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This is my son, his name is Peyton Lowry Lage. We buried him this past friday November 27th. At a beautiful small ceremony surrounded by our close loved ones.
Many of you did not know I was pregnant, since we were waiting to share our excitment because of my 3 previous miscarriages and all the pain and fear that would come along with having to explain to everyone all over again if something were to happen. So we kept this wonderful secret between ourselves, family, and our close friends.
At almost 23 weeks, we thought we were in the clear, and past any problems. Peyton and I were monitored pretty closely and all seemed to be going well. At my last appointment they told me he was measuring a little small. But he was continuing to grow so it was nothing to worry about.
That was until the early morning of Sunday November 22nd when all of my worst nightmares and fears became my reality. I started cramping a little bit around 3:30am. I looked symptoms up online to see if this was normal, and decided that if it got worse I would go to the emergency room. I then went back to sleep. I woke up again at 6 am and began getting ready for work. I thought maybe I could go in for a little while.. Or until it got worse. But as I was getting ready the pain was getting stronger..and coming 5-10 minutes apart. I stood up and I was bleeding. Terrified I hollered for William to tell him what was going on and we decided I needed to get to the E.R. to be checked out. (I went alone, because in the back of my mind, I thought they would check on Peyton make sure he was okay and probably tell me to take it easy. Then I would be sent home.)
I couldn't have been more wrong. After I arrived at the E.R. one of the things they did was checked Peyton's heartbeat. Once I heard it my heart was so happy and I began to relax. (Well, as much as I could anyway.) They then told me they needed to make sure my cervix was still closed. Unfortunately I was fully dilated and would have to deliver him right away. There was nothing they could do to stop my babies arrival. To say I was terrified would be an understatement. I had the nurse call William to explain what was going on.. So that he could rush to be with me.
While I was in labor the nurses told me not to push at all.. Because they called a neonatal specialist from a nearby hospital to help deliver Peyton. Since he was arriving so early. I tried to fight against myself as hard as I could. But it didn't work.
My sweet boy was born @ 9:28am. He was exactly 1 lb and 11 inches long. Oh he was beautiful... So very perfect in every way.
After confirming that he was alive. I asked the Dr's and Nurses if he was okay. They told me he was But... That they couldn't do anything for him... Because he was "too small". I begged and pleaded for them to do something - anything at all to help my baby. OHHH how I begged them. But it did no good my requests fell on deaf ears. Then the women who was possibly the "specialist" (she never introduced herself) came to my bedside.. She leaned in and VERY rudely said: "Honey there is NOTHING we can do for him. He is 'Too Small'!!!" And she walked out of the room.
Another nurse brought my son to me. He was layed on my chest... Where he was left to fight for his life.
My son passed away @ 10:07 am. That same morning. He lived 39 wonderful minutes in my arms. This little boy meant everything to us.
How could anyone decide our baby's life wasn't worth saving?! Just to give up before they even began? If they had done this to our son so easily, how many other lives have been lost before his? How many lives will be lost in the future? Was it really because he was 'too small', or was it because he was one day shy of 23 weeks?
We cannot stand by and watch this hospital put other parents through the same thing William and I had to go through.
So if you could please Read, Pray for us, and Share our story as we begin this very difficult journey, to fight for justice, for our son Peyton.
*Edit* The hospital we went to that did this was: Clark Memorial Hospital. It is in Jeffersonville, Indiana.
-We will forever be grateful for all the love and support we have received, and continue to receive on a daily basis. From the bottom of our hearts thank you and God Bless.-

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