Sunday, July 26, 2015

Israel Politicians Murderous Contempt for U.S.

The enormous harm and costs affecting the people of the United States arising from attacks upon American targets  have as their initial catalyst the brutal actions of Israel, and the support, funding, and arming of Israel by the United States, that have given tacit approval of Israel's arrogance and brutality. The people that the United States call "terrorists"  admit that Israel's arrogance and brutality, and U.S. enabling of it, is the primary reason why so many people want to kill Americans. The following information is provided to show how the actions of the government of Israel—and the actions of most U.S. politicians acting as shills for Israel—are the most direct causes for the terrorist-related harm suffered by the American people and the United States as a nation.
This writer was a former airline captain who lived and worked in the Middle East many years ago, at a time when Arabs and Iranians were friends of America.

U.S. Politicians and Most U.S. Media Protecting
Israel Government's Deliberate Murder of
U.S. Navy Personnel During Repeated Attacks
Forty years ago, on June 8, 1967, one of the most brutal attacks upon a ship of the United States Navy occurred, while U.S. politicians barred other navy ships to come to the rescue of the sailors being killed during repeated attacks by Israel ships and planes. Fear of retaliation, U.S. politicians and U.S. media kept this information from the American public. Understanding those events could help Americans understand one of the countless forms in which they are brutalized by those in control of the system.


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