Saturday, October 24, 2015

Newborn Kidnapped By Michigan CPS Without A Judge's Signature Or Court Order

DETROIT, MI - On Tuesday October 20th Mia Legault was born healthy and happy. She passed all tests and was breast feeding. Her parents Thomas Legault and Celena Ballou are medial marijuana patients in the state of Michigan which had been used against them in a previous CPS case which they are still fighting. The doctors at Detroit Medical Center were familiar with Celena, as she had received her OB services there, and were aware of her medical marijuana license and the fact that she had discontinued use during pregnancy. On her first visit for OB services she had tested positive for cannabis and had discontinued use after that, even though there are no laws regarding medical marijuana use while pregnant in the state of Michigan.

Wednesday morning the hospital social worker came to discuss Celena testing positive during the beginning of her pregnancy, the worker stated there would be a report made but the baby would be cleared to go home. Later that evening two CPS workers came in and stated they had received a hot line report that Thomas and Celena had three children in foster care and the baby should be removed as parents were in non compliance with services. They said the baby would not be removed but a home assessment would be needed to make sure parents had everything to care for the baby. Celena became very distraught and nurses and doctors came in to assure her the baby would not be removed and both her and the baby tested negative for marijuana. They then requested to be discharged and were told that they must stay a full 36 hours for tests to be performed. Thomas then went home to get the car seat for the car seat stress test which Mia passed and Thomas left to go home. Mia passed all other tests and was found to be perfectly healthy.

At 9 A.M. Thomas came back to the hospital and asked for baby to be discharged, the nurse claimed a hearing test needed to be done and pediatrician needed to discharge baby, Thomas asked for this to be done and said he would call the police if they didn't discharge baby At 36 hours. At 10 A.M. CPS came into the room and grabbed the bassinet and rushed Mia out of the room stating the state of Michigan was taking the baby, but not before unceremoniously slamming the bassinet into the door leaving the new born child screaming and crying. They asked for court orders, paperwork, or a caseworker name and we're denied on all three counts. Five security guards then escorted them out onto an elevator and followed them out into the parking lot to their vehicle.


  1. This should probably mention the fact that this is her 9th child. She currently has 0 children in her custody. I would know, considering I'm her oldest child (Meagan Kennedy, born 3/23/91) this woman and this man have no business procreating again. She needs to stop having children and she does not deserve custody of Mia or any of my other half siblings, as she has proven time and time and time (9 times) again to be an unfit parent.

    1. She shouldn't have children you say, you wouldn't be here is it wasn't for her

  2. I agree. This case is nothing but the parents being attention whores. I'm so sorry your mother ditched you and your other sblings. She's obviously a sick person and I hope you had a better experience than what you would have experienced with your birth mother. My heart goes out to you. I've been telling other advocated that this case was bogus from the start and finally the truth is coming out. One question that many have.....why can't Thomas be on the internet? Why does Celena use every excuse in the book that she needs mmj and won't work while kids are in foster care. Seems this case has been about the parents gwtting attention more than doing what is needed for the kids.

  3. Not to mention.....this case took away many powerful advocate's time away from real cases of innocent parents.