Thursday, April 14, 2016

Innocent Woman Repeatedly Raped and Sodomized by Doctors, Nurses, and Police in Search of Pot

Lawrence County, PA — Kimberlee Carbone was kidnapped and sexually assaulted multiple times in the span of five hours, because a cop claimed he had reason to believe she might have marijuana on her. After she had been probed again and again by law enforcement and healthcare workers multiple times in addition to being subjected to a CT scan, no drugs were found.
The incident occurred on November 3rd, 2013, when Officer David Maiella stopped Carbone, telling her it was because “she did not apply her turn signal at least 100 feet before the intersection.” The police chief and DA arrived shortly after and began to interrogate the woman, asking her if she had any drugs on her. She informed them she did not. Maeilla then claimed he detected an odor of marijuana and arrested Carbone for DUI, in spite of the fact that he conducted no field sobriety test. He patted her down and found no drugs. He obtained a warrant to search her vehicle – again, no drugs.
Kimberlee was then taken to the Lawrence County Correctional Center, where she was instructed by corrections officers to strip naked, bend over, spread her buttocks, and cough. Again, after no drugs were found, she was forced to “prod her personal areas by inserting her fingers into her vagina.” With Carbone crying hysterically at this point, the officers again instructed her to bend over, spread her buttocks, and cough. Still, nothing. Horrifyingly, the woman’s torture did not end here.


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