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Hiding in Plain Sight – Columbine Case NOT Closed

Are Columbine’s remaining secrets too dangerous for the public to know — or too embarrassing for officials to reveal?

By Alan Prendergast

Published on April 13, 2006


It’s clear that the real motive for the Columbine School shootings was to get back at the cops, the sheriffs. Why was the “January Incident” never investigated? Also, newly uncovered school video filmed in the cafeteria exposes a gapping question.  

Sheriff T.S. “Tim Walsh” is the ONLY law enforcement EVER to Arrest Eric Klebold and Dylan Harris. Where has Sheriff Walsh gone?  Why was the criminal record of the boy buried in the original investigation?  Is the Sheriff hiding something?

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The Secrets of Columbine

A decade after the shootings, journalist Dave Cullen has written the definitive account of the high-school massacre—and explodes some long-held myths about the killers and their victims.
I defy anyone who is a parent of a teenager, especially a teenage boy, to read Dave Cullen’s Columbine with any kind of dispassion or objectivity. Because for all that the book is a meticulous retelling of the horrific 1999 high-school shooting, complete with groundbreaking analysis of all the myths that have sprung up around that event, it is primarily—at least for this parent of a teenager—a portrait of the two who perpetrated it. And those of us who have taken comfort in the supposed fact that those boys were born monsters will be brought up short, especially by Cullen’s empathic portrait of 17-year-old Dylan Klebold. Yes, 18-year-old Eric Harris exhibited the classic traits of psychopathy, save one (childhood cruelty to animals), but Klebold was mostly an insecure angry teenager who didn’t confide much in his parents, and was obsessed with girls and sex. Sound like anybody you know—or were? My point exactly.


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