Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Prelude to Torture Lake

This blogger has heard this horror story first hand and if I didn't see the evidence for myself I wouldn't believe it. It is insane and it is one of the most evil plots to destroy good citizens that I have ever heard.
I know the victim whose story will be told in installments under the title of Torture Lake.  He is one of the most kind and caring people that I have ever met and most certainly has not deserved the treatment he has received at the hands of these corrupt officials.
Please keep checking this site for the next installment of Torture Lake.
The following statement was provided to me by him explaining what this story entails. In his own words:
( It is very challenging  to consolidate all of the history leading up to the unjust and early demise of a good man. Wayne Wynkoop was subjected to collusion by local government officials and the ruthless ambitions of members of special interest groups -  Norwood Township and the NTCHS. ( Norwood Township Citizens for Health and Safety)
Wayne Wynkoop was an all American family man who served his country, his community and his family. He was pushed to commit suicide by the evil forces that lurk in plain sight. Many people have suffered a great loss and we wonder when a correction will occur.
In the meantime, we are devising a play by play account that will disclose all of the characters who participated in the persecution of Wayne and anyone who tried to assist him.
I know first hand of these truths, as I too have suffered great harm and hardship since 1989. This story begins with Torch Lake and the evil is still being perpetrated with myself and many other victims still haunted by their experiences with these corrupt officials to this day.
This has inspired me to reveal an all telling story based on factual events involving judicial corruption, crooked attorneys, violations of human rights, property rights and civil rights (racism),The brutal consequences are visible in the eyes of the victims and the pools of tears, especially those contained in Torture Lake.
I, along with my friends, are both frustrated and mentally exhausted in trying to withstand the continued assaults on our persons, property and lives.I have been physically assaulted on my own property on two occasions, have had my reputation harmed, and have been damaged both emotionally and financially.
These hardships have been imposed by members of the teachers union and a cabal of well organized special interest groups that collectively canabalize anyone who is not enrolled  in their ambitions.
Anyone considering relocating to a region filled with similar control freaks, who will stop at nothing to purge someone they deem to be "undesirable" from their community, be advised.
My ambition was to buy an farm in Antrim County with the intention of feeding the less fortunate. That was the beginning of my ordeal with the local Good Old Boy network of corrupt officials. 
They are parasites that feed of others to justify their existence- the people whose actual blood, sweat and tears went into building security for themselves and their families, only to have it extorted into the hands of the courts and their cronies.  Eventually parasites kill their hosts. (example:Wayne Wynkoop)
In conclusion, my understanding reflected in the preambles of zoning is for the community to assist and care for the less fortunate, the orphans, the widows and the elderly within their communities. This is supported by the instructions in the Bible, which this country was founded upon and why it became the greatest nation in the world.
Hopefully, these writings and declarations will trigger an awakening in the minds, hearts and souls of these perpetrators and hopefully someday they will find their way out of darkness and into the light.
Fortunately for them , I adhere to God's will. Daily, I ask the three most important questions, who am I now, who does God want me to be and who will I  ultimately become. These are questions that we should  all ask ourselves. Maybe then the mystical integrity of this country could be restored where good prevails over evil.  
God's best blessings to all and we will start the story very soon.
The story has to be told in installments to allow the reader to digest all of the information. They will see who's who and realize  the evil that is hiding in plain sight under the guise of justice.
Please check out these links that in our opinion, verify our claims.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Locals skeptical over push to overhaul indigent defense

Read the article BY ANGIE JACKSON at the Traverse City Record-Eagle
It looks like the days of court appointed attorneys helping to railroad their clients into plea bargaining up here in Northern Michigan may be over. I have experienced this for myself and heard so many horror stories of  many of these attorneys colluding with the court to screw their client.
The court apparently doesn't like the idea of oversight. I wonder why ? And this is not a "free service(?)" because the accused gets stuck with ridiculous fines and court costs.
I am sure that there are still some decent attorneys out there who haven't sold their soul for a few bucks. I just wish that they would police themselves and try to stop wrongdoing in the courts when they see it.
 Our country is being destroyed from within because nobody has a spine any longer and choose to turn a blind eye to evil  in exchange for a decent life for themselves and theirs, without another thought given to those victimized by our justice system who make their lifestyle possible.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Michigan ranks highest in nation on child abuse

I think that this article demonstrates what I have been saying about Children Protective Services and the family court system. Our children are being stolen and sold to keep the federal dollars flowing into our state. Make work to have work. It is sickening that children are being used in this manner.

Perhaps the blog post below explains this high rate. Remember, CPS  cases are civil. That means that you have to prove that you are innocent of the accusations being made against you.  If you can't, you and your children have your lives destroyed forever. Reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials. History repeats itself.


The State Child Care Fund is used by some court officials as their personal piggy bank during Antrim probate judge John Unger's reign.



More Child Abuse at NWCGC

Read this Northern Express article about a pedophile hired by Northwest Michigan Child Guidance Center (NWCGC )as a respite parent.He molested several boys and he was paid by the state do so.

(This is Antrim County's version of foster father of the year - it is apparent that pedophiles are attracted to job of foster parent)


Also, both of our court referees had child pornography on computers that they had access to and neither got the treatment everyone else receives for being a weirdo. They should be in prison. Instead, our court officials turn a blind eye to this abomination that is staring them in their faces. Shame on them for not protecting children!

Grand Traverse County Court referee Cynthia Conlin and her charming husband (now ex) Roland Woodring. Notice the light sentenced he received.



Then we have our other court referee Dennis (Sicko) Mikko who also had questionable pornographice material at the Hall of Justice when he got busted by the state police. Of course he also was let off the hook by Charlevoix County Circuit Court judge Richard Pajtas.




Now note the way this very same court system treated my sexually abused 10 year old son. He was sent to Havenwyck Hospital in Auburn Hills for mind control, as if he is the one who is a sexual deviant. He was incarcerated for 17 months of his childhood and he was never a kid again. He was a provided an education in perverted sex that he never would have had if these people had treated him with the same compassion they seem to have for their cronies and their family members when their perversion is discovered.


I became involved with Northwest Michigan Child Guidance Center while living in Traverse City in 1997. My sexually abused child was in intensive therapy for three years  with Barb Gibson and Mindy Czinder . (most recently employed by Kalkaska CPS last I heard of that creature) They betrayed my child and assisted the CPS in kidnapping our children. (See previous post)
My child was thrown away like garbage when he was of no further use to these people. Things didn't turn out well for my little boy because his therapy was disrupted.
After my ordeal at the hands of these people, I called the Medicaid Fraud hotline. Some switchboard error put me on the phone with Susan Hahn Reizner, who was the regional director in Chicago. She had me send her all of my information and she forwarded it to Washington D.C.

Not too long after that Child Guidance Center lost it's foster care license.I am not sure why.

However, they still are chemically lobotomizing children with their poison pills. If you call their agency you will get a menu and number one is for drugs.

Here is the link to another article regarding the drugging of foster children.

Ironically, when my son came home from Havenwyck I was forced to endure in home services provided by Families First and Cam Newville was the worker assigned to me. She was employed by Child Guidance Center for years and said that one day they told everyone to go home. She said they didn't give a reason and she had to find a new job. She is a nice person and I don't have anything bad to say about her.
I am writing this story in installments so the reader hopefully doesn't get too confused. This blog will eventually tell the entire story and you will be able to see who is who when the whole story is told.
As a footnote, I believe that Child Gudance Center's main purpose is to poison the minds and bodies of our youth with their garbage pharmaceuticals.
I was introduced online to Dr Bonkers by the reporter who covered our stories for The Northern Express. From the data he gathered I discovered that Dr. Colfer from NWCGC prescribed thousands of psychotropics in a year for children, as did Dr. Sendi from Havenwyck.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Coming Soon " Torture Lake"

This blogger has been reviewing material recently submitted by another victim of justice in both Antrim and Charlevoix counties.This is a very sad story of greed and the transfer of wealth from the people who worked  hard to be successful into the coffers of the courts and their cronies, the attorneys and townships, fee,cost, etc. 

It is disturbing that our tax dollars can be used  to wage war against us by our elected officials and we have no recourse. As a friend in a three letter agency told me, 'We know who the bad guys are, but unfortunately we have to work with them." Rather discouraging to hear.
Excerpt from the recent submission:" The material that will soon be posted will stagger the most liberal imagination. This material is not for the faint of heart."
I have read the falsified police reports against a certain citizen, made by members of a 501c3, and some elected officials, accusing the contributor of threatening to shoot them in the head. The meeting was taped and the investigating officer declined pursuing the matter because it was all a bunch of lies. Of course nobody was charged with filing a false police report. which is a crime.The Good Old Boy's strike again.
The material still needs to be uploaded and edited, but I assure you that it will be worth the wait. It will be posted in installments because there is so much to the story. It reads like a John Grisham novel.
When we tell our tales of woe to people we are met with disbelief. We are told that they can't do that. No kidding, but they do it every day and what what can we do? You hire a lawyer and they often end up screwing their client. Some call their client racist names after taking his money and pretending to help him These are some classy people that we will be exposing for their inhumane behavior.
Stay tuned.........

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Nightmare Called CPS here in Northern Michigan

This blogger has firsthand experience with The Nightmare Called CPS here in 
Northern Michigan in both Antrim County and Grand Traverse County. As unbelievable as this story may seem, I believe it to be true based on my own experience with these monsters.

My nightmare began in 1999 when I was maliciously prosecuted by Grand Traverse County CPS (Irene Stuart) because I witnessed my daughter's father squeezing his then nine year old son''s arms and slapping him across the face. His son had been hurting my son and I wasn't going to tolerate it any longer.

Since my five year old son was in counseling at Northwest Michigan Child Guidance Center (which had the largest foster care contract in the county) I thought they could help get both boys working on the same stuff.
Instead, they tricked us into getting the boys in respite care while they plotted to steal our four month old daughter. Perjured testimony was entered as fact and I later discovered that my court appointed attorney William Bowron and the court referee Ann Mapes were both on the Board of Directors for Northwest Michigan Child Guidance Center.

This was a major conflict of interest. I documented everything and made a Timeline of the harassment by CPS worker Irene Stuart and the Grand Traverse County CPS. Jack Crandall, Regional Administrator for The State Court Administrative Offices, impersonated a CPS worker and took over our case.
He also assisted the CPS in holding our oldest boy in an Antrim County foster home for more than a year and drugging him without a court order. Someone had judge Foresman's rubber signature stamp and stamped our kids away. In more than a year we never saw the judge. 

Crandall also did the home check so our son could come home. This is a crime.
I documented our nightmare and the links are here if you want the details.
This is the rest of our story. I made a disc of information and a friend from a three letter agency requested 12 copies, but so far no action.

 I also filed grievances against four Grand Traverse County Attorneys and they were made to answer my claims. They are William Bowron, Brett Baird, prosector Amanda Steele and children's Guardian Ad Litem Nina Merton.

Around this same time,(1999-2000.0 Antrim Probate Judge John Unger had to retire after "misappropriating" more than $876,000 from The State Child Care Fund. He hired court employees as foster parents and they were stealing money left and right. 
The theft of this money was investigated by none other than Jack Crandall, State Court Administrative Office. This is the same Jack Crandall that impersonated a CPS worker in our case when our son was kidnapped and held in an Antrim foster home and drugged without a court order.
I discovered who Crandall really was in a newspaper article. See these articles about this scam.

Antrim probate judge Hayes had harsh words for Unger.


Hayes has no room to say anything about anyone else after framing these guys for murder in Otsego County when he was prosecuting attorney. He was awarded a judgeship in Antrim County for this behavior.

Debra Parmentier


Also, I was on the phone with my son and he had it on speaker. I did not know that he had company and we were talking about our blog when this young lady spoke up and said that she was in one of the foster homes mentioned above and that she saw two of the players(who are sisters) burning bags full of shredded financial documents from the court.

 She lived with those people for years, called them Mom and Dad and it was all I love you bullshit until the checks from the state stopped coming. They told her to get out.

She told me she will write her story but she is afraid. She had to move from Antrim County because the CPS was after her children. She seems very believable.
As you can see, it is always the same players in the theater of justice.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Another CPS Failure

Slain angel: The mother of the little boy told police that she was present for his assault, but did nothing to stop it

Read the whole story here
This disgusting story takes place in California. While America was focused on Angelina Jolie's boobs, this little boy was being beaten to death by his own mother. For some reason,the CPS chose to overlook all of the warning signs.
 They were probably too busy stealing white babies from hospitals from innocent parents who can't afford to fight back because they are poor. Charges brought by the CPS are a civil matter. That means that you have to prove that you are innocent of the charges, rather than the state having to prove that you did something wrong.
It is sickening that this is all about money and greed and being evil. They seem to enjoy seeing children being hurt and families destroyed. Why the tax payers continue to fund this monstrosity boggles my mind.
Lastly, why is it that I have to go to foreign news sources to find out what is happening in my own country?
The perfect mom:   History of violence: Fernandez had previously been charged with cruelty to a child likely to produce great bodily injury