Saturday, December 5, 2015

Entitled SLOB Gets Letter From Welfare, FREAKS When She Sees What It Says

Incredible video is going viral after a woman was caught on tape after the mailman stopped by her residence. As it turns out, she happened to get a letter from the Department of Social Services about her welfare, and when she saw what it said, she completely freaked out.
Although it’s unclear where this video was taken, it seems to have been quite the big deal for the family, seeing how multiple members had their cellphone’s out to record the ordeal. Apparently, having been waiting for this letter for some time, the obese woman can be seen extremely giddy after finally having her welfare letter in her hands.
Practically skipping along to get inside, she makes her way to the couch, rips open the envelope, and begins to read. Unfortunately for her, it seems that her sloth-like lifestyle isn’t the only thing she struggles with, as she apparently has trouble in the reading comprehension department as well.

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