Friday, February 5, 2016

Southwest and Delta Are Flying Around Antigravity 747s (Tons of Proof in the Air)

(update:  based on srsly1′s comment, which is a good comment, and i think quite funny too, please see the second video below first.  the second video really shows what these antigravity 747s can do. Thx, and enjoy… and one you see it is real, please tell at least 10 others so awareness can grow beyond the little island here that we all represent.)
Do try to keep an open mind as you watch these two amazing videos as this is probably not a part of your trained worldview.  However, this is a hugely important (epic) news report.  It is the NWO right out in the open, in plain view. 
Below is the first ever daytime video of SouthWest Antigravitylines craft slowing to a full stop in the air, then flying BACKWARDS beetween video timecode markers :52 and :59 – the craft slows then stops mid-air, then backs up (at about 40-60mph)!  Otherwise it should be flying 300mph or so in the other direction and quickly out of view (not closer!)! 

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