Monday, April 18, 2016


Danyel Thomas feeling pissed off.
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Today I was informed that the principal of Mancelona High School stood in the cafeteria during lunch hour and threw away lunches of the students who owed more than $8. I am absolutely disgusted. This is outrageous.
  • Mancelona Michigan .....
    Ought to get fired.
    When kids are denied lunch, I get a little miffed. This is a parent issue and the children suffer for it.

Jodie Johnston Mitchell Omg, that's rediculous. I would be so mad
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Russell Tepatti Time to throw him away!
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Danyel Thomas Funny how this system works. If you receive free food at home you automatically get free lunch at school.
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Russell Tepatti He should not have done that too the kids. Not something to take out on them.
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Wendy Beal

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Becky Watrous What!?
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Pam Bowles That would be reported to the school board
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Kim Carter They know
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Hiedi Dickinson Bancroft I know my son told me the same thing rediculous to embarass the kids like this
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Linda Olds Not right Go do something about it
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Mikhayla Rosealee Peters I can't believe Mr. Rager would do that
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Linda Olds That would piss me off
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Bob Watrous So he took the kids food from them and threw it away in front of the other students?
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Danyel Thomas Exactly
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Wendy Beal
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Hiedi Dickinson Bancroft Yup nice guy huh fing asshole
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Bob Watrous Here is the Superintendents email. I sent him my thoughts on the subject , maybe we all should.

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Danyel Thomas Thank you. I was told that the school board already knows and chooses to do nothing about it.
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Bob Watrous Well regardless of the school board, after this guy gets enough emails and the word gets out in the communty and surrounding areas, they will be forced to do something about it
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Wendy Beal
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Holly McCartney As an alumni, if this is true-I am ashamed. Mancelona community unite and overcome!
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Crystal Latuszek I would call the local newspaper , raids stations and news stations till some one would listen and the parents need to pickit at the school. for some kids that might be the only meal they get.
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Marlee Fisher He did....people aren't happy at all
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Laurie Lomas Dunnebeck 9&10!! They'll check it out
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Hannah Johnston That's mancelona for ya..
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Amy Hughes Logan (my senior) told me the new supervisor over the food service told the lunch ladies to inform all students with a negative balance of $7.50 or more will not be allowed a hot lunch, but will be given those premade pb&j sandwiches and they still cha...See More
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Janel Riebeling I'm sure there's a student out there with a video from their phone of the whole situation. It should be posted on YouTube or Facebook.
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Vicki Wynkoop Moses-mcwatters Oh my. He should loose his job
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Shelby Ann Busby Rager isn't the nice guy everyone thought for sure. I graduated from here and they treat their students like shit. I am thankful for the couple of teachers there who actually gave a damn


Parents upset over school lunch swap out

MANCELONA, Mi. (WPBN/WGTU) - A social media post is circulating alleging that theMancelona High School principal in Antrim County threw student's lunches away because their lunch bill had not been paid.
The Superintendent, Jeff DiRosa, said lunches were not thrown away but swapped.
DiRosa said unpaid lunch debt has been adding up in the district for years.
Currently, there is an outstanding balance of $16,400.
DiRosa said something had to be done, and the district began notifying students and their parents weeks ago.

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