Monday, December 14, 2015


Broome County, NY – Following the death of his father, Yasir Barton and his family arrived at the Broome County Jail in New York last year to visit his incarcerated brother and tell him about their father’s passing. Although the guards initially refused to allow them visitation, Yasir explained that his developmentally disabled brother should hear the news of his father’s death from his family, not the guards.
After finally receiving permission to see his brother, Yasir was horrified to see how malnourished and emaciated his brother had become while waiting for his court date. When Yasir asked his brother what had happened to him, Salladin Barton admitted the deputies had been abusing him.
“The guards are gonna kill me,” Salladin Barton pled with his family. “You gotta get me outta here!”
Seven months later, Barton was found dead in his jail cell. According to his fellow inmates, Barton complained of feeling dizzy before collapsing onto the floor. Instead of immediately responding, medical personnel have been accused of leaving Barton unattended on the floor for an unreasonable amount of time.
Although Barton’s autopsy found his death medically inconclusive and four toxicology tests discovered no drugs in his system, the sheriff refuses to release his medical records or the surveillance videos that recorded his cell. Broome County Sheriff David Harder also refuses to disclose whether his deputies entered Barton’s cell the day before his death and administered a brutal beating against the disabled man.

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