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Torture Lake - A Summary

                                            Torture Lake - A Summary


                                            Antrim County/ Charlevoix County

This blogger has had the opportunity to interview the victim in the following narrative. His story is contained in a pool of tears known as Torture Lake, which holds the hopes and dreams of a good man who comes from a good family. What started out as a beautiful dream and a charitable ambition soon turned into a nightmare.

It all started in 1998 when the victim proposed putting in a fish pond to feed the less fortunate  - with the ultimate goal of purifying the air, soil and water and providing clean, healthy food for his family and friends and anyone else who he meets. He's never met a stranger and everyone is always welcome at his table.

However, the greed of certain individuals and a lack of understanding of how the local citizens would benefit from a community farm has put this plan on hold to this very day. These people are members of the teachers union and special interests groups and property owners on the shore of Torch Lake.

They launched an all out assault on this man's ambition and have caused irreparable damage to his mind, body and soul. He has suffered huge financial losses and has had racist statements made against him that caused him even more hardship. I will  provide more details later in the story when we decide how much information to expose.

Although the victim in this case suffered great losses, the real tragedy was the loss of his dear friend and business partner ,Wayne Wynkoop. Wayne killed himself while looking at huge piles of limestone that he crushed under permit that he wasn't allowed to move from his property because Charlevoix judge Richard Pajtas moved in next door.

 His wife was involved with special interest group that formed for the sole purpose of stopping the Wynkoop's from mining their property. They abused their power and shut his operation down.(The NTCHS of Norwood Township, Charlevoix County Michigan.) The only other thing of notable mention that the NTCHS has been involved with is giving the new owners of the Wynkoop property the same treatment.

See the link below regarding the Pajtas' mowing grass on state land and using it like they own it. Wayne reported this ,but the DNR wasn't too concerned for some reason. The judge allegedly retaliated against Wayne for filming him with game cameras from Wayne's property by having Wayne arrested . (Wayne turned himself in and went to court and discovered that nobody could produce an arrest warrant. This was after Wayne's picture was plastered on the front page of the local paper and false allegations were made against him.)

By Benjamin Gohs Charlevoix Courier Editor | April 1, 2009
CHARLEVOIX ? Former Norwood Township Supervisor Wayne Wynkoop has been arraigned on one count of violating the public trust, a 90-day, $500 misdemeanor. Wynkoop allegedly violated a Michigan law which apparently prevents public servants from entering into contracts with the entities they serve when he sold gravel from his mine to the Charlevoix County Road Commission, which later used some of his gravel to do roadwork on Norwood's Lakeshore Road. ?Lakeshore Road project was an ongoing issue.
Wayne was a good family man who served his community. Because he was so honest, he made the mistake of applying for permits that that he didn't need. He unwittingly opened the door for members of the cabal that passes as our legal system up here in Northern Michigan to funnel his hard earned life savings into their coffers. They shut him down and methodically took everything that he worked his entire life for, apparently still not satisfied with Wayne taking his own life. From what we are hearing, not much has changed in Norwood Township.( This is a violation of the Cannon Laws in our opinion)

This story will expose the collusion between court officials that crosses county lines. If you read this blog you will see who is who and the criminal behavior that passes for law up here in Northern Michigan.

We are not alone. If you are not a member of The Good Old Boy Club, you may as well save your money and energy if you plan to do business up here and find somewhere else to go. Only certain people are allowed to be successful. There are those who don't appreciate someone from out of town assuming that just because they bought land and paid their taxes ,that they will be treated in the same manner as someone who has lived here their entire life.

One example is the bridge over a creek that was 6 inches deep and 14 inches wide that the victim in this story was forced to build in order to access his property. Antrim County Soil Erosion, the MDEQ and special interest groups delayed this project for three years due to unnecessary hearings,etc.  Similar situations required only a culvert. This person was forced to spend $20,000 when it was all finally over.

This victim of justice was accused of doing environmental harm while a member of a special interest group was allegedly aided by these same officials in building a home over a creek. He allegedly was issued a "fill permit" for the project, when in reality it was a creek crossing that should have put this man under the same scrutiny as the victim of this story.

The subject of this story was forced to endure three years of public hearings, insults and racial slurs from the mouths of ignorant bigots. He was discriminated against repeatedly, even though he is third generation American and his family fought in all major American wars since the 1940's.

From my notes, the man I am writing about asked me to pass on some thoughts for him. This is my interpretation.( From Victim 2 Lawless America) :

This victim says that he is once bitten, twice shy.He lives in fear on a daily basis for those that he cherishes.He says that he can't be hurt because of his faith in God and the Word and his belief that no weapon forged against him shall prosper. Our divine creator is  in control and he is keeping score. He has a special place for the wicked.

To date, this victim has given away more than 2 million eggs to the less fortunate, neighbors and friends free of charge. This was revealed reluctantly because when he started his farming ambitions it was between God and himself. He is not looking for credit or recognition. He is just a good man and does this for God.

He hopes that some day those who have trespassed against him see the light and try to right the wrongs that they have perpetrated against those innocents who have done nothing to deserve the misery inflicted upon them.

Please check out these links to get an idea of what Torture Lake is all about. We will be posting more soon.

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