Saturday, April 16, 2016

Watch: Cop Gets Told He Needs a Warrant — Erupts in Psychotic Fit of Rage in 3…..2…..1

Valdosta, GA — A video uploaded to YouTube this week epitomizes the tyrannical nature of police enforcing the immoral war on drugs.
According to the uploader, Valdosta police were attempting to investigate the man filming for drugs. They clearly had no warrant and were entering this couple’s home against the law.
The officer leading the investigation attempted to incriminate the couple by associating them with a family member who had previous run-ins with police. The couple quickly rebutted and told the cop to come back with a warrant.
At this point, the tyrant’s ego had been put in check and he was not liking it.
“We are here for a drug investigation,” said the cop. “Either you can go along with us, alright . . . do you mind if we search your house?”
“You ain’t searching shit,” the man said. “Do you have a warrant?”
“Bet I can go get one,” smugly replied the cop.
“Bye,” said the man filming.
As the officer was walking away with his tail between his legs, the man filming triggered the cop’s inner tyrant.


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