Friday, April 15, 2016

Obama-CDC Continuing To Fly Seriously Ill 'Muslims' To The US?

just received an email from showing a new group of CDC secret flights.  Obama is probably sneaking sick black Muslims from Sub-Saharan Africa into the US again.  According to a lot of news articles and videos a good number of these Muslims are black Somalians. 
So, he seems to be flooding the country with the Somali 'Muslims'.   These are the most vicious of all the Muslim savages.  We've seen the videos of them punching white girls in the face, knocking them down and stomping them…and they are LAUGHING and HOWLING with delight.  And there are countless photos of Europe these bums have trashed.  Pigs. 
This summer with all of the garbage and the fact that they do not use toilets as evidenced in the photo of the rows of porta-potties and the human excrement that was piled up OUTSIDE these portable outhouses, there will be huge illness spread this summer through Europe.  Anyone who travels on holiday to Europe is crazy.  The Muslims remind me of the Puerto Ricans who came to NY in the 40s and 50s   They would throw garbage out the windows as that is what they did back home.  They would toss the garbage in the canals that ran outside their windows.  Also pigs.  This is NOT 'racism' is FACT.
The Muslims have ruined Europe big time.  France is gone.  I cannot believe that Germans, Belgium people, etc, would tolerate the filth.  Mrs Merkel should be in prison for life for highest treason.  I suspect a lot of Germans would do more than that to her if they could.  My Dad could not get over the fact that the women of Belgium would get out in front of their homes at dawn and on hands and knees scrub down their front stoops, sidewalks.  They were that clean back in 1945.  The Brits and French and German also did the similar things.  Scrubing the front steps, stoops and sidewalks was just done. Now they have people, savages, who use the street as a toilet.  What do some of the liberals do?  The print BROCHURES asking these animals to 'please not rape' their women and girls.  It is all beyond belief.
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