Thursday, April 14, 2016

‘Please don’t. Stop. I’m scared': A victim’s last words as two teenage girls beat her to death

Down a sketchy street in northeast England, Angela Wrightson was known as “Alco Ange” — a 39-year-old alcoholic with a bad liver and a small, frail body decorated in homemade tattoos.
By most accounts, she fancied strong cider but, perhaps, craved human contact more — buying friendship from teenagers who wanted her for cigarettes and booze. She invited them into her home on Stephen Street, with its boarded-up houses, lager-stained sidewalks and grimy green dumpster that marked the end of the road in Hartlepool, according to BBC News.
Weeks before Christmas in 2014, Wrightson had a fight with her landlord.
The BBC reported that the man had refused to fund her alcohol addiction. She got upset and hurled her keys at him. He kept them and walked out.
But when he went to return them to her the next morning, the landlord found Wrightson dead — battered, bleeding and nude from the waist down.

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