Wednesday, February 10, 2016

North America Ripping In Half Before Our Eyes As Evidence Grows! Sinkholes, Strange Noises, Strange Smells From The Earth, Continential Torque, Atlantic Ocean Rift, Jet Stream More Pronounced, And More! North Americans In Denial And Distraction Mode Rather Than Preparation Mode

Folks….  please keep in mind and heart, that this has been building for decades… and would be a focus of an awakened and an empowered society… to deal with the matters… North Americans are addicted to distraction and denial, and know more about celebrities, than pretty much anything else, as a whole… but that is not going to be seen as a valuable to the masses, if we North America, or the world even, is suddenly thrust into a live free, or die, situation of worldwide and/or continential significance… which we are in now… but at least now, the earth is not rumbling a 9 earthquake all over the world for an extended period of time… is that time forthcoming… isn’t it easier to prepare now?  The only thing stopping you is self love… which is due to having a false sense of self… when you are connected at the soul level…together with others who are connected at the soul level, we can literally move mountains… I believe that.
The opposite of living a distracted mindless, brainless and heartless existence, is to connect at the soul level, first with yourself, and then with others… so actually all solutions are rather easy… has it been easy living as a mindless distracted slave, sick and cancerous, and worked to the bone, and told only lies?  If not and you are ready for a true soul connection with all lifeforms, then from my soul to your soul… “high five”!
It is hard to believe with the ever growing evidence supporting the theory that North America is ripping in half… here is shortlist…

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