Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Criminal Darwin Police State.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have never seen spin in the New Hampshire GOP debate like tonight, since FOX with Chris Wallace and Shep Smith were propping up Obama against John McCain.

For the record, Marco Rubio was the sacrificial gay tonight, and Chris Christie was scripted to eat him, as in listening to the ABC propagandists afterwards, we finally know the programme which has been plotted out.

The cartel at this point can not deny Donald Trump the victory in New Hampshire, but apparently after the gay boys of Cruz and Rubio did their election stealing in Iowa, that they are now on the chopping block.

Twice tonight Cruz brain locked on words. He was flat and looked like he had been hit by a Jeff Rense mind fuzzer as he lost what he was saying. Rubio, I thought did well enough, but ABC and everyone else just savaged the gay boy.

So the buzz is on the unseating of Cruz and Rubio. and having Jeb Bush declare victory at 4th place, with the intended punchline being to see what shit hits the wall and sticks in Chris Christie or John Kasich.

I felt sorry for Kasich being a democrat in the debate, as he looked like a turtle and was so unappealing, like Ted Cruz's greased balding hair locks, that one was turned off by everything they were saying.
The big Clinton blow bag Donna Brazille was raving over Kasich and how he might win all of Ohio in March, in this planned and plotted for hung Convention.

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