Sunday, March 27, 2016

The American People Will Soon Replace Trump As the Main Target of the Criminal Elite

I can still remember my shock and horror when I learned how criminal elite choose the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve. The Feds submit a short list of 5 names to the President. From that list, the President chooses one person and nominates that person for Congressional approval. No wonder we have labored under a series of failed economic policies for over a century.
Recently, the American people just received a similar shocking lesson in terms of how the President is chosen. The American people are presented with two names who have been chosen to be candidates, and we the people are allowed to vote for one of two choices. As it is with the Federal Reserve Board nomination short list, so it is with the General Election candidates. The criminal elite control both parties and in this particular election cycle are brazenly telling the American people that they have absolutely no say in who becomes President until the conclusion of each political party’s nomination process, and then we get to choose between twiddle dee and twiddle dumb (i.e. dumb and dumber).
In the previous part to this series, I detailed some likely strategies which will appear in the convention if Trump enters the convention with a sizable majority with regard to the number of earned delegate. The stealing of delegates is phenomenon which has reared its ugly head in both the Republican and Democratic parties. The party leadership is exposing their own lack of ethics and criminality when it comes to how they will defeat Donald Trump. In the previous article, I also detailed how an “ISIS” false flag attack could appear to disrupt and destroy the Republican Party and Hillary Clinton would waltz into the Oval Office with very little resistance.

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