Saturday, February 13, 2016

The moving testimony of Simone on the terrible daily Calaisiens

On the occasion of the day of Rungis, February 7, if the twelve speakers, all outstanding, strongly marked the spirits, the highlight was undoubtedly the intervention of Simone Héricourt, Calaisienne always. This woman of the people overthrew the room, describing what the Calais her childhood, she loved, and what has become of the city and the daily life of the inhabitants, harassed by violent illegal immigrants abandoned by authorities, and living in fear.

It is this woman came with her husband, though seriously ill, who faces eviction from her home in the coming days, if the patriotic solidarity does not put in place quickly.The state, which spends hundreds of millions for the ten thousand illegal immigrants who have nothing to do in this town, he will fly home this woman, to install migrants?A we prevent this outrage!

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