Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Obama and Bush Administrations Must Be Held Accountable for Treason and Terrorism

The Supreme Court Must Be Dissolved and
Reconstituted After a Provisional Government
Is Established

The United States of America is not only facing an unparalleled constitutional crisis, it is confronted with a covert criminal cabal which has essentially conducted a coup d’√©tat—actually more than one.  The first of these coups occurred on September 11, 2001.  Those U.S. government-coordinated, false flag terrorist attacks served as the basis of a foreign policy coup which was commandeered by a massive and clandestine group of Neocon Zionists.
These Neocons have infiltrated every major organ of the U.S. Federal Government and many are dual Israeli citizens.  They are both Democrats and Republicans, Conservatives and Liberals.  Those who are not dual citizens have either privately or publicly pledged their unwavering support and allegiance to Israel first, second, and third. They are well known throughout American politics as Israel Firsters. Just who is in the current crop of Israel Firsters?  As follows:

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