Thursday, October 29, 2015

Breastfeeding newborn taken by Michigan CPS PARENTS HAVE NOT SEEN BABY SINCE

DETROIT, MI – On Tuesday, October 20, at 10 PM, Mia Legault was born healthy, happy, and beautiful, though a little earlier than anticipated.  This is important because Mia’s parents were about to file paperwork to get before the Judge that had been working towards reunifying Mia’s parents with their 3 other precious children.  Had things gone as they should have, the entire Legault family would have been together for Mia’s birth.  Mia’s 3 siblings, all under 7, had been taken by CPS some 14 months earlier.
Unlike many of these cases where Judges typically just go along with CPS, it appeared their Judge valued keeping families in tact, and made many orders that would have reunited Mia’s family by now, BEFORE her birth!
What lead to the judge being unaware of recent goings on is that Referees were assigned to hear the case, and had changed three times since they last saw the judge.  Often not familiar with the case, things weren’t going as ordered, and things that were already supposed to have happened were delayed to the serious detriment of the family.  It was believed if the judge was made aware of these issues, the children would have already been home, and Mia’s parents were literally on the cusp of filing paperwork to bring all of this to the judge’s attention when little Mia made her appearance.

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