Thursday, April 21, 2016

Does Ladies’ Code “Galaxy” Celebrate the Death of Two of the Group’s Members?

The K-Pop group Ladies’ Code was hit with tragedy in 2014 when two of the five members of the group lost their lives in a car accident. “Galaxy”, the first video made with the remaining three members, is rather strange …because it is all about celebrating the number three.
K-Pop (Korean Pop) is basically the result of the occult elite implementing its twisted music industry agenda in Asia, complete with its symbolism, obsession with mind control and even dark rituals. Behind this is a particularly exploitative entertainment industry, one that is riddled with accusations of mental, physical and sexual abuse. In 2009, a Korean actress even revealed that she was being used as a sex slave(and then she committed suicide).
While there is no shortage of Illuminati-laced content in K-Pop (see my previous articles on the subject), the case of Ladies’ Code is particularly dark and enigmatic. The video that preceded the death of members RiSe and EunB was astonishingly prophetic, while the video following the tragedy is eerily celebratory. Let’s look at the strange course of the group and the symbolic meaning of the new video,Galaxy, by Ladies’ Code.

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