts to bring it to the mainstream have always failed, which – of course – strengthen campaigners' feelings that Masons are involved in covering up the abuse.
In a desperate attempt to provide some kind of justice, Robert Green, a leading campaigner, was jailed for distributing leaflets containing the names of nearly two dozen Aberdeenshire residents Hollie accused of abusing her. Since then, Green has become a martyred Bobby Sands to Schofield's cack-handed Guevara, drawing the support of the 'Truth Movement', people who believe there weren't any planes involved in 9/11 and that there are a bunch of shady, hooded men running the world from a cave in Cumbria.

I recently visited the home of Belinda McKenzie – a place the New Statesman called the 'Highgate Hub', in reference to its importance to the UK's Truth Movement. The house is home to a rotating cast of various campaigners, who either stay in one of the five bedrooms or in the bunker buried beneath the garden. Such luminaries as David Shayler and Annie Machon have stayed there in the past, and I was lucky enough to bump into 'Spacecowboy1954', who showed me a lot of photos of "orbs" he had taken the night before. He also showed me this video of a light. I was unclear of what exactly the light was, but, thankfully, the cowboy quickly explained with the certainty of a man 100 percent secure in his thoughts that it could only be one of two things: an alien entity or a spiritual presence.
Belinda has supported the Hollie Greig campaign for years and is readying for a new push (videoed by Spacecowboy1954) in light of the public's renewed appetite for paedophiles. The case, like the campaign itself, is massively long and complicated. The campaign slogan is "Google Hollie Greig", and if you do just that, you'll uncover over half a million pages of claims and counter-claims that broadly fit into two main camps: those who are campaigning on behalf of Hollie, attempting to prosecute her abusers; and those who believe that Hollie is a liar and the entire story is fabricated.
Hollie's alleged abuse was first brought to light after her parents – Anne Greig and Denis Mackie – had a row. Hollie told her mother that she was scared her father would kill the family's dogs, and when her mother asked why, Hollie explained that Denis had molested her for the past 14 years, ensuring her silence by threatening her's and the dogs' safety. Although it was determined she had lost her virginity, Hollie had no physical evidence of mass abuse, which lead to Denis trying to have Anne sectioned and taking Hollie back into his care. An independent investigation found Anne sane and she fled to England with Hollie to start a new life.    

Short Summary of Hollie Greig Case

Short Summary of Hollie Greig Case

December 6, 2010
rir-100318.jpgI asked Robert Green to do a synopsis of this case for those of us who are playing catch-up. This case confirms the UK is a Masonic police state, if any confirmation were needed. But it also proves that  satanists can be exposed and eliminated.

by Robert Green

This is already a huge international story, with hundreds of pages on the web, but I will summarize this exceedingly complex story into as brief a commentary as I can.

It is important to note that whilst Hollie Greig has Down`s Syndrome, expert documentary opinion states that she is both a competent and entirely truthful and credible witness. Due to her condition, Hollie does not bring out all memories of the background at once, with the result that we are still learning about new atrocities. Much of this is not yet in the public domain, but is of a most significantly horrifying and sickening nature, going way beyond the bounds of sexual gratification. These incidents took place in the city of Aberdeen, Scotland.
- See more at:

We Have Some Questions For The “Good Cops” Out There

Over the years, I’ve heard dozens and dozens of officers state that they will come to the people’s aid “when the time is right.” Until that unspecified time, the officers will just simply follow the orders of their betters. What exactly constitutes the right time?
Is it when departments are simply too busy to investigate thousands of rape cases?
Is it when the bodies of unarmed menwomen, and children are piling up faster than we can report on all of them?
Is it when cops are arresting pastors and taking food from the mouths of the poor?
Is it when law enforcement opens fire on unarmed protesters?
Is it when it becomes common practice for officers to engage in blatantly unconstitutional activities?
Is it when officers enforce a soft form of martial law?
Is it when officers beat children in schools?
Is it when American citizens are getting locked up faster than people in Stalin’s Soviet Union?
Is it when every department in America is turned into a goon squad, even those at our children’s schools?
In case you missed the point, now is “the right time.” Your continued compliance with this system is a betrayal of everything you repeatedly state you stand for. Your badge was once something you could be proud of, now it just makes you an enemy of the people. If you actually believe in the ideals embodied by the American Dream, you will begin cooperating with those seeking to bring about change. If not, you’ve chosen your side and you are on the wrong side of history. If you still think it just isn’t the right time, please tell me what it would take for you to realize that you are not the good guys anymore.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Prior to Being Exposed, Deputies Were Strip Searching Children in Philly Family Court

Not until enough children spoke out about group and individual strip searches did anyone inside this abusive system raise an eyebrow.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – A new family court building in Philadelphia is being accused of indiscriminately strip searching children who entered the premises. Children involved in both criminal and non-criminal cases were searched, including children who were wrapped up in the court system simply because they were victims of sexual abuse. For them, their encounter at the court inflicted deeper trauma on an allready painfull situation.
The inappropriate strip searches were the result of an error in policy that instructed sheriff’s deputies to strip search people upon entering the building, “as a security precaution.”
The new court opened last Monday, at 15th and Arch Streets in Philadelphia, and the policies went into effect immediately, on the first day of operation.
The searches were able to go on for about two days, before enough people complained to force a change in policy.
According to sources of CBS news, juvenile court attendees were taken both individually, and separately, to a room where they were stripped naked by officers and asked to squat and cough.







EXCERPT:  One witness was Ms. Kerr, a sitting elected prosecutor and former assistant prosecutor in Genesee County, alleged that she had victimized by petitioner. Ms. Kerr had been a student of petitioner's in the 1970s, contemporaneously with Elizabeth Crear (petitioner's second wife). Ms. Kerr also had contact with witnesses from Florida who were pursuing a civil suit against Mr. Crear following his acquittal on charges there. Ms. Kerr stated that she went to Whittier in 1976-1977, later graduated from college and law school, and was at the time of trial the elected prosecutor of Charlevoix County, Michigan. (Tr. Vol. IV, pp. 459-461) Ms. Kerr claimed a sexual relationship with petitioner during her eighth grade year. (Tr. Vol. IV, pp. 469470) She did not report these acts to her parents or school officials at that time. (Tr. Vol. IV, p. 485) She continued her relationship with petitioner, according to her testimony, during her high school and college years. He was the center of her life. (Tr. Vol. IV, p. 486) They had numerous acts of oral and vaginal sex. (Tr. Vol. IV, pp. 495-499) She later became mad, or at least upset, at him after he changed his phone number to an unlisted one and she was unable to contact him. (Tr. Vol. IV, pp. 559-561) While shopping at a mall in 1987, she ran into Linda Craig, a woman she had known in school. After her conversation with Linda Craig, she decided to go to school officials in Flint and make a complaint about petitioner. (Tr. Vol. IV, p. 527) -6- She also made an anonymous phone call to the Miami school system about Mr. Crear and had thought about getting such revenge when she was 18 years old. (Tr. Vol. IV, p. 530) Ms. Kerr also admitted that she had contacted many of the other witnesses. (E.g. Posner FL Dep. Tr. 213, FL trial Tr. 114-115)

Notorious Flint sex abuse case surfaces in northern Michigan race for judge



FLINT, MI -- After nearly two decades, one of Flint's most notorious sex abuse cases has resurfaced in an unlikely place -- a campaign for a judgeship 200 miles north of here.
Mary Beth Kur, a former assistant prosecutor in Genesee County and candidate for Charlevoix County Circuit Court judge, has been targeted by an internet blogger who is questioning her character and judgment -- not as a prosectuor, but as a crime victim.
In the blog and anonymous fliers, Kur has been identified for the first time as one of the young sex abuse victims of George Crear III, a former Flint School District band instructor convicted of five counts of criminal sexual conduct in 1997.

 AND HERE: The Flint Journal-MLive could not reach a representative of the "The Pretty Lie or The Ugly Truth" blog by phone to verify email comments, but a posting on the blog site says it did not produce the fliers that also raise questions about Kur's involvement in the Crear case.



MLive-The Flint Journal trying to reach you


Fonger, Ronald <>

Oct 20

I’m a reporter with MLive-The Flint Journal, trying to reach you regarding a story I’m pursuing about the Charlevoix County Circuit Court election and your involvement in it, particularly about the questions you have raised about the case of George Crear.
Please contact me at your earliest convenience, and thanks in advance for your help.

Wendy Beal <>

Oct 20

Hi Ronald. I will speak with legal counsel first, but I am willing to speak with you. I will be back in touch soon.

Wendy Beal <>

Oct 20

Hi again.
             I spoke with our attorney and he said to send you the post that I was working on. It covers quite a bit of information. He said for me to have you write out any questions you may have for me and I will answer them and send them to you after he reviews the information. Thanks for your interest,

Flint Journal trying to reach you


Fonger, Ronald <>

Oct 23

Ms. Beal:
I’m a reporter for MLive-The Flint Journal, trying to reach you regarding information that’s been posted on your blog site about George Crear and Mary Beth Kur.
As you may know, Crear’s conviction here attracted national media attention and Kur testified to having been a victim in the case but was never identified publicly until now.
I’ve spoken to both candidates in the Charlevoix County Circuit Court judicial race about this issue and would like your input for the story I am working on as well.

Ron Fonger
MLive Media Group

Wendy Beal <>

Oct 23

Hi again. I just forwarded your email to my attorney. I asked a friend about your news organization and he said that you are unbiased. I just don't want to discredit what the blog is about as a whole. I hope you had a chance to review the material that I sent to you. Be back in touch soon. Thank you for your interest.

Wendy Beal <>

Oct 23

If you have a list of questions I can run my answers past our attorney. Thanks.

Can you contact me by phone? I’m working on the story today and my questions involve the decision to identify a sexual abuse victim online and in printed fliers.
If you would like to respond with a written statement, I’d be glad to include that in our story.
Thanks for responding. It doesn’t look like I have received any other email from you to this address.
Ron Fonger
MLive Media Group

On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 2:07 PM, Wendy Beal <> wrote:
Thanks for getting back to me. We were recently hacked, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I'll be back in touch soon.

From: Wendy Beal []
Sent: Monday, October 27, 2014 12:28 PM
To: Fonger, Ronald
Subject: Re: george crear, mary beth kur

Hello. I have responded to yor emails. I don't have a problem with an interview but as I have said, I need to run any questions past my attorney so I don't get myself in trouble and discredit what we are trying to do with the blog. Please let me know if you are getting my emails. Thank you.

On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 12:21 PM, Fonger, Ronald <> wrote:
I am a newspaper reporter for MLive-The Flint Journal, writing a story about some of the issues you are raising regarding the George Crear case.
Please contact me regarding this as soon as possible.
Ron Fonger
MLive Media Group
mobile  810.347.9963
address  540 S. Saginaw St. #101, Flint MI 48502

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Fonger, Ronald <>
Date: Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 5:44 PM
Subject: RE: Statement From The Pretty Lie Blog
To: Wendy Beal <>
Cc: "Hughes, Clark" <>, "Longley, Kristin" <>, "Mickle, Bryn" <>

Thanks for your email.
First, I need to talk to either yourself or your attorney to verify some basic information about the blog, your involvement in it and this statement.
I do see where you responded to Art Busch’s letter on your blog and may quote from that for our story.
Also, because we don’t plan to re-try the George Crear case, I do need to have a very concise response about your decision to identify Mary Beth Kur, who was a sexual abuse victim.
As you know, it’s unusual for a victim to have the crime committed against her used against her in a political campaign.
Feel free to call me tonight or Tuesday morning.
Thanks again,

Ron Fonger
MLive Media Group

mobile  810.347.9963
address  540 S. Saginaw St. #101, Flint MI 48502

From: Wendy Beal []
Sent: Monday, October 27, 2014 3:53 PM
To: Fonger, Ronald
Subject: Statement From The Pretty Lie Blog

Mr. Fonger:

In response to your apparent questions from your e-mails, I feel that I must respond. First and foremost, the incidents involving Ms. Kur and Mr. Crear are appalling. Mr. Crear deserves the punishment that he was given in the Flint case. The issue is not that this terrible tragedy happened; the issue is what was done to prevent this from happening again.

Ms. Kur is running for Circuit Judge. In her campaign, she put her “life experiences” front and center in her ads along with her experience as a prosecutor “protecting victims.”

A simple review of the Crear debacle showed that Ms. Kur was an attorney and quite possibly working in the Genesee County prosecutor’s office when the 16 year old girl committed suicide in Florida. This girl committed suicide in 1992 and Ms. Kur started in the prosecutor’s office in May of 1992. Ms. Kur testified that she made one call to Florida anonymously. Ms. Kur knew that Mr. Crear went to work in another school district in Florida. Ms. Kur knew Mr. Crear victimized girls as she testified that he had sex acts on other girls in front of her. As she was in the prosecutor’s office, it is assumed that she was made aware that this type of individual will not stop victimizing girls. That is common knowledge.

So while Ms. Kur states that she is a voice for victims, she did nothing to stop a known predator. That is the issue here, not the fact that it happened. It is a shame that this happened to her and many other girls. If your daughter committed suicide at the abuse of this man and you found out that a prosecutor knew what this man has done in the past and knew that this prosecutor knew he went to your daughter’s school, wouldn’t you question why nothing was done?

A simple research on Crear led to Ms. Kur although it is spelled Kerr.  


Dumb and Dumber American Style

The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie—deliberate, contrived, and dishonest, but the myth—persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

re-education camps 3People often ask me, “Dave, how do we turn this around and defeat the globalists”? I frequently tell them that there is no turning this around. I have an attorney who is continually writing to me and stating that we need to teach the people the Constitution. “Mr. lawyer, our people cannot even read the Constitution, much less understand it”.
The parents and grandparents have lost this country to a group of vicious and sociopathic bankers because for 3 generations, Americans have failed to turn off their TV sets and allowed the state to educate their children.This article is about why parents need to home school their children in order to keep them out of the clutches of the government. Yes, there are good teachers and great schools still left. However, there are not enough of them. We need to rescue our children from the propaganda of the state, before they are totally taught to love their servitude and educate them in an environment which will honor true knowledge, not blind obedience.
If the Biblical saying (Hosea 4:6) “My people perish from lack of knowledge.”  is indeed true, Americans should be placed at the top of the endangered species list. We need to educate our children at home before we lose this generation as well.

A Website Has Been Set Up To CRIMINALLY PROSECUTE Anyone Who Exposes The Sandy Hoax

Hi Folks,
This really is the epitome of arrogance. These Sandy Hoax actors want to prosecute anyone who tries to expose the fraud known as Sandy Hook. I'm not sure if this psy-op will ever be exposed because it has ties that go all the way up to the top of the pyramidal control. Not only is it a bunch of actors playing the roles of parents and 'dead children,' etc.. but the government (at local, state and federal levels) are involved and also muti-trillion dollar Corporations too.
Youtube is scrubbing all Sandy Hook videos that are exposing this hoax. I have personally seen many videos taken down and also seen youtube channels being terminated that deals with Sandy Hook.
They are trying their hardest to keep this fabricated story from being exposed to the masses.

WHAT ARE WE GOING TO TELL OUR CHILDREN? (Video) Ambassador & Ron Van Dyke

Published on Nov 27, 2014
The Ambassador, after taking a few weeks off from making videos, felt inspired to create a video asking the poignant question that is the title for this video. Yes, what will we tell our children and our grandchildren about the role we are playing at humanity struggles against the financial tyranny of corporate oppressors who wantonly commit crimes against humanity, violating human rights and extort human value? Are you playing a role that supports the psychopathic vision of ruling the world through deception, promoting ignorance by working for the Beast that is poisoning our host planet: it's air, soil, water and even its food and medicines? He challenges us to look at what is happening in America and to stop paying attention to the propaganda of CNN and other mainstream media guilty of spreading disinformation.

Lee Harvey Oswald Proved Innocent: He Worked for RFK & Saved JFK from Assassination in Chicago

Framed by the CIA Because He Infiltrated Their Assassination Conspiracy

Oswald Worked Directly For Robert F. Kennedy Who Authorized His Return From The USSR To Conduct Domestic ‘Counterintelligence’

The following narrative concerning the true role of Lee Harvey Oswald in the assassination of John F. Kennedy is both simple and complex. 

Simple because Oswald was actually a very young and simple guy who was  grossly misrepresented by the government, law enforcement and the media. - See more at:
Framed by the CIA Because He Infiltrated Their Assassination Conspiracy

Oswald Worked Directly For Robert F. Kennedy Who Authorized His Return From The USSR To Conduct Domestic ‘Counterintelligence’

The following narrative concerning the true role of Lee Harvey Oswald in the assassination of John F. Kennedy is both simple and complex. 

Simple because Oswald was actually a very young and simple guy who was  grossly misrepresented by the government, law enforcement and the media. - See more at:
Framed by the CIA Because He Infiltrated Their Assassination Conspiracy

Oswald Worked Directly For Robert F. Kennedy Who Authorized His Return From The USSR To Conduct Domestic ‘Counterintelligence’

The following narrative concerning the true role of Lee Harvey Oswald in the assassination of John F. Kennedy is both simple and complex. 

Simple because Oswald was actually a very young and simple guy who was  grossly misrepresented by the government, law enforcement and the media. - See more at:

America’s dirty little secret: Sex trafficking is big business

Sex trafficking in the United States (file photo).

The mysterious disappearance of 18-year-old Hannah Graham on September 13, 2014, has become easy fodder for the media at a time when the news cycle is lagging. After all, how does a young woman just vanish without a trace, in the middle of the night, in a town that is routinely lauded for being the happiest place in America, not to mention one of the most beautiful?
Yet Graham is not the first girl to vanish in America without a trace—my hometown of Charlottesville, Va., has had five women go missing over the span of five years—and it is doubtful she will be the last. I say doubtful because America is in the grip of a highly profitable, highly organized and highly sophisticated sex trafficking business that operates in towns large and small, raking in upwards of $9.5 billion a year in the U.S. alone by abducting and selling young girls for sex.
It is estimated that there are 100,000 to 150,000 under-aged sex workers in the U.S. The average age of girls who enter into street prostitution is between 12 and 14 years old, with some as young as 9 years old. This doesn’t include those who entered the “trade” as minors and have since come of age. Rarely do these girls enter into prostitution voluntarily. As one rescue organization estimated, an underaged prostitute might be raped by 6,000 men during a five-year period of servitude.
This is America’s dirty little secret.
You don’t hear much about domestic sex trafficking from the media or government officials, and yet it infects suburbs, cities and towns across the nation. According to the FBI, sex trafficking is the fastest growing business in organized crime, the second most-lucrative commodity traded illegally after drugs and guns. It’s an industry that revolves around cheap sex on the fly, with young girls and women who are sold to 50 men each day for $25 apiece, while their handlers make $150,000 to $200,000 per child each year.

CBS: Now 2 US sailors dead after Fukushima radiation exposure — Doctor: Officials have to re-look at this entire situation — Reporter who served on USS Reagan: “We were done so wrong… Critical health risk to all of us onboard… People are not realizing how serious the issue is” (VIDEO

Published: November 25th, 2014 at 12:11 pm ET
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California State University, Northridge, Nov 12, 2014: Little did [U.S. Navy veteran Kelli Serio, 25] know her service would change the way she viewed the system she vowed her loyalty to… Serio may have been affected by radiation during what she calls her “final and most personally sacrificing deployment” in Japan… at 18, she enlisted in the U.S. Navy [and] was deployed off Japan’s coast… to assist with the cleanup of the Fukushima nuclear plant. While there, her carrier acted as a floating fuel station… Serio said she’ll never forget the day her captain said their water filtration system had been compromised… “I feel like we were done so wrong,” Serio said. “We were drinking the water.” Serio said she and the other 70,000 first responders have been dismissed by the government as if nothing happened out there. She wants justice… Serio’s team-like mentality has also led to her modeling with organizations like Pin-Ups for Vets… to help bring up the morale of veterans and current soldiers [and] bring awareness to the men and women who’ve served their country through speaking engagements and visiting patients at veteran hospitals… [E]arlier this year… she met her friend and mentor, Fox News reporter Hollie McKay [who recommended] Serio for a reporter position at []… Her first piece for the website was a first-hand account of and a look back at Operation Tomodachi.
Tahlequah Daily Press, Aug 7, 2014: USS Ronald Reagan… passed through radiation plumes and clouds… the ship and most of those onboard, tested positive for radiation exposure… Serio, now a broadcast journalism major at [CSUN], has recently written a column… on “I feel as if people are not realizing how serious the issue is, and I would like to shed as much light on it as possible,” said Serio.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

FBI Confirmed 42% of Congress Active Pedophiles! Many More Secrets Exposed!

There have been two different secret LE investigations of pedophilia among Members of Congress. One was by an undercover FBI Asset, and another was for the NYCPD and the New York State Crime Commission. The first found that approximately 39% were active practicing pedophiles. the second found that about 42% were active practicing pedophiles. These figures were from reliable investigations about 20 years ago, but current LE experts say that not much has changed except for perhaps more S&M and secret homosexuality. At least one Southern Senator who lives a secret “closeted” life lives in fear that his lifestyle will be revealed by the “AIPAC Boys” who pull his strings, if he fails to satisfy their middle east war mongering demands.
Right now major evidence has been emerging of very high level pedophilia and ritual murder of children by Top Politicians and Government Officials in the UK, all covered up by Scotland Yard. Since highly connected Jimmy Saville died, significant evidence he provided kids to the upper crust and even some of the Royalty in England has emerged. This evil pedophile/child murder in the UK scandal is monstrous and cannot be contained even though top officials and Police Officials are desperate to do so.
Those who live by the Janus Principle walk a tight rope and can only keep their secrets from the public because they own and control the major mass media.
Those Psychopaths who have an uncanny ability to deliver their much needed positive public image or persona while engaging in obviously criminally insane acts which are so psychopathically self-serving and evil actually walk a tight rope between being prosecuted and skating. Those who climb the Establishment hierarchy to sufficiently high positions receive increased protection from the law as they rise, but they also tend to perform more hidden criminally psychopathic acts since they now have the power to do so. 

Houston pastor refuses to bury 93-year-old women who didn’t tithe enough while in a coma

A Houston pastor has come under fire for refusing to bury a 93-year-old woman who had been a member of his church for 50 years but had not tithed enough as her death neared.
Barbara Day told KRIV that she was devastated by the way pastor Walter F. Houston treated her when she contacted him about a funeral at Fourth Missionary Baptist Church for her mother, Olivia Blair.
“It was like the last insult in the world, there was nothing else that I could do for my mommy but funeralize her in the church that she loved and worshiped all of her life, even as a little girl,” Day said, explaining that Houston told her that Blair “had not paid her dues, and she had not attended the church in recent years.”
“For the last two years, my mother has been in either a nursing home or she’s been in a hospital,” she pointed out. “And the last few months, she was in a coma!”Barbara Day says that a Houston pastor refused to bury her mother (KRIV)

Day said that she could not understand why Houston would force her to find another place for the burial after her mother had supported him for so many years, and her stepfather had also been buried at the church.
“There’s no explanation for anybody that has been paying dues for a church that long, for him to make me have to roll my mother’s body around town, and somebody finally picks her up and says, ‘Yeah, we’ll do the best we can,’” Day insisted. “They knew she was ill! They don’t care! All they care about is getting money money money money money!”

Chemtrails and the Nuclear Connection

chemtrail or contrail the nuclear connection Chemtrails and the Nuclear Connection

25th November 2014
Contributing Writer and Founder of Wake Up World
The complexity of nuclear experimentation is beyond the pale of postmodern human comprehension. It also reveals, although we would like to believe otherwise, our inability or unwillingness to consider the unseen. Whether it is invisible because of ethereal origins or because it is nano-sized poison does not matter; collectively we tend to obfuscate the unseen. Nuclear experimentation also reveals our collective inability to conceptualize time, and to understand just how long nuclear radiation lasts in our environment – and how long our karma lasts.
This short-sightedness was not always the case. Indigenous cultures across Turtle Island, A.K.A. North America, knew they would one day return home to the spirit world, and that their stay here on earth was equivalent to the blink of an eye. So they considered the Rule of Seven Generations when implementing procedures that would alter the planet in any way, beginning with harvesting herbs, to ensure their society’s long term sustainability. In fact, the indigenous people were so considerate of their peoples’ future as to make sure there would be enough herbs left seven generations from the harvest. Understanding their place in the delicate ecosystem, the Turtle Islanders contemplated the unseen and the distant future, always.

Today we have collectively foregone such considerations. And it was no accident that brought us here.