Sunday, February 7, 2016

Report: Massive number of heavily armed paramilitary forces operating in and around Burns, Oregon

BURNS, OR (INTELLIHUB) — Amid rumors of armed drones above the skies of Burns, Oregon as well as private mercenaries operating within the town, new, credible eyewitness reports have emerged that confirm the existence of a massive amount of heavily armed paramilitary government forces patrolling both the city and the roads leading to the wildlife refuge.
Independent journalist Lory Storm, reporting for KSDZ FM in Nebraska, was a recent guest on one of the stations radio shows and what she revealed provides a grim picture of the tiny Oregon town that has become the latest hot spot in a massive revolt over federal takeover of lands throughout the western United States.
“We did learn some pretty disturbing things in Burns. Right now the FBI has the road to the wildlife refuge blocked off in a couple of places. We attempted to get past the first and it was a little bit of a tense scene,” reported Storm.
“We were sitting next to an Oregonian photographer….a couple of vehicles went through, an MRAP and a pickup truck of some type.”
This is where her accounts goes from interesting to downright startling.

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