Saturday, April 2, 2016

“You gonna pay for this Boy” Cops Mistake Hemorrhoid for Drugs, Sodomize Innocent Man in Public

Aiken, SC — On Oct. 2, 2014, Lakeya Hicks and Elijah Pontoon had broken no law, violated no traffic code and were simply driving down the road when they were targeted and pulled over by Aiken police officer Chris Medlin.
Medlin explained to the couple that he stopped them because they had temporary tags on the car. According to South Carolina law, there is nothing wrong with temp tags, so long as they aren’t expired. Hicks explained that she had recently purchased the car, and that is the reason for the tags. Medlin even tells the couple that the tags check out.
The stop, which never should have happened in the first place, should have ended right then. However, Medlin, working on a hunch, just knew that this couple was up to no good. Medlin orders Pontoon out of the car and handcuffs him — for no reason.
“Because of your history, I’ve got a dog coming in here. Gonna walk a dog around the car,” says this tyrant, and apparently racist cop. “You gonna pay for this one, boy.”
Pontoon has no history though, at least not since 2006, which is hardly a reason to stop the man now.


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