Thursday, April 21, 2016

Are You Eating Cloned Beef? Meat And Dairy From Cloned Animals Invades Food Supply Posing Safety Issues

Posted by JB Bardot
Cloned meat and dairy products are sold every day in the US, and the manufacturers are not required to label their products to indicate where they came from. Since 2008, the FDA has approved the sale of beef and milk from the offspring of cloned animals. These products have now found their way into every supermarket, fast food restaurant and school that sells mass-produced meat. Even more shockingly, Simplot, one of the largest frozen food manufacturers responsible for brands such as I&J and Bird’s Eye, has even been cloning animals from the carcasses of dead cows. Under the FDA’s guidelines, manufacturers are responsible for labeling foods from cloned cattle, but there are no laws forcing them to do so. The FDA have essentially given the green light to a self-regulating industry that is flooding the food supply with an untested product that could have catastrophic effects on human long-term health.

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