Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Cry For Justice From The Grave - Wayne Wynkoops's Own Words

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

We at The Pretty Lie regret any sorrow associated with the innocent victims who suffered the senseless and tragic loss of a good man. Wayne was a great brother to many and he had a heart filled with love and charity.
Please read Wayne's  desperate pleas for help in his own words begging for help from agencies who are charged with oversight and public protection. 
Instead, these agencies enabled a community to cannibalize one of their own.


Wayne's letter to the Norwood Township Board November 26,2007

Wayne's synopsis of events 2006-2008

Wayne's complaint to the Judicial Tenure Committee regarding Judge's Pajtas and Power. February 15,2009

Wayne's email to the Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox. March 10,2009

Wayne and Micheline Wynkoop's letter to Judicial Watch. March 13,2009

Wayne's statement regarding his business partner's treatment at the meetings July 29,2010

Read the entire sick and sad story of the oppression experienced by the Wynkoops by their 'neighbors' that led to Wayne's tragic suicide three years ago at the link below.

It is quite a narrative of who's who in local politics and we urge the voters to look into the local candidates before voting. We are known by the company we keep.

The Pretty Lie is hoping that the readers can make the necessary connections to those involved in Wayne's death and those who have announced their candidacy for Judge Pajtas' position in Charlevoix County Circuit Court.

Update 2/4/2014

I was contacted anonymously and the writer declined to come forward at this time. However, I was given permission to put some of their thoughts to print.

They just want those responsible for driving poor Wayne to his suicide to know that it impacted many others. What about his wife, children, siblings and parents? I have been told that he was the rock and many depended on Wayne.

Wayne also had many friends and business associates who miss him daily.The world will never be the same.

It is unfortunate that certain individuals who colluded and conspired to injure the Wynkoops do not appear to understand what they have done.

Judge Pajtas recently gave Albert Frost the same treatment he and his cronies gave Wayne. 

See this sad story at the following links:

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