Friday, February 5, 2016

Reports of an ‘armed drone’ over Burns Oregon and ‘foreign mercenaries posing as FBI’

BURNS, Ore. (INTELLIHUB) — A  letter dated Jan. 31, 2016, addressed to a “Provost Marshal in Oregon,” was hand delivered to Major General Michael E. Stencel’s office by U.S. Constitutional Judge Gary Darby in an attempt to open up a military investigation into what the people of Harney County claim to be witnessing take place.
However in Major General Stencel’s absence, Judge Darby was directed to speak with Major Stephen Bomar of the Oregon National Guard, who handled the shocking information Darby presented quite well.
During the conversation Judge Darby said he was “very concerned about this situation going on in Harney County” and also mention that he personally delivered a “letter to the Provost Marshall.”
Darby went on to point out just how bad it’s getting in Harney County and told Major Bomar that he was worried for the locals after finding out that foreign “Blackstone mercenaries” are operating, posing, as “FBI.”

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