Thursday, July 23, 2015

FROM A READER OF THE PRETTY LIE - Infographic on Sex Offenders in NYC


I’m getting in touch with you to announce our new interactive infographic on Sex Offenders in NYC which I thought I’d share with you in case you felt it worth posting on your site.

You can review the interactive map here:

If you find the resource to be of value to your readers, I’d appreciate it if you could embed it on your blog.

I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and must say thanks for such a well written blog.

L**** J******
TPL: Thank you for the compliment. It is nice to know that our efforts are appreciated, I personally have been on both sides of the sex offender issue and I can testify that the system is broken. Countless lives have been ruined by the SOR while other pedophiles and rapists continue to offend while authorities turn a blind eye.
This blog is for victims and we encourage our readers to submit their stories to our blog

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