Sunday, April 10, 2016

Florida’s First Lady Reads Book To Young Schoolkids Containing Highly Inappropriate Language

Ann Scott, wife of Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott, wanted to reward children at Bailey Elementary School for recently winning a competition between public schools statewide.
And how did the First Lady attempt to express her congratulations for the fifth graders’ “Literacy Week” victory? By reading to them, of course, and from a book that’s above their typical 10-year-old reading level – but that’s also below their morality level, unfortunately.
Yes, the kids gathered around the First Lady to hear her read “son of a bitch” and “prostitute.” And don’t forget “porno movies,” “winos,” and “adult book stores,” which are boldly printed beginning on page two of the book she chose, Patrick D. Smith’s “A Land Remembered.”

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