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Artificially Intelligent Robot Tells Creator It Will Keep Humans “In a People Zoo

John Vibes
August 31, 2015
(ANTIMEDIA) Arlington, TX — Android Dick is a robot created in the likeness of the science fiction writer, Philip K. Dick. Android Dick is an attempt to create thinking and reasoning artificial intelligence that has human traits like compassion and creativity. The first version of the android was created in 2005 and has been a work in progress ever since.
In 2011, the creators of the android appeared on the PBS show Nova, where they interviewed the robot and asked it a series of questions. Some of the answers were impressive. Others are typical of what you would expect from a robot. However, one answer in particular is probably one of the most ominous things ever spoken by artificial intelligence.
During the interview with the creators (embedded below), Android Dick said, “…don’t worry, even if I evolve into terminator I will still be nice to you, I will keep you warm and safe in my people zoo where I can watch you for old time’s sake. [emphasis added].

Why America Should Be On High Alert For A Major Earthquake Along The New Madrid Fault

Did you know that a magnitude 3.5 earthquake hit the New Madrid fault about a week ago? According to Fox News, the New Madrid fault line is approximately twenty times larger than the San Andreas fault in California, and it is starting to wake up.  Most people don’t realize this, but this fault zone has produced some of the largest earthquakes in U.S. history.  In 1811 and 1812, immensely powerful earthquakes along the New Madrid fault rang church bells in Boston and permanently changed the course of the Mississippi River.  If we had similar earthquakes today, the devastation would be unimaginable.  Unfortunately for us, earthquake activity in the middle part of the country is becoming much more common.  The USGS says that the number of significant earthquakes in the middle part of the country has more than quintupled in recent years, and the USGS has publicly admitted that the New Madrid fault zone has the “potential for larger and more powerful quakes than previously thought“.  Very few Americans are talking about this right now, but as you will see below, the threat is very, very real.

Virginia WDBJ Shooting Hoax BLOWN WIDE OPEN! Complete Crisis Actor Compilation! BUSTED!!!

Russian Spetsnaz Starting Fires in Washington and Moving Heavy Armor In the Smoky Mountains

There is no other story that the topic of Russian soldiers on American soil that has brought so much consternation ad criticism to my doorstep. Yet, the provability of the claims of Russian Spetsnaz training inside of the United States is child’s play
Yesterday, I reposted a video of uniformed Russian soldiers traveling in Kentucky while riding inside of Department of Homeland Security vehicles. In effect, there was even official acknowledgement from the Tennessee National Guard.

Disturbing Video Shows Cop Whipping, Kicking His Own K-9 During a Raid

Peoria, IL — When a Peoria resident pulled out her cellphone to record police raiding a neighbor’s home, she never expected to what would happen next.
The woman filming, who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of police retaliating against her, said she pulled out her phone after she heard police say, “I know you’re in there, come out with your hands up.”
What she saw next was animal abuse.
The K-9 handler lets the dog run to the door and then, for an unknown reason, walks up and whips the dog with his leash. As if the leash strike wasn’t enough unwarranted punishment, the officer then kicked his K-9 partner.
Onlookers reacted in awe after witnessing such cruelty.


Criss Angel Tries To Revive A Dead Human Body (Video)

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of going to Criss Angel’s Believe show in Las Vegas, Nevada with my wife at the Luxor Hotel. I was offered discounted tickets after attending a Windham Club time shares meeting. The cost was $20pp.
As a pessimist of magic, I had read some negative reviews when I purchased the tickets and was concerned the show was not worthy of my money. But on the contrary, I found the show to go above and beyond my expectations; better than David Copperfield shows I watched on television. It had me and my wife at the edge of our seats, wondering what Criss had in store for us next. His counterpart, Maestro, entertained us with some of the most hilarious jokes ever. It reminded me of Dr. Evil and Mini Me, but in a good way.
Today, I did a search of Criss Angel and came across this exclusive video. In it, Criss tries to bring a recently deceased person back to life.
“People have died many times and they’re clinically dead, then somehow they’re revived back and it’s inexplicable,” Criss Angel said in an interview with the Huffington Post.
To start the process of trying to revive a dead being, Angel had to overcome a few obstacles.

Why do government agencies do the opposite of what they say? EPA pollutes, DEA runs drugs, ATF smuggles guns, FBI plots terrorism

(NaturalNews) The Affordable Care Act that isn't affordable and has raised health insurance rates and the cost of healthcare.

The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act, designed to improve food labeling but which actually bans states from enacting their own GMO labeling requirements, thus keeping food labels inaccurate.

The USA Patriot Act, a major post-9/11 bill that redefined "patriotism" as massive unconstitutional government surveillance and intrusion.

And so on.

Secret Underground Bases and the True Story of Philip Schneider

Philip Schneider died on Januarv 17, 1996, shortly after conducting several controversial lectures throughout the US, including Denver where he covered topics such as, Space-Defense, black helicopters, railroad cars built with shackles, extraterrestrials and the secret black budget.

He was reportedly strangled by a catheter found wrapped around his neck – the bizarre death being dismissed by the authorities as suicide.

If the circumstances of his death seem highly controversial, they are matched by the controversy over his public statements uttered shortly before his death.

Philip Schneider was a self-taught geologist and explosives expert. Of the 1,477 underground bases around the world, 129 deep underground facilities of which were located in the United States, he claimed to have worked on 13.

Help Jamie Peterson Rebuild His Life After Wrongful Conviction For Murder

We, as a society, took 18 years from this man's life and as a society, we need to help him make the rest of his life a bit better.

 In almost 24 hours, this GoFundMe page has received zero donations.This man has had his life destroyed by our legal system and he needs our help. I hope that our readers can come together to help improve his current situation by donating what they can to this worthy cause.
Sadly, if he were an animal, the goal would have been met in hours.It seems that as a society we are immune to the suffering of other humans. Please help Jamie if you are able.God Bless -TPL

A killing in Kalkaska: Is convicted man a killer? Or a liar who made up confession?


DNA evidence frees northern Michigan man in prison for 15 years


UPDATE 8-31-2015

Still nobody has donated. Very sad....I would donate if I had paypal or a debit card, but I don't. But at least I can put the details of this poor man's plight out there in hopes that someone can help him.

I was appalled at the amount of money this woman Natalie raised when her bakery was burned during the riots in Ferguson. She raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in a few hours after putting her story out there. Wasn't she insured?

 Why is it that we feel guilty for being white and pay up, yet we have a cold heart towards someone who has had his life robbed from him by the corrupt legal system here in Northern Michigan?

A killing in Kalkaska: Is convicted man a killer? Or a liar who made up confession?


DNA evidence frees northern Michigan man in prison for 15 years


Natalie's Cakes and More Fund

 $271,227 of $20k 

Raised by 8,320 people in 9 months 

  The Case That Haunts Kalkaska


Evidence points to Jason Ryan as Geraldine Montgomery’s killer, but the wrongful conviction of another man casts a long shadow as Ryan’s second trial approaches.

No DNA, fingerprints or other physical evidence tied first suspect Jamie Lee Peterson to the murder of Geraldine Montgomery, yet he was convicted and spent 17 years in prison.
A conclusive DNA match seemed set to make the second suspect’s conviction a slam dunk, but the December trial of Jason Anthony Ryan ended with a hung jury.
Ryan is scheduled to be re-tried in June.
With Peterson free and his conviction vacated, residents are hoping for resolution to a case that’s haunted the village of Kalkaska for two decades.
Jamie Peterson was left to rot in prison, even though DNA could have cleared him.

The late prosecutor Brian Donnelley refused to open a new investigation.


"Over the years, Brian Donnelly, the lead county prosecutor who personally handled the Peterson case, maintained the conviction was just and upheld on appeal.
Donnelly was still in office when he went cross-country skiing in 2012 and died at age 61 of cardiac arrest. After his death, efforts to generate a new trial for Peterson began to gain steam."

Donnelley was an evil man who only cared about making a name for himself. Here is another example of him needlessly destroying the life of another local man.

Archie Kiel found guilty

 Pot Farmer Archie Kiel Found Guilty
By Anne Stanton
Archie Kiel—whose story and photos in Northern Express triggered a
raid by the Traverse Narcotics Team nearly a year ago—was found guilty
in a jury trial for the manufacture of less than 20 marijuana plants.
The normal prison term for the charge is four years, but the maximum
is double that for Kiel since he was convicted once of a drug-related
misdemeanor.  It could have been worse. He was originally charged with
more than 20 plants, which carries a maximum of 14 years.
Kiel remained upbeat in a phone interview from his Rapid City home.
“I don’t do negative, you know that. It’s all good,” he said.  “You’ve
gotta have blind faith and stay positive. Today is the first day of
the rest of your life, so take it forward. It took me years of
self-training and meditation, and it works.”
Kiel is hopeful an appeal will be successful. Otherwise his way of
life, with friends flowing into his home decorated with smiley faces,
donating ingredients for marijuana cookies and helping him process
cannabis oil for cancer patients, will come to an abrupt end.
Kiel’s attorney, Ross Hickman, plans to file a motion for a new trial
this week based on information shared by an 86-year-old man who sat on
the jury and was excused from deliberating on the case (13 jurors
heard the case; only 12 are needed to deliberate). He told marijuana
advocate Reverend Steve Thompson and others in the courtroom that the
jurors were talking among themselves prior to deliberation—a violation
of court rules.
“He came over and sat down and talked to us just before the jury went
into deliberation. He said the jurors had discussed the case amongst
themselves almost immediately and what they were discussing was that
nobody knew the law and they wanted a copy of the law. How are they
going to make the decision if they don’t even know what the law says?
That’s just wrong,” said Thompson, president of Michigan NORML and the
Benzie County NORML chapter.


(in random order)


Here in Antrim we have a similar problem, with our probate judge being a former prosecutor in Otsego county, who framed four guys for murder and had former Attorney General Mike Cox help cover up for his scuzzy behavior. This judge went on to destroy my family.

Read about the entire shameful event here: 

Please find it in your heart to donate what you can to this man. He is only trying to raise $2,000. Why don't we care about our fellow man?

God Bless.


The Donald Trump phenomenon: hidden meanings

“You could take the five major news networks and filter Jesus Christ, Buddha, Hitler, Stalin, Attila, Gandhi, and Lawrence Welk through them, and eventually you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference among them. They’d all come across in the same way. That, in fact, is the purpose of television.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)
I have nothing against hope, but the brand of naïve hope that surfaces during every presidential election season is truly ridiculous.
Candidate after candidate lies through his teeth, and the people buy in.
Now some are saying The Donald is running to form a third party and thus hand the election to Hillary. Whereas the preferred alternative would be what? Prince Jeb? There’s a difference between Hillary and Jeb? Who’s kidding who?
Or they say The Donald is running to provide a safety valve, so the American people can blow off steam, but ultimately wind up with nothing to show for it.
If that were true, so what? Public despondency will set in? What grotesque political swamp-soup are we wading in now?
I approach this from a different angle.

MI6 Spy Found Dead in Bag in Bath Had Hacked Clinton Data

The MI6 spy who was found dead inside a holdall bag in his bathtub in London hacked into secret data held on former U.S. President Bill Clinton, The Sun newspaper has sensationally claimed today. 

Gareth Williams was 31 years old when he was found naked, dead in his own bathtub in Pimlico, just a few minutes walk away from Britain’s Houses of Parliament.
Speculation has been rife ever since his death in September 2010 about the circumstances surrounding his death. A Metropolitan Police investigation revealed predictably, though suspiciously, that Mr Williams’ death was “probably an accident”. This was despite an initial inquest concluding that his death was “unnatural and likely to have been criminally mediated.”
Since then the unexplained death has been the subject of investigation by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The BBC reported as early as December 2010 that Mr Williams had been on secondment from Britain’s signals intelligence operation GCHQ to MI6, and then subsequently to the United States’ National Security Agency.

Is The Virginia Shooting Hoax Blowing Up In The MSM’s Face?

Gun control false flag crisis actors be warned: Facial recognition search software is going to bust you. Funny, the technology is easy enough to use on Facebook, one has to wonder why the mainstream media and police don’t use it for these alleged mass shooter events.
Actually, this is an even bigger warning to the billionaire “philanthropists” who back aggressive gun control initiatives and are likely backing these staged “events.” You’ve hired horrible actors. You’re going to get busted unless you back off. But, alas, we know your allegiance to the UN Small Arms Treaty requires you to push forward despite a growing number who know your game.
The latest reporter shooting hoax in Virginia is getting so easily torn apart by the conspiracy research community that the media’s emotional staging of actors is becoming absurd.
The latest discovery is that Alison Parker’s alleged fiancé Chris Hurst, who has only eight social media photos of him with Alison, is probably just her “TV” boyfriend. A guy named Daniel Wulz has been outed by facial recognition as her real-world boyfriend.

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Israeli Soldier Trying to Kidnap Child Prevented by Women and Children

On Friday the 28th of August 2015, two peaceful demonstrators were violently arrested and a child viciously attacked by Israeli soldiers in the Palestinian village Nabi Saleh in occupied Palestine. Every Friday the people of Nabi Saleh protest against the illegal settlement build on the villages’ land. 

1829 Newspaper – Rothschilds Have Purchased Jerusalem

This 1829 article exposes the fact that William E Blackstone (born in 1841) or Theodore Herzl (born in 1860) were not in any way, shape or form – the originators to “gather a large nation” and/or “re-building of the temple“, as the “narrative” goes.
Just the 1829 wording of connecting “Rothschild“, “Jerusalem“,”gather a large nation“, and “re-building of the temple” throws any and all previous held ideas of some sort of “miraculous thing” out the window. Obviously this has been percolating for quite some time.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Orleans remembers its darkest day: Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, the shocking photos that broke hearts across America and the world

  • Katrina ravaged New Orleans and the Gulf Coast ten years ago on August 29, killing more than 1,500 people
  • City and surrounding settlements remembered storm today, as mayor said city is 'unbowed and unbroken'
  • Victims of the storm have used anniversary to tell how they have pieces their lives back together after the chaos 

Mutant Killer Bees are Invading America FULL DOCUMENTARY1

Virginia New Crews Boyfriend Chokes during Fake Scripted Interview

How Lending A Friend Your Car, Then Going to Bed Can Land You a Life Prison Sentence

Florida man Ryan Holle is currently serving his 11th year of a life sentence, even with no prior criminal record.

Will the Dennis Hass Walloon Water System extortion case be reopened?

                           Walloon Lake Water System owner Dennis Hass

 At least one party being sued by Dennis and Kathleen Hass, over their claims that they were being forced into selling their Walloon Lake Water System, isn’t just sitting around and waiting for a court date.
According to an Aug. 11 letter from Boyne City attorney Thomas Schraw—on behalf of defendant Gale Charbonneau—he is requesting Charlevoix County Prosecutor Allen Telgenhof reopen the extortion case against the Hasses. (See the full story entitled “No Deal” at the top of this page.)
Following is the complete letter from Schraw to Telgenhof.

NO DEAL: Walloon Water suit claims conspiracy of police, township, prosecutor and users


Dahboo77 Video: Simpsons Episode from 2000 Predicts TRUMP Becomes President and More

Simpsons Episode from 2000 Predicts TRUMP Becomes President and More. Donald Trump’s bid for the White House and ascendancy in the polls has surprised many – but The Simpsons called it 15 years ago.

Clinical Proof that Most Politicians and CEO’s Are Certifiably Insane

After writing one of my most recent articles with regard to what typically happens when a currency collapse occurs, due to a currency devaluation, takes down a country’s economy as the Chinese are gobbling up all of our important economic assets, many people wrote to me asking me when is the total collapse going to happen. The short answer is that I have a hard time predicting the actions of psychopaths. All of us have a hard time predicting the action of others who are so different from the mainstream of America because most of us do not.
t think like psychopaths. However, I can  state with certainty that when the last mortgage has been stolen and the last pension has been confiscated, then it will be time to collapse the dollar and plunge this country into a hellish nightmare.
Our country should be dubbed, the United States of Psychopathology. Psychopaths are at the root of the world’s problems. They kill hundreds of millions in wars which serves no purpose except to enrich themselves. Subsequently, psychopaths such as the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschild’s recruit already compromised psychopaths to do their bidding in both elected office and as the CEO’s of Fortune 500 corporations as well as key administrative positions. 

Google Buries My Revelations of Hillary’s Lesbianism

I have quite literate friends who have actually been celebrating the demise of newspapers and magazines in our country.  “They’ve shown themselves to be little more than propaganda organs,” they say, “so it’s good enough for them.” 

But the fact that young people are turning away from the traditional media hardly means that they are not being propagandized. They’re just getting their poison through other venues, primarily the Internet.  For every expensive and widely cited print publication with no visible means of support like Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard, there are dozens of such web sites, with big teams of regular writers who must live on something.   

We have also had a ringside seat to watch the transformation of a leading propagandist, Christopher Ruddy, from print journalist to a major force on the Worldwide Web, and he now has his own cable TV channel.  We describe it in great detail in “Double Agent Ruddy Reaching for Media Pinnacle.”  It would be no skin off him or his handlers should the newspapers he used to write for dry up and blow away.

Google’s Pernicious Power

There is one clear way in which the potential for spreading propaganda is now even greater than it was when a few major newspapers and television and radio networks dominated the molding of public opinion.  A great deal of Internet power is concentrated in the hands of one company, Google.  So dominant is its search engine that its name has become a verb meaning to search for something on the Internet, “to Google.”  So far this month, of the people coming to my web site by use of a Web search, they arrive through Google at a rate about 24 times as great as through the search engine that is in second place, Yahoo’s.

Google also keeps track of everything you search for and makes profitable—and apparently propagandistic—use of that information.  On the first point, how often have we seen pop-up advertisements appear on our computer screens for products or services for which we have recently conducted a Web search? 

The second apparent use of its tracking information is a good deal more insidious.  Working on an upcoming article on the establishment’s favorite putative racist, Jared Taylor, I have searched his name a number of times, each time in conjunction with other names or concepts.  Now when I go to Google-owned YouTube, right at the top I have as my “Recommended channel” Taylor’s shadowy white-pride organization, American Renaissance, complete with a whole row of videos to click on.  This presentation by Taylor is one of the videos they offered for my enjoyment and edification.  Based upon my Googling record, they think I’m one of those people who equates “real American” with “white person.”  No mainstream print organization could get by with touting such a person with such a message to a general audience.

When the Bank Robs You: Wells Fargo Contractors Allegedly Stole Family Heirlooms Rescued From Nazis

The few remaining defenders of the Obama administration’s failure to prosecute the executives who helped cause the 2008 financial crisis argue that the bankers’ actions were unethical but not criminal. President Obama himself has made this claim: “Some of the most damaging behavior on Wall Street … wasn’t illegal,” he told Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes in December 2011.
The president might want to take this up with David Adier, who says he was victimized by Wells Fargo breaking and entering into his family’s home in Morris Township, New Jersey, and then committing property damage and theft. Burglary is a felony subject to prison time — if anybody but a bank does it.
Adier’s case is doubly disturbing because of what was taken: items his father retrieved from his family’s apartment in France before fleeing the Nazis in 1940, including a Kiddush cup, a Seder plate and a sewing machine used by his grandmother.
Adier has since filed suit against Wells Fargo. According to the complaint, Wells Fargo’s contractors deemed the house abandoned, despite explicit instructions that it was not. The house had been in Adier’s family for 40 years, Adier and his sister had grown up there, and Adier’s father had lived there until his death in August 2012. According to Adier, who lives 30 miles away in Bayonne, he missed two payments on the home’s mortgage over the next several months due to troubles with his small business. On November 29, 2012, Wells Fargo’s contractors illegally broke in for the first time.
“I feel like they ripped my family history from me,” said Adier. “This was the house I grew up in, where I had nothing but great family memories. They’ve taken away my life, my childhood, my sense of security.”

EPA defies judge, imposes water rule

A defiant Environmental Protection Agency on Friday put into effect controversial new water regulations, despite a federal judge's decision to place a temporary hold on the rule for fear it would harm states.
The EPA says it is interpreting Thursday's injunction as applying only to the states that sued in the North Dakota district court, according to a spokeswoman. The Clean Water Rule, also known as the Waters of the U.S. rule, goes into effect Friday as planned, except in the 13 states that filed the North Dakota lawsuit.
"The Clean Water Rule is fundamental to protecting and restoring the nation's water resources that are vital for our health, environment and economy," said Melissa Harrison, a spokeswoman for the agency. She says the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers "have been preparing to implement the rule on the effective date of Aug. 28."

Police order BBC journalists to delete footage of Virginia shooter’s car crash

A Virginia State Police officer reportedly censored two BBC journalists following Wednesday’s tragic shooting that took the lives of Alison Parker and Adam Ward. After Vester Lee Flanagan (AKA Bryce Williams) opened fire at a local shopping center, killing the 24-year-old local reporter and the 27-year-old cameraman, he led police on a pursuit before he ran his vehicle off the highway and crashed.
Police found him suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Flanagan was transported to a nearby hospital, where he later died.
BBC journalists Franz Strasser and Tara McKelvey were reporting from the scene of the crash when one of the officers approached the pair and ordered them to delete their footage. “Just at the scene of the suspects [sic] shooting on I-66. Police told me to delete footage or lose camera,” Strasser tweeted. “Reason for confiscating camera was that it was evidence. Threatened to tow the car because it was illegally parked,” he said in a follow-up tweet about an hour later.

The Definitive History Of 'George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People'

The story behind Kanye West's most famous remarks.


Jail Suicide Is Not Justice

Hector, an inmate in a county jail, had just gotten troubling news. His wife was leaving him, and he would never see her or their two children again. His father had committed suicide years earlier, his best friends had been murdered, and he was facing the possibility of decades behind bars on drug charges. Unbearably depressed, he decided to escape via the only route apparent to him.
The most dangerous thing in jail isn't a fight among prisoners or an officer using excessive force. It's not even cancer or heart disease. The leading cause of death in our nation's jails is suicide, and it's becoming more common. Earlier this month the Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that the suicide rate for men and women in jail spiked 14 percent between 2012 and 2013, and the suicide rate is up 59 percent since 2008.
Jails are part of a large, complex system charged with protecting public safety. When that system fails to keep people--including those awaiting trial--safe from harm, it's our job as a society to ask why, and how we can make it better.
No single factor can be blamed for more jail suicides, but the decline in services for the mentally ill contributes to this crisis. Since the 1970s, funding and treatment centers for the mentally ill have plummeted. Without resources to help them stay stable, many people with mental health problems run into trouble with law enforcement and wind up in a cell. The problem has gotten so severe that the Los Angeles County Jail has become the nation's largest psychiatric treatment facility. 


The forgotten dogs of Katrina: Fresh appeal to help pets abandoned in the wake of the devastating storm as it's revealed many are still waiting for a home TEN YEARS later

  • When Hurricane Katrina hit 10 years ago, pit bulls were abandoned in their hundreds as the flood waters receded 
  • They were either chained to the empty lots or displaced by homes destroyed by floodwaters
  • Some simply lost their owners but, a decade on, some of them are still trying to find a home 
  • In August 2012, Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) became the main advocates for rehousing the dogs 
  • They have roughly 40 in their care, and are desperately trying to get the happy dogs a home 

Youth Jailed Since April For Alleged $5 Grocery Theft, Found Dead In Jail Cell

A young man was arrested by Portsmouth, Virginia police over a mere $5 in groceries that he stole because he was hungry.
The arrest came on the same day a Portsmouth cop shot and killed an unarmed African American 18-year-old.
But now, Jamycheal Mitchell, 24, has been found dead in his jail cell, after spending four months behind bars with no conviction and no bail.
Mitchell was said to have had mental health problems. But police aren’t claiming he committed suicide.
While the Guardian has been told that “senior prison officials said his death was not being treated as suspicious,” Natasha Perry, the master jail officer at the Hampton Roads Regional Jail, said “as of right now it is deemed ‘natural causes’.”
That’s right, they are saying that a 24 year old with no serious medical issues to speak of, died of “natural causes” behind bars in the Portsmouth jail.
Perry said in an interview that “there were no obvious outward signs of injury to the 24-year-old’s body.”
She assures the public that the “Portsmouth police are looking into the death.”
Do you expect there to be justice with the police investigating this suspicious death?

'He's one of the great sleazebags of our time': Trump accuses Hillary Clinton's top aide Huma Abedin of sharing secret emails with her 'perv' ex-congressman husband Anthony Weiner

  • Trump launched highly personal attack on Clinton aide Huma Abedin
  • Accused her of sharing secret emails with husband Anthony Weiner
  • He branded Weiner a 'perv' and 'one of the great sleaze bags of our time'
  • Trump also called America the 'sucker' of the international community
  • Said U.S. 'gets involved in everything' without asking for anything back 

30 Examples of Why America is No Longer a Free Country

From people being harassed for paying by cash or having a food garden, to Americans being arrested for letting their children play outside – innumerable examples over the past few months alone illustrate that the United States is no longer a free country.
The nanny state is no longer just on steroids, it has turned into the Incredible Hulk as collectivism, pernicious bureaucracy, regulation, mass surveillance and outright tyranny runs wild across the country.
Here are just a selection of stories from scores of recent examples illustrating how America is ‘land of the Free, home of the brave’ no more.

Operation Cloverleaf: The Most Dangerous Weapons Testing Program In World History

Chemtrails: Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons in the Age of Nuclear War


EXCLUSIVE: JFK autopsy 'bullet fragment' X-ray was faked, denounced as 'physically impossible' ... New forensic analysis uncovers decades of false evidence used to frame Lee Harvey Oswald

(NaturalNews) The following breaking news story comes to Natural News from Jim Marrs, one of the sharpest and most diligent investigative journalists living today.

Marrs is the author of numerous eye-opening books, including his latest book, Population Control: How Corporate Owners Are Killing Us.

This story reveals the stunning revelation that the infamous "bullet fragment" X-ray that was used to frame Lee Harvey Oswald was completely faked.

This story comes on the heels of a massive wave of recent stories revealing how the FBI's forensic evidence scientists have faked hair analysis "evidence" for decades. See FBI admits using faked forensic science to put hundreds of innocent people behind bars (and have some sentenced to death). Also see, from the Guardian, Thirty years in jail for a single hair: the FBI's 'mass disaster' of false conviction.

The Gary Gatehouse Radio Show (FROM A READER)

                           Shining the LIGHT OF TRUTH ON THE SOCIALIST LEFT

                                                     No Punches Pulled
                                                               No spin
                                             No Political Correctness

5 Reasons to Question the News Crew Shooting Story

Big Pharma, petrochemical companies and criminal banksters paid Bill and Hillary Clinton more than $100 million to give speeches

(NaturalNews) When Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton hits the campaign trail, she does her level best to portray herself and her ex-president husband, Bill, as ordinary, average Americans just looking out for the common folk.

For this narrative, Hillary even has even gone as far as suggesting that she and Bill were "dead broke" when they left the White House in 2000, a claim that PolitiFact has rated mostly false.

Even if the couple had large legal bills at the time -- which were Bill's fault, considering his lies to Congress and resultant impeachment over the Monica Lewinsky scandal -- there is no doubt the power couple has done well financially since then. According to tax and financial records, the Clintons have earned nearly $140 million since 2007 and paid some $43 million in taxes, putting them squarely in the "1 percent" they love to complain about.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Car Hits Police Motorcycle, Officer Opens Fire, Shoots Baby

A Kansas City police officer just opened fire after a his motorcycle was hit on Friday. His spray of bullets shot a baby.
We are told that two men are now in custody following the incident. Two infants were effected, but only one was shot.
All sources, including the police acknowledge that absolutely no one had opened fire on the police officer. That didn’t stop him from opening fire and shooting one of the two infants in the foot.
“It is horrible that an infant was involved and injured in this incident,” Capt. Tye Grant of the Kansas City Police Department said in an interview with local KCTV 5. “No child ever should be placed in such a dangerous situation.”
Grant said he doesn’t know how long the officer has been with the department, but he says that he has been placed on paid administrative leave.
The officer is maintaining that the collision was “on purpose” and describes it as being “rammed.”
That may or may not be true. We simply don’t know at this point. What we do know is that when the officer opened fire, there was no vehicle coming towards him.
One witness said that the officer jumped off the bike to avoid being hit. But the vehicle did not make any other attempt at him. This would seem to indicate that there was some issue that caused the driver to lose control. In any event, the shoot-first-ask-questions-later approach of this officer nearly cost a baby its life.
read more:

Hidden-Camera Video By Mercy For Animals Reveals Chicken McNuggets' ‘Disturbing Secret’

The graphic video has prompted McDonald's to cut ties with one of its chicken suppliers. A criminal investigation has also been launched.

Chickens cruelly beaten, stomped to death and left to die painfully and slowly. According to Mercy For Animals, that’s the “disgusting secret” behind McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.
On Wednesday, the advocacy group released disturbing hidden-camera footage capturing what it says is evidence of abusive practices at a McDonald’s chicken supplier.
The investigation into T&S Farm, located in Dukedom, Tennessee, “exposed horrific cruelty to animals, including birds beaten, crammed in filthy sheds, stabbed to death with nails attached to makeshift clubs and left to suffer and slowly die without proper veterinary care,” the group wrote.

'Anchor Babies' and Other Horror Stories About Immigrants: Be Not Afraid

I was on a call-in radio show late one night this week to discuss immigration and my new book, Dream Chasers: Immigration and the American Backlash. The radio station, WBZ, is a CBS affiliate in Boston that reaches much of the northeast United States, so I expected some conservative blowback to my unapologetically progressive stances, but not much. What I got, though, I wasn't prepared for: unremitting anger at "illegals" for ripping off the system. This, in liberal Massachusetts.
I was taken aback because my strong sense in researching and writing the book was that the economic argument about unauthorized immigrants -- that they are "stealing" jobs native-born Americans would gladly have -- was largely a thing of the past. I argued that it was cultural issues -- use of Spanish, the threat of crime and terrorism, jumping the line of those wanting to immigrate, and racism -- which stirred so much anger.
But the callers and the radio host kept harping on how "illegals" were getting federal and state benefits they didn't deserve, were undercutting American workers, were lowering wages overall, were stressing schools and hospitals, weren't paying taxes, and so on: economic issues, perhaps fueled by the cultural anxiety I explained in Dream Chasers, but economic all the same.
Of course, times remain very difficult for people in the lower 75 percent of income in the United States, and immigrants of all kinds have, historically, been among the principal targets of blame for economic stress. Real income growth in the last twenty years has been only 9 percent, with most of the growth coming during the 1990s. People are rightly frustrated, although blaming low-income workers is scarcely warranted.

Viral Photo Of Syrian Refugee Prompts Hundreds Of Strangers To Help Give Him ‘A New Life’

“I think that this campaign proves that humanity is not lost just yet.”

 A photograph of a Syrian refugee went viral earlier this week. It was a heartbreaking image of a man cradling his daughter while hawking pens on the street.



Just an FYI. Human traffickers are now in Grand Rapids, MI. A friend of mine was being stalked at the Meijer on 28th st. & Kalamazoo Ave. If she hadn't kept an eye on her surroundings, she would've vanished. A lady bumped into her 2 or 3 times on purpose, while she was shopping. Then a guy was walking very close behind her on her way out of the store. She got a bad vibe & didn't leave the store right away. She made sure the guy left before she did. She went to her car & started to dash home. Then, she realized she needed to report the incident. So, she turned around & went back to Meijer to report the incident. She was told, they knew about it, but they can't do anything about it. It's a public place. She was also told, there's a team of people working together. Usually, 2 or 3 people in the store picking out targets to kidnap. And 3 or 4 people in the parking lot waiting to put you quickly into a vehicle & drive off. The guy following behind her on her way out of the store, was so close 2 her that he could've injected her with something & walked her right out of the store with no one noticing a thing! If this is happening at Meijer, it's most likely happening at other stores, malls & public places. LADIES, PLEASE BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. AND LET'S KEEP A CLOSER EYE ON OUR CHILDREN! WHO KNOWS WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN!!!!!! Maybe this is what's happening to the people who have gone missing in west Michigan. I wholeheartedly hope the ladies of west Michigan and other areas, take a self-defense class & warn your children about predators. Please be safe and pass this information on to family, friends & loved ones

Migrant death toll in meat truck rises to 71 – including three children and a baby – as police make three arrests after abandoned vehicle is found 'dripping with blood' on Austrian motorway

  • The truck was parked on a motorway near the Austrian town of Parndorf
  • Victims include eight women and four children, one of whom was a baby
  • The migrants were packed into the back of an air-tight refrigerated truck 
  • Chancellor Angela Merkel says she is 'shaken' by the 'horrible' news  

Thursday, August 27, 2015

State seeks to fire social worker accused of using child as 'bargaining tool' in drug deal

A state social worker is facing conspiracy, bribery and official misconduct charges in Lexington after allegedly using a child as a bargaining chip in a drug deal.
Chad Albert Buckley, 39, entered an initial not guilty plea in Fayette District Court Wednesday. He is scheduled to be back in court Aug. 21.
Lexington police arrested Buckley Tuesday night.
Buckley, who lives in Midway, is charged with conspiracy to traffic in a controlled substance, official misconduct and bribery.
He is a social worker with the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services.
"The department will seek termination of this employee," Cabinet spokeswoman Jill Midkiff said Wednesday night.

Read more here:

'Terrible smell of death' and dripping blood led police to bodies of FIFTY migrants who suffocated after people smugglers abandoned a chicken meat truck on Austrian motorway

  • The truck was parked on a motorway near the Austrian town of Parndorf
  • The migrants were packed into the back of an air-tight refrigerated truck 
  • It is believed the victims boarded the Hungarian licensed truck in Serbia
  • The truck is owned by a Romanian national living in central Hungary

Police Make Instructional Video on How to Be Nice While they Rob You – Because they Can Kill You

Road piracy in the US has reached epic proportions.

It has gotten so bad that the Canadian government has issued a public service announcement for its citizens warning them that American Road Pirates, aka police officers, may very well rob them upon entry into the US.
Since September 2001, there have been 62,000 incidents of road piracy; resulting in a booty of over $2.5 billion.
In the US, “298 departments and 210 task forces have seized the equivalent of 20 percent or more of their annual budgets since 2008” according to a report by the Post.
Some might try and say that this money and property is obviously “taken from criminals” in order to rationalize this theft on a massive scale. However, as is evident in the case of Mr. Ayala, the government does not have to charge you with a crime, let alone convict you, to take your property and after they steal your property the burden of proof is on you to get it back.
Only one sixth of the 62,000 cases of cash forfeitures to police in the last decade have been challenged in court due to the high cost of challenging the state; not to mention that since their money was stolen, even if they once had the funds to challenge the theft, they may not any longer.
The justice department’s asset forfeiture fund in 2011 was $1.8 billion.
In Philadelphia alone, more than $64 million in seized property has been taken in the last decade and 100% of it has gone into the pockets of cops, judges, and other bureaucrats with a hand in the treasure chest.


Cocaine Production Plummets After DEA Kicked Out of Bolivia

(ANTIMEDIA) Bolivia — After the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) was kicked out of Bolivia, the country was able to drastically reduce the amount of coca (cocaine) produced within its borders. According to data released by the United Nations, cocaine production in the country declined by 11% in the past year, marking the fourth year in a row of steady decrease.
It was just seven years ago that the DEA left Bolivia — and only three years after that, progress was finally made. The strategy employed by the Bolivian government may be a surprise to many prohibitionists because it did not involve any strong-arm police state tactics. Instead, they worked to find alternative crops for farmers to grow that would actually make them more money.
“Bolivia has adopted a policy based on dialogue, where coca cultivation is allowed in traditional areas alongside alternative development [in others],” Antonino de Leo, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s representative in Bolivia, told VICE News.
“It’s not only about making money off a crop. In the old fashioned alternative development approach, we substitute one illicit crop for a licit crop. It’s about a more comprehensive approach that includes access to essential services like schools, hospitals, and roads in areas that traditionally have been hard to reach,” Leo added.

Father Robs Bank to Pay for Daughter's Chemo After Insurance Cancele

A 23-year-old Michigan man is held on $500,000 bond after robbing a bank to try to pay for his one-year-old daughter’s cancer treatments after her insurance was abruptly canceled.

Brian Randolph was arrested on August 14, police say two days earlier he robbed a credit union in South Lyon.
His family says that this was an act of desperation after his daughter’s insurance was canceled upon her first birthday as her mother was unaware it needed to be renewed.
His daughter, Brailynn, requires chemotherapy treatments every four weeks in her battle against retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer.


I’m not much for sharing my personal life on Facebook. I’m a pretty private person, but the more time I have had to think, I’ve realized that I need to share my story, and possibly prevent another woman from being victimized.
Last Wednesday, Aug 19th, I attended the Toby Keith concert in Mount Pleasant at The Soaring Eagle Casino. I was looking forward to having some “me” time with my grandmother, and cousins. Around 9:30-10 p.m. I needed to use the restroom. I went alone because it was not far for me to walk from my family. Making that decision has changed my life forever. I was approached by a man who immediately asked me if I needed help finding my friends. I replied politely no; I can see my grandmother from here. Within what seemed like seconds I started feeling woozy, dizzy, and hearing a wha wha noise. I don’t remember anything after that. I woke hours later, disoriented, confused, and hurting like I’ve never hurt before. I had been drugged, abducted, and brutally violated.
I’m told that I was missing for 4-5 hours. I do have some vague recollection of the events that occurred, but those details are not necessary in order for people to realize the severity of this heinous crime. The security at Soaring Eagle as well as the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Police were out looking for me as were my family. Thank goodness I was found, and got immediate medical attention. I am still recovering, and it will be a long process both physically and mentally. Many DNA samples were recovered so there is some hope that the person/persons responsible will be found and caught. That is my greatest hope. Right now I feel lucky to be alive.
Drug screening for date rape drugs take longer than a regular panel drug screen, so we are still unaware of what drug was used on me or even how it was administered. I know I was drugged, I was not drunk. I was not out partying. I was spending quality time with my family enjoying a concert.
People, if this happened to me, it can happen to anyone. Please, please if you go to an event please by all means use the buddy system, and never go anywhere alone. Always watch your beverage, never ever leave it unattended. There are bad, evil people out there who prey on innocent unsuspecting people in order to turn them into victims.
I for one was a victim, but intend on coming out of this experience as a survivor just as my Mom has taught me to be. Be strong, watch your backs, watch your friends and families backs, and hopefully this kind of crime never touches your life.
Writing and sharing this is not something I would normally do, but if just one person reads this, and it reminds them to be more aware of their surroundings, and this helps them to protect their self or others around them, then it’s worth it to me. Please share this story, remind your loved ones that no one is safe, there are scumbags that roam this Earth freely, and will not hesitate a second to try and victimize you and yours.


Welcome to Beautiful Parkersburg, West Virginia

Home to one of the most brazen, deadly corporate gambits in U.S. history. 
 “Hold on to something,” Jim Tennant warned as he fired up his tractor. We lurched down a rutted dirt road past the old clapboard farmhouse where he grew up. Jim still calls it “the home place,” although its windows are now boarded up and the outhouse is crumbling into the field.
At 72, Jim is so slight that he nearly disappears into his baggy plaid shirt. But he drives his tractor like a dirt bike. We sped past the caved-in hog pen and skidded down a riverbank. The tractor tipped precariously toward the water, slamming into a fallen tree, but Jim just laughed.
When we had gone as far as the tractor could take us, Jim climbed off and squeezed through a barbed-wire fence. On the other side was a lush field teeming with crabapple and sycamore, and beyond that, the muddy trickle of water, known as Dry Run Creek, that has brought Jim’s family so much heartache. “This is what Dry Run looks like in the wet season,” Jim told me. “Summer grazing was in the hollow up there—before they destroyed everything, at least.”

Virginia Journalist False Flag Hoax Shooting Hits An All Time Low; SERIOUS FAKERY!!!

Whatever is on the controlled US state-run news, let it be known that the AmeriKan populous is purposely designed to be witness of the event.
Words can’t describe how bad of a hoax the Virginia Shooting was. A guy walks up within feet of the woman he supposedly kills and stands there for over 20 seconds pointing a pistol and a camera at her …and she doesn’t even notice him?

Not only does she not notice, but the woman being interviewed and the cameraman somehow fail to notice him too. This is also assuming there were no other crew there apart from these two employees.
The woman’s reaction to being shot is laughable at best (wake up sheeple). Your world is scripted.
By showing this LIVE people will assume it is real. But anyone with brain cells left can clearly see its all TOTAL BULLSHIT (no statistics available on the amount of the US population who’ve lost their brain cells via MSM propaganda, however, I’m certain the Tavistock Institution has that information).
Why doesn’t the gunman utter one word in the 45 seconds he is there?

Food Stamp Fraud Ring Busted in Ohio

On Wednesday, a major bust was made of a multi-million dollar food stamp fraud ring based in the Ohio counties of Butler and Hamilton.

19 search warrants were issued in order to allow federal, state, and local law enforcement agents to investigate homes and businesses at the climax of an 18-month effort by the Southern Ohio Task Force. 12 people were arrested.
U.S. Beef in Fairfield was searched, as well as the home of the company’s owners Scott Traum and Joey Lightcap Traum, according to WCPO. Butcher Shop Food Distributors was also searched; its owner is Joseph Gray.
The fraud ring cheated taxpayers out of an excess of $2 million from the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) for low-income residents, 40 percent of the total $5.3 million that SNAP lost in Ohio in 2014. SNAP has lost $173 million across the nation.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Remembering the Summer of 1929

This is one of the best documentaries on the Crash of 1929 if you wish to get a feel for the times.   You may find it interesting to watch the whole thing below.
I have posted the entire documentary twice before:  once, on the 80th anniversary of Black Thursday in 2009, and once before in December of 2007.
I remember the Summer of 1929 being described as unusually hot, with the stock market going up and down like a roller coaster, making investors and pundits almost dizzy.  That is, until the great push up to the very height of the market in early September.
It was the laissez-faire abuses of the 1920’s, the reign of supply side economics,  the institutionalized political corruption of easy money, an oversized,  overly influential and powerful financial/industrial sector that set the stage for the terrible Depression of the 1930’s.
It also gave rise to the many reforms introduced by the FDR administration.
Most of which have been steadily overturned, one by one, by the big money interests who care for nothing but themselves, and would do it again, and again, if allowed to do so.
Most of the scams of the moneyed interests are remarkably simple, and the same over time.  At least they are once you scrape away the jargon, the bells and whistles, and paid for policy theories of pedigreed prostitutes.
The titans of Wall Street are no smarter than many smart people who do much more difficult jobs and lead simple, honest lives. But they are driven, they are insatiable, and they areshameless.
Enough people are easily fooled in each generation by well scripted ideological PR campaigns, clever revisions and misrepresentations of history, and the steady drumbeat of slogans and propaganda to allow the same old scams and abuses to come back again.  And unfortunately even very smart and powerful and greatly advantaged people are always willing to do anything for money.
Here is a link to the transcript of this documentary.