Monday, January 20, 2014

A Cry For Justice - Three Years Later And No Justice For The Wynkoops

Corruption, especially government corruption, comes in all shapes and sizes and under many guises. It affects the smallest communities and our largest cities. It is our duty to try to stop it when we can.

It is hard to believe that three years have passed since the untimely death of Norwood Michigan resident Wayne Wynkoop. Wayne committed suicide after his life's work and his accumulated wealth and savings were all lost because he dared to pursue his American dream.
His only crime was attempting to use his property to mine limestone. He had a quantitative study done and it was determined that there was a huge deposit on Wayne's land near Charlevoix and Fisherman's Island State Park.
This would have been an ideal situation for many local gravel haulers who have to drive across the state to the Afton pit for crushed limestone. It would have saved money and time (and time is money)if they only had to go up the road for material rather than drive two hours across the state.
Wayne made the mistake of applying for permits that he did not need, which opened the door for the Norwood Township officials to deny him his property rights.

 Since portions of US- 31 and Norwood Road were built with material from this pit, the public interest has been served and the rights should have ran with the land. Wayne legally could have opened the pit without any permit or permission from his neighbors.

By the time The Good Old Boys were done with Wayne he was financially ruined, shamed in the community and he had lost everything he cared about and worked so hard for.

 It is so sad that he felt everyone would be better off if he were dead. The world isn't the same without him in it.

As the three year anniversary of Wayne's tragic death comes around, those who love and miss him have heavy hearts.  Wayne is constantly on the minds of many who are still suffering the loss.

They are burdened with the resentment that they feel towards certain Norwood Township officials who allegedly contributed to his suffering and downfall and eventual demise. He was slowly tortured  to death (meant figuratively) by those in positions of power and wealth who dwell in Norwood.

A reliable source told us that while at a meeting ,another official told Township Supervisor Frank Hamilton that he had poor Wayne's blood all over his hands.

 Since I had the good fortune of making Wayne's acquaintance I feel that I can echo that sentiment.

 I will add that Mr. Hamilton did not act alone and the guilty parties know who they are. Several officials and citizens abused their power by participating in alleged plots to thwart Wayne's efforts to utilize his property rights.

Circuit Court Judge Richard Pajtas and his wife Dana moved next door to the Wynkoops. The Wynkoops were there long before the judge showed up and decided to tell Wayne what he could or couldn't do with his own land.

 Dana Pajtas joined a 501c3 special interest group (The N.T.C.H.S.) that was allegedly headed up by Norwood resident Bill Gnodtke of the Mackinac Bridge Authority.(an appointed position)

As we look into the backgrounds of those involved, we discovered that Gnodtke has connections in the Michigan House of Representatives and that he was appointed by Governor Snyder.

That seems to explain why the 501c3(NTCHS) was allowed to destroy the Wynkoop's without any concern about possible repercussions.( Per Wayne's complaint filed with the proper authorities - we will post this- alsoallegedly reported to the IRS)

It also explains why the average citizen gets the runaround when they report wrongdoing. We are preaching to the choir. It seems that the fix is in.

 It also seems that anything goes when you are in The Good Old Boy Club.

Several officials, both appointed and elected, and many other individuals will be placed on our list that we call The Cast Of Characters In The Northern Michigan Theater Of Justice.

Theses are lost souls who harm others, such as imposing hardship on victims like Wayne, to serve their own interests and to strengthen the cozy relationships with the evildoers in The Good Old Boy Club.

Those of us associated with The Pretty Lie are committed to exposing the wrongdoing of certain individuals. We are hoping to bring awareness to the general public of the true nature of those in power. There are those who will diabolically and ruthlessly inflict sorrow on the innocent for the simple reason that they can.

They know who they are, we know who they are and more importantly God knows who they are. Hopefully they will seek forgiveness before it is too late.

And very soon the voting public will know who they really are, too. In the very near future we will be posting the false police reports filed against Wayne's business associate by several upstanding citizens of the town of Norwood. Of course their claims were shown to have no merit.

We are not alone in our assertions. Please see the following Facebook posting regarding Wayne's tragic suicide. I think the comments are very telling.

 See post here:

Three years today. Shortly before his first court case a local attorney told me Wayne would never win a case in "that" courtroom. I dismissed it. Five years later after losing pretty much everything he had, he lost his fifth case.

My first real interaction with Wayne was shortly after he was elected Twp. supervisor. He refused to reappoint me to the Planning Commission. In time he did reappoint me to the PC where I witnessed first hand how a combination of lies and money can be used to destroy a person.See More

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