Thursday, December 24, 2015

America's fugitive family who have lived cut off from the outside world for 15 years

Family of fugitives who have spent the last 14 years living in isolation on a 47-acre compound since his granddad, John Joe, skipped bail and threatened to kill any law-enforcement officer who dared step onto his land.

Reaching into the cage, 16-year-old Bubba Gale grabs a pet chicken. But he has no intention of playing with it. Grinning, he lays it on to a tree stump and deftly chops off the animal’s head with his axe.
“This is how we survive,” says Bubba’s dad Jonathan with a shrug as his son throws the headless, flapping body into a cage and gives its head to the pet dogs.
“The children were raised up killing animals to eat. They can pet it one minute, and can cut its head off the next.
“This is the way our forefathers used to do things. They couldn’t run to the store and get no chicken.”

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