Wednesday, September 10, 2014



  IT IS APPARENT THAT AG SCHUETTE                                                                IS PART OF THE GOOD OL’ BOYS                                                                  CLUB WHERE HIS OFFICE PROTECTSTHEIR OWN!

AG Schuette’s website states “ In February 2011, Attorney General Schuette created a new Public Integrity Unit to ramp up the fight against corruption in state and local government, protect tax dollars and restore the public's trust in government.  Upon taking office, Schuette identified public corruption cases as a priority.  The Public Integrity Unit heightens the focus on public corruption cases handled by the Office of Attorney General, working closely with local, state and federal law enforcement to uncover and prosecute crimes at all level of state and local government.”

How can he claim to “fight against corruption” and to “restore the public’s trust in government” when he and his office WILL NOT PROSECUTE a sitting prosecutor who has committed perjury?  What goes to integrity more than committing perjury?

The facts are not in dispute, the documents are in order, the signatures and dates on the documents are correct - yet his minion, Criminal Division Chief Richard Cunningham states “I am simply not persuaded that there is any proper basis for the involvement of our Public Integrity Unit.”  When requested 2x to prosecute Prosecutor Allen Telgenhof by the Criminal Division, Cunningham stated  on October 30, 2013 “I am simply not persuaded that this is a matter warranting action by this office” and on July 11, 2014 “Looking at the totality of the circumstances, I have concluded that criminal charges would not be appropriate.”

AG Schuette’s Office has been asked to prosecute this case since March of 2013.  Perhaps Mr. Cunningham doesn’t want to prosecute Mr. Telgenhof because HE CALLED HIM and told him about the investigation?   Mr. Cunningham told Mr. Telgenhof on the phone to file his Post- Election Compliance Affidavit because Cunningham had a request to prosecute him for a misdemeanor.  Telgenhof filed it the same day Cunningham called him.  Is this standard protocol in Schuette’s Office?  To call a potential defendant?
Telgenhof filed his affidavit under penalty of perjury but lied on the affidavit.  Telgenhof didn’t file other reports and swore under penalty of perjury that everything was filed.  Telgenhof was fined $1,500.00 by the State Elections Bureau.  IT IS BLACK AND WHITE.

AG Schuette’s Public Integrity Unit and its Criminal Division are a farce and protect their own.

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