Wednesday, February 3, 2016

6-month-old Baby Taken Away from Mother by Force Dies in CPS Custody

                                                           Photo courtesy Fox 26 Houston.

“Today is the last day I will ever see my daughter again,” said Anastasia Hernandez through tears.
Hernandez’s baby girl, Aaliyah Rodriguez spent three days on life support at Texas Children’s hospital and the grieving mother and her family members have no idea why the 6-month-old baby is dead.
“I seen them last week,” Hernandez said. “They were fine nothing was wrong with them.”
She says a CPS caseworker called her on Monday and told her to come to Texas Children’s Hospital.
“All they told me was there was a little accident,” Hernandez said. “I get here and they told me my daughter had head trauma and severe brain damage.”
Hernandez says CPS entered her life after the police were called to her home in 2014. Her youngest son who was one at the time had marks on him. He and his older brother were taken into protective custody by CPS. The youngest boy’s father CPS says was convicted of abusing the boy.
Hernandez was not suspected of harming the child. Still after her baby girl was born CPS swooped in.
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