Saturday, October 24, 2015

THE SILENCE IS DEAFENING: Why So Little Reporting on Black-on-White Crime?

Joseph Bankston was only two-years-old when he was executed earlier this month.
Reports say a soldier from Fort Campbell, Tenn. knocked on the family door requesting help. Pretending to need jumper cables for his stalled vehicle, the man gained entry into the house. Once inside he opened fire, fatally shooting the toddler in the head. The child died in this grandmother’s arms just days before his third birthday.
Sketches released by police reveal the shooter was black. The tiny victim was white. Imagine the media firestorm had the races been reversed.
Laylah Petersen was five-years-old and sitting on her grandfather’s lap when loud snaps of gunfire were heard outside their home in Milwaukee, Wisc. Two of the bullets entered the little girl’s head. She died later at the hospital.
Arrested for her homicide earlier this month were three black males.

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