Wednesday, February 17, 2016

BLM Shame: Shocking Scenes of Animal Abuse Left Behind at Bundy Ranch in Nevada

21st Century Wire
After being forced to vacate public lands by ranchers, militia and many peaceful protesters, it seems that Uncle Sam left a most disturbing calling card of all at the Bundy Ranch. This week farmers and public officials have unearthed more fresh evidence proving the existence of US taxpayer-funded mass animal graves – left behind at the Bureau of Land Management’s field operations compound.
So far, it is believed a least a dozen previously healthy animals have been found either shot in the head, discarded and buried, in what can only be described as a merciless, industrial-scale kidnapping and murdering of cattle by the US federal government.
As yet, it is unknown just how many of the Bundy family’s prize herd were shot or killed by running cows to death in the desert heat using gov’t helicopters, as more dead animals are being discovered each day – some on the open plain, and others buried in the Gold Butte area. Reports also confirm that many baby calves were also left for dead after being separated from their mothers during the aggressive US government round-up.
Nearly two weeks ago, 21WIRE was the first media outlet to raise the question of the BLM killing cattle on the Bundy Ranch.

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