Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Norwood Township Planning Commission and the Wynkoop Pit

We wrote a post about Norwood and the NTCHS link is here.

The new owner of the Wynkoop pit filed an application for special approval to operate a gravel pit. 

The Planning Commissioned tabled it at their April Meeting without taking any action. 

They held their May meeting last Monday, they voted to enter a "closed session" to discuss a letter from the Township Attorney.  In closed session they passed a motion to schedule a public hearing for purposes of determining "whether or not Res Judicata and/or Collateral Estoppel applies". 

In other words they are going to try to use this scam to drag the applicant along. Those doctrines apply to courts and judges, plaintiffs and defendants, not Planning Commissions. 

The doctrines usually apply to previous actions between identical parties.  This is an entirely new applicant.

A link to the minutes to the closed session and Regular Meeting Minutes.

I'm guessing that the Boyne City Gazette will be running the story next week.

Here is the Wynkoop story, fast forward to 3:12

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  1. I miss my Dad and I was always proud of his passion for wanting things to be just. I try to instill this principle into my daily life and my heart still aches for everything he endured.