Sunday, November 1, 2015

St Louis Radiation Poisoning Death Toll Revealed

St Louis residents dying in record numbers is sending locals fleeing, becoming refugees from a sacrifice zone, secretly kept for decades. A cover up was effective until community action resulted in reports explaining the myriad of local "environmental diseases" causing violent deaths was from ingesting and eating radioactive material in their homes and community, linking the horror to the United States war machine's nuclear weapon system.

An underground fire heads toward a nuclear waste facility. A bush fire burned nearby. A waste spill has sent a new wave of radioactive waste into groundwater. An alleged arson recently set seven churches on fire prompting DHS to issue statements about domestic terrorism linked to nuclear facilities. Those events have had eyes are on St. Louis, where today, news headlines include St. Louis residents and former residents who fled connected the dots between what has been killing babies and adults there to area radioactive waste.

You’ll never forget the moment they tell you, ‘We found lesions on your lung and your liver,’” Mary Oscko, who has stage 4 lung cancer, told CBS News. “My husband and I had to sit down at night and discuss whether I want to be cremated or buried. I don’t want to be buried in North County. That’s the one thing I told him. I do not want to be buried where this soil is.”

Popular Resistance

"In 1942, during the height of World War II, a corporation by the name of Mallinckrodt Chemical Works was hired by the US government to process uranium for the development of the world’s first nuclear weapons. The operation was dubbed ‘The Manhattan Project.’ 


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