Saturday, October 24, 2015

‘Rehomed’ girls to appear on ’20/20’ to debunk Rep. Justin Harris’ claims about their demonic behavior

The briefly adopted daughters of state Rep. Justin Harris will appear Friday night on a television news program to repudiate the Arkansas Republican’s claims that they are demonically violent.
The lawmaker took in three sisters in 2011 despite concerns that he and his wife were ill-equipped to care for the girls — who had been abused — but Harris apparently used his political influence to push through the planned adoption.
However, Harris and his wife believed the girls were possessed by demons and “rehomed” them less than two years later to an employee who is now serving a 40-year prison term for abusing one of the girls and two other children.
ABC’s “20/20″ will air a one-hour report on the story, including interviews with Harris and his wife, the couple who are now caring for the girls and the girls themselves.
“They’re so full of life,” said “20/20″ anchor Elizabeth Vargus during an interview with the Arkansas Times, which initially broke the story.
“They were putting on princess costumes and wanted to sing songs for me and show me their rooms and show me their drawings,” Vargas said. “They’re very outgoing — they’re girly girls, definitely.”
The anchor said she and her colleagues spent a full day with the girls and their foster family, and they never witnessed “any of this destructive, violent behavior that the Harrises allege.”

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