Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Why Is Nobody Investigating The Russian Air Force Plane Over California and Nevada?

Back during the Cold War, I served a stint over in Germany in a leg infantry unit (non-airborne) prior to my service with the 82nd Airborne and then SF.  I was a young Corporal, and I was driving one of our Battalion Commanders (I speak fluent German; therefore, the Sergeant Major “volunteered” me), and we were in a hummer heading north.  I was in the far right lane on the Autobahn; I saw a carpull up on my left fast, and then pass me as if I was standing still.  I saw the plates, and they were…Soviet!
I almost had a stroke.  The car was pulling off to the side of the road about ¼ mile ahead of us.  I grabbed the radio and called back to BN HQ, reporting the sighting.  In West Germany, yet!  The adrenaline was rolling, and my M-16 was in the mount-clip next to me.

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