Friday, February 5, 2016

DEA Agent: ‘Rabbits Are Getting Stoned’

“I come to represent the actual science”—it was a bold opener for testimony that was to include the clear and present danger of bunnies getting too high.
The man giving that testimony was Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Matt Fairbanks. He argued that legalizing medical pot in Utah could have a powerful effect on the state’s ecosystems. One of the threats: dazed and confused rabbits would abound.
“I deal in facts,” Fairbanks said during the surreal hearing last March. “I deal in science.” Suprised by his continued reference to “science,” FOIA expert MuckRock requested that the agency hand over any and all documents showing the effects of marijuana—and its legalization—on rabbits.
This week in a brief letter, the DEA’s answer arrived: There is none.

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