Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cop Picks Up a 2X4 at a Shelter and Beats 3 Dogs, Killing One — Adopts a 4th Dog on the Way Out

Montgomery County, TX – An off-duty police officer was recently accused of brutally assaulting 3 dogs with a large wooden board while visiting an animal shelter with his family to adopt a dog.
Staff members at Montgomery County Animal Shelter said that they were not involved in the incident, but allegedly, the officer let at least three different dogs out of their pens and into an exercise area where the animals began to fight. The officer has not been officially named by the media or the police department.
According to the staff, fights sometimes do occur, but they usually avoid having the dogs in the same area so they can bypass that problem. Also, staff members with the shelter said that fights rarely result in deaths or severe injury, and many times are just involving minor scratches.


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