Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Urgent! NASA Has Just Been Caught In A Huge Lie, and We Are In Serious Trouble! It Is Time To Pray Like Never Before! (Video/Photos)

NASA has just been caught in a huge lie…and things are getting more serious than ever before! If there was ever a time to lie down flat on our stomach, just like King David did, and show total humility to God, the time is right now!  —Lyn Leahz
First, let me begin by showing you all of NASA’s lies in relation to the breaking news I am about to share with you.  Then, after you see all of their lies for yourself, you will have the final confirmation (page 2 of this article) that we are indeed headed for an event so destructive, so ‘out of this world’, literally, we can’t even begin to fathom! Something astonishing was just uncovered, and I couldn’t believe it myself at first glance! I go immediately into this in my video below…

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