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Paul Craig Roberts – The CIA May Have Just Assassinated Boris Nemtsov In Moscow To Blame Putin

On the heels of the news out of Moscow that Boris Nemtsov was gunned down, today Dr. Paul Craig Roberts spoke with King World News about the CIA and the murder of Nemtsov.  This is a fascinating trip down the rabbit hole with the former U.S. Treasury official as he is warning that the CIA may be out of control.
Paul Craig Roberts just told KWN:  “There are numerous historians and memoirs that have documented that the CIA has used academic professors and journalists to support the CIA's agenda.  The CIA for many, many decades has been manipulating the American people.

FCC Commissioner On Obama Internet Grab: “When You See This Document, It’s Worse Than You Imagine”

Excerpted from The GuardianRepublicans invoked Star Wars’s evil galactic emperor in their attacks on new broadband regulations on Friday, warning that the public and Silicon Valley were in for an unpleasant surprise.
Quoting Emperor Palpatine, Republican Ajit Pai, a member of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), said: “Young fool … Only now, at the end, do you understand.”
Meme wars between the two sides of the debate continued through the day, as internet advocates Fight for the Future, Demand Progress and Free Press flew an airplane towing a 2,000 square foot banner over the towering corporate headquarters of the cable giant Comcast, in Philadelphia.
The victory banner depicted the feline internet star Grumpy Cat and the legend: “Comcast: Don’t Mess With the Internet. #SorryNotSorry.”
Referring to Pai’s comments Evan Greer, campaigns director at Fight for the Future, said: “What they didn’t know is that when they struck down the last rules we would come back more powerful than they could possibly imagine.”

Emanuel’s Shame: Chicago’s Secret Prison is a ‘Constitution-Free Zone’

This is truly one of the worst pieces of news in living memory, but to anyone who has been paying attention – it should not come as a big shock (which in itself is a very sad thing). This is only one single aspect of the new American Stasi…

This week, thanks to The Guardian newspaper in Great Britain, the world discovered a building known simply as ‘Homan Square’ – an off-the-books urban prison where unspeakable things happen on a routine basis. Located just off of West Fillmore Avenue, it’s been described as Chicago’s answer to Abu Graib, where police employ “Gestapo tactics”, holding detainees in secrecy – and without access to lawyers or due process. Detainees are regularly subject to brutal treatment, including shackling, physical and mental abuse that has included, among other things, attacks to their face and genitals.

2 Classified Documents Leaked By Egyptian Security Implicate Obama, Clintons In Aiding And Abetting Terrorists

NEW YORK – Two new, classified documents leaked by Egyptian security implicate President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton in the aiding and abetting of terrorists.
The documents have been entered as evidence in the criminal trials of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and other top Muslim Brotherhood leaders, scheduled to begin next month in Cairo.

Child Mass Grave Uncovered, 350,800 Dead

It’s old news. The Catholic Church has been accused of brutality during their watch, over decades. Countless children have suffered, but many haven’t had the chance to voice their horrendous stories. It’s a scene out of a horror movie, something unfathomable to the real world – the real world who cares about their children. The grotesque torture and mass graves of thousands of children continue to become uncovered as those who search for the truth dig deeper. One such story is that of close to 800 children’s bodies found in an Irish Nun’s septic tank. The bodies appeared to be emancipated at the time of their burial in the Tuam home, one of the ten institutions where it is thought that approximately 35,000 unmarried, pregnant women were sent.

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State Dept Dan Rosen’s Arrest: Cheat Sheet for Journos

When Senator Lamar Alexander’s (R TN) Chief of Staff, Ryan Loskarn, was arrested, last year, for trading in the rape and torture of children, aka child pornography, not one journalist provided context to the story. The media reported Loskarn’s arrest, and subsequent suicide pending trial, as if it were a one-off event. As if, no other high-level government employees were being arrested on child porn charges.
So, I suppose I should be thrilled to see that both Paul Farrell, the Breaking News Editor for Heavy, and Shane Harris, Sr. Intelligence and National Security Correspondent for The Daily Beast and New America Foundation Fellow, have, at least, tried to provide context to the State Department’s Director of Counterterrorism, Daniel Rosen’s arrest this week for attempting to solicit sex from children.
Farrell reported Rosen’s arrest was “the Second Child Sex Scandal to Hit D.C. in 12 Months.” Harris reported Rosen’s arrest marks the “3rd U.S. Official Hit With Child Sex and Porn Charges.” At least Paul and Shane poked their heads up and said something like: Hang on. Seems to me I’ve heard this story before. Haven’t there been other recent arrests of high level government officials on child sex abuse charges?
Nonetheless, both are very far off the mark. A simple Google or Twitter search would have revealed way more than two or three government officials arrested on similar charges in the past few months alone.

“Say ‘Lawyer’ All You Want Motherf****r” Detainees from Chicago’s Police “Black Site” Speak Out

Chicago, IL — It was discovered this week that the Chicago Police Department has been operating a secret “black site” facility on the city’s west side.
Inside a warehouse, Homan Square has long been the home to secretive police work. Attorneys as well as protesters, tell a tale of being systematically being denied their constitutional rights while being held.
In an eye-opening report, the Guardian blew the top right off of Pandora’s box, leaving the CPD and their media spin factory backpedaling.
Up until now, if you mentioned that the Chicago police took you to some unmarked warehouse and held you captive with no due process, people would think you were nuts. For this reason, all those who’ve been held in this repugnant secret prison, have been voiceless — until now.
The very night we reported on the Guardian’s discovery, we were contacted by one of CPD’s victims. He was held in this torturous black site not only without due process, but without food and water as well.
Another victim of Chicago’s terrorist apparatus took to Reddit to voice his experience of being inside. In his post, the man who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, spoke out about his experience inside. He was brought to Homan Square after six heavily armed police officers kicked in his door and kidnapped him for being in possession of a plant that is legal in other parts of the country.


Life in Prison for Selling $20 of Weed

Homeless and hungry, Fate Vincent Winslow wanted something to eat, so he agreed to sell pot to a stranger—an undercover cop.
On September 5, 2008, Fate Vincent Winslow watched a plainclothes stranger approach him. Homeless and hungry, on a dark street rife with crime, the 41-year-old African American was anxious to make contact, motivated by one singular need: food.
Another man, this one white, stood next to Winslow. He is referred to in court documents exclusively as “Perdue.”
It was nearly 9:20 p.m., hours after the sun had dipped below the abandoned buildings surrounding them. The lights of downtown Shreveport, Louisiana, flickered in the distance as the plain-clothes man—unbeknownst to them, an undercover cop—arrived.
“What do you need?” Winslow asked. “A girl and some weed,” Officer Jerry Alkire replied.
Perdue remained silent as Winslow and Alkire negotiated the costs. Winslow wanted a $5 delivery fee for the $20 (two dime bags) of pot. Fine. Money settled, he grabbed Perdue’s bike and took off. In the meantime, Alkire and Perdue waited. According to the police report, the two hardly spoke.

US Government Moves On Nationwide Adult Vaccination

The Sleuth Journal – by Professor James Tracy
The transnational pharmaceutical cartel will be positioning itself to profit handsomely if a federally-mandated adult immunization program becomes law. The proposed US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) policy will be implemented alongside the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act (ACA), thereby becoming a standard component of US national healthcare policy.
Published on February 6, 2015 amid the “measles outbreak” media frenzy, the HHS is accepting “public comment” on its Draft National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP) until March 9, 2015. Under the NAIP, all adult American citizens will be compelled to receive current and retroactive vaccination regimens that may amount to several dozen “shots” per individual during their “catch-up” phase. Under the federally-mandated immunization schedule children presently receive 49 vaccines before the age of six

Does The US Government Have Fleets Of UFOs? – The Solar Warden Project

There are, and have been for some time, claims by UFO disclosure supporters that there is in existence a fleet or fleets of human spaceships charged with monitoring alien traffic throughout our solar system and even defending our solar system in the event of an extraterrestrial attack.
Perhaps this is science fiction or the result of an overactive imagination. But some have said they’ve seen evidence of this alleged project, commonly called “Solar Warden.”
If Solar Warden is indeed real, it would require advanced technology several generations ahead of what our military currently uses on the battlefield. Some speculate that backwards engineered alien technology is responsible for the rapid development of these types of systems.
Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, is probably one of the most high-profile persons to have come forward regarding the existence of alien beings visiting Earth. He has addressed the topic in several interviews, saying there are indeed extraterrestrial civilizations beyond our solar system, they have indeed visited Earth, and the United States government may have collected and backwards engineered alien technology.
“I suspect that in the last 60 years or so, that there has been some back-engineering and the creation of this type of equipment, that is not nearly as sophisticated yet as what the apparent visitors have,”stated Dr. Mitchel during a Kerrang Radio interview on July 23, 2008.

Earth's Axis has changed

February 20, 2015

Tsunami’s caused by planetary shifts & gov’t deception

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I have included a list of global Tsunami’s below where you can get a better idea of the scale and frequency of the occurrences of these events caused by the shifting of our planet. This list comes from the NOAA website. I think you will find the information quite beyond normal expectations.
Before I begin with the new info I found on Tsunami’s, I wanted to answer the gnawing questions people continue to ask. Why does our gov’t lie? Because they didn’t make room for us in their underground emergency shelters and massive tunnel systems and mag-lev trains which they built with our money. There are no plans to save anyone but themselves. This is no theory. This is a genuine fact. I know people who worked on these projects and have been in some of the underground  metro areas myself. A former spouse also worked at Norad.
The gov’t does not want anything to disturb the economy. They want everyone to continue to go to their jobs, keep the food and utilities functioning and spending money so they can all get richer. It is all about power, money and control. They are not worried about panic. That is a cover excuse they use if they get caught. They are worried about the people turning against them en masse and they might lose their prized seats in those extensive underground cities under Colorado which are linked to all the USAF bases by underground mag-lev train systems and major metro areas, etc. If you have any doubts, just remember how Air Force One hopscotches from one USAF base to another or lands in Denver during national catastrophe’s if our leader is traveling at the time.  Access points.  If they told the truth about any of these things… the public would demand measures be taken to save everyone… especially since “everyone” is paying for their elite underground cities. They expect us to work until the last moment while they seek shelter and leave us here to die without any idea what is coming. We are expendable for their personal safety and comfort. If we survive, they are leaving FEMA, Red Cross & the troops in charge of the country to corral the survivors… and not for the purpose of saving anyone. Remember the Georgia Guidestone numbers they plan to have for their “ideal” population in the new world order which states “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000?” We think it is a joke… it is not to them. 

Crime Does Pay…Illegals With Three Kids Will Collect $35,000

The old adage that says “Crime Doesn’t Pay” is no longer operable.  Illegal aliens who have invaded the country will be the beneficiaries of your tax dollars once their work permits and Social Security cards are approved.  The IRS in their infinite wisdom (My tongue is planted firmly in my cheek)  has decided that illegal aliens will be able to collect a fortune from US taxpayers even though they haven’t paid a penny in taxes themselves.  A family of three would be eligible for just over $35,000.
It’s bad enough that these criminals are allowed to stay here against duly passed and signed laws of the land because some American hating SOB in the White House decides to scrap the constitution and US law.

Ben Fulford (Feb 23 2015) ~ CIA Put Under Lockdown But Cabal Resistance Pockets Still Remain (Full Post)

The lunar year of the horse went out with a bang last week with an unprecedented Pentagon move to put CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia under lockdown. The raid on the CIA was, “among other things” aimed at locating the three rogue nukes the Zionists have threatened to explode in the Ukraine, Pentagon sources say. Furthermore, the nuclear weapon headed for Stanlingrad (now Volvograd) has been seized by the Russians, the sources say.
There was also an explosion near an airport close to CIA headquarters in West Virginia last week. US corporate news outlets describe the explosion as the result of a “train derailment” but local residents said it resembled a nuclear explosion. Footage can be seen here:read more:

Medically Kidnapped Teenager In Canada Pleads To Be Returned To His Family

Marc Herrmann is a teenage boy who desperately wants to go home to his family who loves him, but apparently he cannot. The 17-year-old feels he is trapped in what he sees as a cruel system that won’t let him go, and now he is crying out for help. He says he is just “A child in Canada,” who has no voice, who feels like no one is listening.

Teen Speaks Out: Sees Himself as a “Medical Lab Rat”

Marcky, as he is known by those who love him, is not just experiencing normal teenage angst. This is apparently so much more than that. He has allegedly experienced horrendous trauma, not at the hands of his parents, but at the hands of a broken system via Alberta Health Services and Child and Family Services. After a couple of alleged wrong diagnoses, and complications from treatments, he is now in the custody of the Child Protective system in Calgary, Canada, with no end in sight for him.
He says he is tired of being a medical lab rat for research projects to which neither he nor his parents ever agreed. He has been sending messages written in the third person that have been posted on a Facebook page created by friends of his, called “A child in Canada.” Despite the possible risks to himself in coming forward with his story, he says he is ready for his story to be told. He wants somebody to listen and just let him go home to his family.
- See more at:

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Married TV actor wakes up to find his testicles have been STOLEN after he is drugged in Russian bar by attractive blonde working for organ traffickers

  • Dmitry Nikolaev was approached by a young woman in a bar in Moscow 
  • The 30-year-old enjoyed a drink and a sauna with her before he blacked out
  • Woke the next morning in a bus stop in acute pain and covered in blood
  • Rushed to hospital where he was told that his testicles had been removed 
  • Police believe he was spiked and procedure was carried out in a 'skillfully' 
  • They fear that his testicles were removed by a gang selling organs on the black market
  • FBI employee faced retaliation after blowing the whistle inside Bureau about agents stealing items from Ground Zero

    The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released a report on whistleblower retaliation complaints at the FBI. The results are pretty alarming.
    From the executive summary:
    Unlike employees of other executive branch agencies, FBI employees do not have a process to seek corrective action if they experience retaliation based on a disclosure of wrongdoingto their supervisors or others in their chain of command who are not designated officials.

    Why is Congress Turning over Public Lands to Foreign Copper Mine Companies?

    Nearly 2,500 acres of public lands in Arizona has been handed over to two foreign mining companies that plan to excavate $130 billion in copper from an area considered sacred to Native Americans.
    Oak Flat, part of the Tonto National Forest about 100 miles north of Tucson, is the site where Resolution Copper Mining, a British-Australian partnership, intends to develop an enormous copper mine.
    Resolution got permission to create the mine after Arizona’s two Republican senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake, slipped a provision into the Defense Reauthorization Act. McCain says the deal with Resolution is good for his state, claiming the mine will generate 1,400 jobs and billions of dollars for the state economy. But in the process, Resolution will be removing an estimated $130 billion worth of copper that’s now owned by the American people.

    No one will ever be convicted of Jon Benet Ramsey's murder, says lead detective as he admits cops made a string of 'big mistakes'

  • Mark Beckner, the former chief of the Boulder Police Department, took part in an 'Ask Me Anything' session on Reddit on Saturday
  • He has since said he didn't know he was speaking on a public forum but had tried to be honest; the current police chief has not taken issue with it
  • Beckner, 59, joined the Ramsey case nine months after she was found killed in her parents' basement alongside a ransom note in 1996
  • He said the case was mishandled because of a lack of staff over Christmas; he added that the parents should have been interviewed immediately
  • He also described the peculiarities of the case, such as how the murder was staged as a kidnapping, and how the DA made their job even harde
  • FROM FACEBOOK - The Canary Stories #3 - Injustice Unbridled Injustices of DHS in Michigan

    By Wendy Greene
    February 22, 2015. Rogers City, MI. (ONN) My third Canary Story comes to us from Presque Isle County, Michigan. The more stories I read, no matter what corner of the globe they come from, the more similarities I see. I can only believe it’s due to the fact that there are too many people out there that do not live under any kind of moral responsibility. Then these immoral people make career choices in a field where morals and integrity depend upon their ability to expound moral courage, such as social workers, attorneys and judges.
    Free Jeremiah Dewey!
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    State take-over of families
    If you don’t have the courage to stand up for justice, what on Earth possessed you to pursue such a morally intense career choice? Who thought it was a good idea to allow a non-parent that is completely ignorant about the difficulties of Autism or special needs children, or how to deal with children at all, to have the audacity to judge a well-seasoned parent on their parenting skills? Why is their unprofessional opinion considered the Bible truth? And even in the most egregious examples, they are never questioned or held accountable for offenses like perjury.
    Meanwhile, the innocent parent is given no choice but to sit there and bite the bullet, and never have the opportunity to be heard or present concrete evidence for their defense. This whole concept is absolutely insane. The immoral elite are filling important roles that require incorruptibility in order for any kind of justice to prevail.
    Meet Jeremiah
    I received the request to write this story from Jeremiah’s understandably outraged father, Donald. Jeremiah has been venomously demonized by the Department of Health Services in Rogers City, Michigan. This is a small town where everyone knows each other. Jeremiah is the step-father of a jealous teenage girl that feels like he has taken her place in her mother’s life.
    Jeremiah’s step-daughter has always behaved diabolically towards her siblings in an attempt to monopolize her parents’ money, food, recreation, love and attention. This 15-year-old girl, full of animosity and entitlement in an attempt to regain her place in her mother’s life, falsely accused Jeremiah of crimes he is innocent of.

    All the children were taken into DHS custody on March 27th, 2013, and are still in the clutches of the corrupt system. The court, which is supposed to be fair and unbiased, labeled Jeremiah as a predatory pedophile before any evidence was presented. This really bothers me. This is consistent with nearly every case I’ve written about. Whatever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty?’
    Guilty until proven innocent
    The attorneys for the prosecution and defense worked together against Jeremiah and convicted him of a crime he did not commit. They brought in expert witnesses like a psychiatrist who was provided incorrect background information by the biased and subjective opinion of the DHS worker. The expert witness testified that if the child hated you, or is trying to break up the parental relationship, the child could be lying.
    Since the ‘expert’ psychiatrist witness was not an expert at all and never shown the copy of the incident report where the child said those two exact same statements, evidence was obviously tampered with and hindered the path to justice. The incident report also said that Jeremiah’s step-daughter stated that Jeremiah was “taking her place” when it comes to her mother. It should have been a necessity to explain to the court that this 15-year-old had become sexually active at the age of 12, drank all the time, smoked marijuana and has never cared about anyone but herself. The description I received from family members that know her well is that she expresses strong symptoms of what a sociopath would emulate.
    The prosecuting attorney submitted speculative hearsay as clear and convincing evidence to the judge, which resulted in Jeremiah’s bond being revoked. But it was only after the younger child spent the weekend with her 15-year-old sister, who is accused of ruthlessly fabricating a ‘cry wolf’ story about being molested, that the accusation originated. She had vindictively coached her little sister into saying the same thing. Jeremiah was now being accused of molesting his 3-year-old daughter as well as his 15-year-old.
    This questionable 15-year-old girl is known for lying. And it was intentionally covered up by the County employees to gain the conviction of an innocent man. The family members I spoke with about this case made several indications that the authorities involved in getting the unjust conviction of Jeremiah are involved in a situation worthy of the label ‘conflict of interest’.
    Conflict of interest
    Back in 2002, Jeremiah’s younger brother Nathan had a small criminal case regarding petty allegations. He was found hung in the local jail cell. It didn’t kill him, but he has since required 24/7 medical care. How Nathan was hung is still a mystery. As is often the case, the video footage from that night was somehow “misplaced” by authorities. The judge that is involved in Jeremiah’s case was in fact the prosecuting attorney in Nathan’s case. The prosecuting attorney in Jeremiah’s case was the public defender in Nathan’s case.
    To top it off, there have been accusations in the community that those two men, the judge and the prosecuting attorney, are known drug users. In 2013, the judge was in an auto accident and was investigated for illegally obtaining two prescriptions for pain relieving narcotics from two different doctors.
    Makin matters worse, the foster parent for the sadistic teenager also happens to be the mother of the DHS caseworker. Jeremiah’s father Donald said, “This was nothing except retaliatory action by the judge and the prosecuting attorney on me and my family.” Donald said to go to to see the evidence proving his statements to me. There is no physical evidence, no medical examinations, no documentation at all. There was only the obviously coached interview with the mother-daughter team of foster parent and DHS social worker.
    Coercing witnesses, terrorizing children
    The investigator, the social worker, the judge, and the prosecuting attorney tried to force Jeremiah’s 11-year-old son into saying he was molested too. When his son would not agree to this lie, they incarcerated the child at the Eagle Village Intervention Facility. This 11-year-old little boy was locked down 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 10 months.
    The cost of his stay was over $20,000 and the windowless cell included cement block walls and a cement floor. He had a bed and a desk, that’s it. There was no toilet or sink in his room, so he was forced to bang on the door to get permission in order to use the facilities. The emotional and mental duress inflicted upon this poor child by the prosecuting attorney, the judge and DHS in order to justify the illegal removal of the children is an unbridled injustice.
    When Jeremiah’s son still would not lie in his testimony about his step-father, they sent him to his biological father in Idaho. This child was the only witness to the alleged molestation of his older sister in 2013. Yet he was never interviewed and no statements were obtained from him by the lead investigator or anyone else. This poor child had just spent 10 months in a horrible state facility. And because he maintained his integrity by not lying about his family, these monsters willfully added insult to injury and shipped him off to his abusive biological father, who himself has not paid child support in 8 years.
    The court-appointed attorney for Jeremiah worked with the prosecuting attorney to coerce him into agreeing to an entirely verbal, undocumented plea bargain. The attorneys relentlessly asked him to plead guilty to 4 counts of criminal sexual conduct in the 4th degree. But in the time frame that these alleged molestations supposedly took place, there were in-home healthcare workers present that filled out time sheets for the 2 shifts covering the 24 hour period. The medical caregivers were there providing Jeremiah’s brother Nathan with around-the-clock medical treatment.
    Perjury, lies and falsified documents
    The existence of these two in-home healthcare workers that could exonerate Jeremiah was not admitted into evidence for the defense and the prosecuting attorney lied in court saying that the family never had in-home healthcare services. This malicious attorney even took it a step further and accused Donald and his wife of giving alcohol to the children and stealing money from Nathan’s trust fund to pay for Jeremiah’s mounting legal bills.
    Even after Donald and his wife’s financial records were illegally obtained without any probable cause, both accusations were proven untrue. Jeremiah’s own attorney out of Lansing, Michigan has shamelessly displayed corrupt behavior as well. Jeremiah was convicted solely on perjury, falsified statements, reports, and a hand-picked jury. The tainted defense attorney even tried to charge them double the amount of the original retainer agreement.
    The court-appointed Appeals attorney couldn’t see that the court was erroneous in sentencing the defendant beyond the inflated artificial range. He did not see how the chief judge intimidated the defense witnesses or allowed the prosecuting attorney an unfair advantage over the defense attorney. Nor did he see the perjury, lies, false evidence or anything else that was questionable in this case. Now, Jeremiah’s court-appointed defense attorney will not communicate with him or any of his family members.
    Free Jeremiah Dewey
    Jeremiah is presently unjustly incarcerated due to a group of people that do not appear to have souls. Meanwhile, the mother of the three children involved has since lost her children and her own parental rights have been terminated. And the vindictive teenage girl at the center of this tragedy that falsely accused Jeremiah has no remorse.
    “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” - Sir Walter Scott. I couldn’t help but think about this quote while reading the details of Jeremiah’s case. All deception in the course of life is indeed nothing more than a lie reduced to practice. A tongue of deception is unjust, vicious, fallacious, unrighteous and corrupt. The lying tongue desires, through such vicious dishonesty, to do personal injury to another. Thus, it is not just telling lies to cover one’s own wickedness, but the telling of lies to bring harm to another.
    Please sign Jeremiah’s petition so he may have the opportunity to obtain justice. For more information, visit the family’s website.

    Wendy Greene is a fourth generation Human and Civil Rights activist, writer/advocate for the victims of autism and homelessness, and author of the up-and-coming book ‘Justice’. The Canary Stories are individual true accounts documenting the corruption and fraud of Child Protective Services and similar agencies, sent from around the world by parents requesting that their voices be heard. The ongoing reports are named The Canary Stories after the life-saving canaries that protected the coal mines. Today, The Canary Stories are also sounding the warning in an attempt to save children, families and even lives. Readers can email Wendy at

    Secret Police Facility “Black Site” Discovered Inside America, Detaining & Torturing Americans

    Chicago, Ill. – In a startling report from the Guardian, details have been revealed about Chicago police detaining American citizens at “black sites.” These sites are similar to those used by the CIA around the world to interrogate/torture alleged terrorists.
    The stunning revelation of the Chicago Police Department operating what amounts to an off-the-books interrogation facility is threatening, to say the least. The facility apparently operates outside the bounds of the U.S. Constitution, and its discovery exposes the very real and present danger of the threat posed by the police state to American freedom and liberty.
    Housed in a warehouse on Chicago’s west side, Homan Square has long been the home to secretive police work. Attorneys as well as protesters, tell a tale of being systematically being denied their constitutional rights


    Former Family Court judge disbarred, awaits fraud sentence

    LAS VEGAS (AP) — A former Nevada state court judge has been disbarred ahead of sentencing next month to what is expected to be a 27 months in federal prison after pleading guilty in a fraud case.

    Wednesday, February 25, 2015

    Obama Is Lying About the West Coast Import Crisis Being Over: The Latent Effects Will Crush America

    West Coast imports handle almost 50% of all U.S. maritime trade and more than 70% of the country’s Asian imports. The recent resolution to the West Coast import crisis came none to soon and on the surface, America averted a disaster of monumental proportions with regard to the settling of the West Coast port labor dispute. However, if Americans think they have totally averted disaster in the long-term, they are sadly mistaken. The backlog of goods will take weeks to months to offload. The impact on our economy will be felt for years and the severity of the crisis was completely avoidable.

    Evil Assad, Evil Gaddafi, Now Evil Putin: How the West Sells War (and Makes a Killing) Distraction politics and the economic variables in Ukraine and the parallels with Syria, Libya and Iraq

    As the conflict in Ukraine persists and as peace talks between Putin and western European leaders (Merkel and Hollande) continue, it is important to look at the economic actors/interests that benefit from conflict and regime change in the Ukraine and how this compares to situations like Syria, Libya and Iraq. There are under-reported angles and interests to these conflicts that we hear little about in western mainstream media and that many do not look for because they are too caught up in political or human dramas. For instance, mainstream media spend so much time demonizing a single enemy, be it Putin in the Ukraine situation, Assad in Syria, Gaddafi in Libya or Saddam Hussein in Iraq, etc., that they do not also critically explore how external actors may exploit or bolster such conflicts and situations in order to secure politic-economic motives such as access to oil, making way for destructively conditional IMF loans, or quashing domestic policies that undermine foreign imperial and economic interests.


    “Ever seen a photo of a pregnant Michelle Obama?”

    By Mac Slavo SHTF - 

    Former Breitbart reporter and founder of, Charles C. Johnson, claims he has never before seen information that answers to why no one has seen photos of a pregnant Michelle Obama, why Obama’s family photos are fakes, and why his birth certificate is anything but authentic (but says he was born in Hawaii not Kenya).

    But ‘serious’ death threats are so far keeping Johnson quiet, according to a barrage of recent Twitter posts. 


    Vatic Note:   Notice how this matches with what this cabal is doing to the Chinese,  not only the food supply is affected, but the culture as well.  Same here.
    If you control the food and water supply, you control the population and the resulting culture.  MAYBE.   At least that is what they are counting on.

    It would be a giant shame and a waste to everyone,  if they were wrong.  Are there any guarantees that someone can control the food supply?  They are making it illegal to even farm for small self sustaining food produce.  Also notice, since these pond scum have been shipping our food in from South America, they have been foreclosing on more and more ranches and farms in the United States.

    That does not bode well for the future.   What happens when we don't do what they want?  They cut off the food supply and we have nothing to replace it with.  They are even outlawing Heritage seeds.  Thats not official yet, as far as I know, but that is in the works, forcing no other seeds, upon us, except the GMO seeds, the soft kill approach to depopulation.   Its my understanding that is what they did in Iraq.  The farmers are no longer allowed to "save" and use seeds from one harvest to another seasonal planting. 

    All of this is within the range of the Agenda 21 plan for depopulating, relocating and compressing humanity into smaller and smaller regions with greater and greater control and monitoring.  That is what the smart meters are for.  Another electronic device that does a soft kill of those within its range, while also spying on your every move and action. Independance and self reliability is being assaulted and under a serious attack.  What if we ignore it all?

    Something to think about.  There are definitely more of us than of them. 

    The Bill O’Reilly Sexual Harassment Case Fox News Wants You To Forget About

    Bill O’Reilly prides his  program, The O’Reilly Factor, on being a ‘no spin zone’ despite his perpetual spinning of stories.  Recently there was a segment on the program deriding Cop Block.  O’Reilly went so low as to bring up the irrelevant arrest history of one of Cop Block’s founders.  Since O’Reilly saw fit to dredge up ancient history it is only fair to remind the gentle reader about O’Reilly’s past; specifically the sexual scandal of 2004.  Shall we count the ways?
    On October 13, 2004 O’Reilly was sued in a sexual harassment lawsuit for $60,000,000 by his former producer named Andrea Mackris.  Mackris was an employee of Fox from 2000, with lawsuit documents showing O’Reilly’s rabid sexual harassment began in May 2002 and continued until September 2004.  Mackris filed a wild document full of O’Reilly’s exploits.   The fallout was immense, with O’Reilly counter-suing Mackris for extortion before finally settling the lawsuit for an untold amount of money that is generally believed to have been in the millions of dollars.  I suppose that I could stop there with the story, but what fun would that be?

    Iraqi Army Downs 2 UK Planes Carrying Weapons for ISIL

    Vatic Note:   I will make this short,  this should be no surprise to anyone who has been following all the false flags being done over the past 10 years or so.   When it was ISIS,  the wounded of the ISIS were taken to Israeli hospitals for treatment, were healed and then released..... NOW WHAT KIND OF WAR IS THAT?  Israel aiding the enemy of their own people????

    Read the rest below and you will get the big picture.  ITS ALL JUST A GAME TO THEM,  AND A WORLD WAR TO US,  WE BLEED AND DIE, THEY GET RICH.  Sorry, but we should all refuse to go, in every country.  Let Israel fight their own world war by themselves while we sit on the sidelines.

    Remember, we said in the beginning of doing this blog 5 years ago  that we "must have the courage to refuse to cooperate with these evil demonic, satanic, monsters if we are ever to prevail. "  You read the rest and decide.  I will make the note short so you can ponder and contemplate what you are seeing so you can accurately convey to the sheep, what you see and know. 

    Right to farm being stripped from Americans: Michigan to criminalize small family farms with chickens, goats, honey bees and more

    Vatic Note:   Notice how this matches with what this cabal is doing to the Chinese,  not only the food supply is affected, but the culture as well.  Same here.
    If you control the food and water supply, you control the population and the resulting culture.  MAYBE.   At least that is what they are counting on.

    It would be a giant shame and a waste to everyone,  if they were wrong.  Are there any guarantees that someone can control the food supply?  They are making it illegal to even farm for small self sustaining food produce.  Also notice, since these pond scum have been shipping our food in from South America, they have been foreclosing on more and more ranches and farms in the United States.

    That does not bode well for the future.   What happens when we don't do what they want?  They cut off the food supply and we have nothing to replace it with.  They are even outlawing Heritage seeds.  Thats not official yet, as far as I know, but that is in the works, forcing no other seeds, upon us, except the GMO seeds, the soft kill approach to depopulation.   Its my understanding that is what they did in Iraq.  The farmers are no longer allowed to "save" and use seeds from one harvest to another seasonal planting. 

    All of this is within the range of the Agenda 21 plan for depopulating, relocating and compressing humanity into smaller and smaller regions with greater and greater control and monitoring.  That is what the smart meters are for.  Another electronic device that does a soft kill of those within its range, while also spying on your every move and action. Independance and self reliability is being assaulted and under a serious attack.  What if we ignore it all?

    Something to think about.  There are definitely more of us than of them. 

    Japan syndrome: Fukashima drainage ditch water measured at seventy times the normal level of radioactivity


    EXCLUSIVE – Koch Brothers, Rick Scott And Jeb Bush Exposed In Florida Scandal

    Florida Attorney Steve Medina has been working on a case, pro bono, to expose the environmental corruption which has been taking place in Tallahassee and Putnam County, Florida.
    Tons of toxic waste is being dumped into St. Johns River, daily, by the Koch Brothers company, Georgia-Pacific. Aspects of the deal allowing Georgia Pacific to massively assault the environment, were misleading, sometimes illegal, and unbeknownst to the local citizens. Florida Governor Rick Scott and former Governor (and Republican presidential hopeful), Jeb Bush, are also involved.
    read more:

    FOX L.A.: “Dead sea lions litter Malibu beaches, families shocked… WARNING: Graphic Images” — Babies being eaten by birds — So many 911 calls about dying animals it’s “bogging down system” — “Scientists say this year is worst in history” — Tells us “major changes are going on out in the ocean” (VIDEO)

    FOX 11 News, Feb 23, 2015 (emphasis added): Dozens of dead Sea Lions litter Malibu beaches; families shocked — A family stumbled upon nearly 10 dead sea lions on a Malibu beach Sunday (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES IN THIS STORY AND VIDEO) “We just came down the stairs and little sea lions are being washed on to shore dying,” Neda Soderqvist says… “It was devastating to see a bunch of sea lions just lying dead. It wasn’t one or two it was six or eight,” Soderqvist said to FOX 11′s Christine O’Donnell. The sight was especially difficult for her seven-year-old… “They came up and just died right in front of us,” Isabella said… Earlier in the week, Kristin Thames says stumbled across the same devastating scene… “They’re only allowed to take three sea lion pups because there’s not enough space at the rescue centers for more,” Thames said, “it’s really sad.”
    Marin Independent Journal, Feb 21, 2015: “First time in our history that we have had sea lion pups here this early” [said] Shawn Johnson, director of veterinary science at the mammal center… sea lions are a sentinel species, a canary in the coal mine. “They can tell us what is happening in the ocean and if it’s unhealthy.”

    Citizen Journalists who uncovered Savile Paedophile Networked Gagged by Police

    North Yorkshire Police have finally found a way to at least temporarily silence the citizen journalists who exposed the Jaconelli /Savile child abuse network in Scarborough when the might of North Yorkshire Police had inexplicably failed to expose it, for 50 years.
     North Yorkshire Police, in an extraordinary legal move, are taking civil court action against two journalist Tim Hicks and Nigel Ward. It appears that Chief Constable Dave Jones, two other officers, a retired officer and 5 civilians sought a temporary injunction last week, at an interim hearing in a Leeds Court.  Tim Hicks and Nigel Ward offered to give undertakings to the court. The matter returns next month for a full hearing when the police will be pressing for a full injunction [4]  [32].
    Remarkably the North Yorkshire Police claim that they are “victims” of harrassment and that the Police have spent £400,000 of the publics money dealing with what it describes as “years of unwarranted, harmful personal abuse” from the men.

    Tuesday, February 24, 2015

    Shocking Footage From Donbass Ukraine You’ll Never See On Your Fake News!

    Don’t watch the video if you’re easily upset.  It shows real people in the battlefield.  Jim Dean of VeteransToday recommended it and it is an excellent piece of work with English Sub Titles that give you a small glimpse of the hell these good people of Ukraine have been put through!  The US is serving satan in this war!    All this killing and for what?  Just to rape and pillage another country and leave it destroyed when our proxy army leaves.  This is disgusting and I’m truly ashamed of my country that paid $5 Billion to overthrow the legitimate government of Ukraine and then started this war.  VeteransToday has already reported that many American mercenaries have been found among the dead along with many American weapons.  This will only stop when all of us stand up and say “Not In My Name!”
    read more:

    NYPD Cop Tries To Shoot Dog, Misses and Hits Police Sergeant Instead

    We have all heard a lot of unfortunately stories lately about police officers shooting “man’s best friend.” But now, a police officer who was aiming at a dog missed the canine and accidentally shot his sergeant instead!
    A pit bull inside of a Brooklyn apartment building was reportedly “charging” the officer, but had not attacked him, according to local WABC.
    The officer who fired has not yet been identified, but New York City Police officials acknowledged that officers responded to a call inside of the apartment building around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night. Once in the hallway, they say that a dog that was “mixed” with a pit bull was “let out” of one apartment.

    Secret Police Facility “Black Site” Discovered Inside America, Detaining & Torturing Americans

    Chicago, Ill. – In a startling report from the Guardian, details have been revealed about Chicago police detaining American citizens at “black sites.” These sites are similar to those used by the CIA around the world to interrogate/torture alleged terrorists.
    The stunning revelation of the Chicago Police Department operating what amounts to an off-the-books interrogation facility is threatening, to say the least. The facility apparently operates outside the bounds of the U.S. Constitution, and its discovery exposes the very real and present danger of the threat posed by the police state to American freedom and liberty.
    Housed in a warehouse on Chicago’s west side, Homan Square has long been the home to secretive police work. Attorneys as well as protesters, tell a tale of being systematically being denied their constitutional rights

    LEAKED AUDIO RECORDINGS Reveal Hillary Clinton is a Muslim Brotherhood Agent Who Helped Muslim Brotherhood Take Control of North Africa and Middle East

    According to a three-part series published by the Washington Times, it was Hillary Clinton who was insisting that the U.S. remove Libya’s Muammar Gadhafi in 2011 while pushing false narratives to do so. These reports have allegedly caught the attention of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. What must be included in this analysis is just how influential Clinton’s most trusted adviser Huma Abedin was and is. If anyone had a vested interest in removing Gadhafi from power to benefit Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood rebels, it was Huma’s Muslim Brotherhood family.
    To illustrate how close Huma and Hillary were, it was Abedin who first informed her boss of Gadhafi’s death:

    Justice for Jeremiah Dewey, take him out of Prison. Give him another Trial in a unbiased court that is not prejudiced against him like the one in Presque Isle County Michigan.

    In 2005 someone made an annonymous complaint that my seven year old grand daughter might be being sexually molested. The Michigan State Police and CPS started investigations. Brittney was given a complete medical examination and no sexual abuse was found. The school that she attended did not observe or report any sexual abuse. The day care facility that she attended did not observe or report any sexual abuse. The mandated home health care workers working in my home did not observe or report any sexual abuse. Brittney said no one was sexually touching her. The cases were closed. Late in 2005 Brittney, her mother, and brother all moved back to Washington State. In 2006 Storm and Joshua moved back to Michigan. In 2011 Brittney moved back to Michigan.
    On March 21, 2013 a new sexual abuse complaint came in against my son. The Family court Judge,  Prosecuting Attorney, and the Detective involved in this case should have been recussed for a conflict of interest. A lot of character assassination was going on against the entire Dewey family. The Judge allowed DHS Foster Care worker to lie and commit perjury in this case. Our family was falsely accused of stealing money from our handicapped younger son resulting in opening and closing an investigation because of no evidence to support this unethical charge from the Prosecuting Attorney. We were accused of interfering with the removal of the kids from our house. We were accused of visiting the kids at school in violation of the no contact order. Family visits were not accurately reported or recorded by DHS. Back ground information provided by DHS to the medical people was not accurate. DHS worker was encouraged by the family court Judge to lie or committ perjury in the court room. These lies and perjury were not properly addressed by the court when notified. The Judge falsely and with out evidence called my son a predatory pedophile in open court. The court appointed Attorney representing my son would not allow him a jury trial. He would only represent my son for a plea agreement. This Judge also accused my wife of perjury to cover up this crime for our son.
    My son was denied a jury trial in family court by the Judge, Prosecuting Attorney, and his own court appoint Attorney. This case is nothing except he said, she said. No physical evidence of any kind. All of the written documentation was not allowed in the court. Coaching was used through out this entire case.

    BREAKING: Cop Throws Elderly Man Down, Slaps Him in the Face, For Trying to Use a Restroom

    Ft. Lauderdale, FL– A video uploaded to YouTube on Sunday shows Fort Lauderdale police officer Victor Ramirez harassing and assaulting an elderly gentleman at the Broward Bus Terminal in downtown Fort Lauderdale. The man is not being aggressive or threatening in any way when he is shoved to the ground and slapped by the officer.  The man was reportedly trying to use the bus terminal’s restroom.
    “The guy didn’t raise his hand to the officer at all,” a witness told Local 10 News. “The officer just knocked him down with his hands. The guy was defenseless.”


    Monsanto Has Killed 90% of Monarch Butterflies

    The degrading monarch butterfly population in the United States hasn’t necessarily been a secret. Yet there appears to be broad lack of concern amongst the people.
    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has revealed that in recent years, the monarch butterfly population has declined 90% from a recorded population of 1 billion in 1996. Sure enough, Fish and Wildlife attributes these declining numbers to climate change, crop conversion, and you guessed it, agricultural practices, particularly the use of herbicides like Monsanto’s infamous Roundup.
    Monarch butterflies rely on milkweed for survival, as it is the butterfly’s primary food source. Milkweed also serves as a host to monarch larvae which consumes the plant upon hatching. Roundup, being a weed killer, inevitably kills off milkweed, inhibiting food sources and depriving monarchs of a crucial element in their lifecycle.

    Monday, February 23, 2015

    Be Prepared, The Sides Are Forming for the Coming Civil War

    I remember as a young child that the key to winning a lot of the neighborhood games in football and basketball was all about who got picked first. If you were lucky enough to get Michael on your team, then you knew you were going to win. If you were in a foreign park playing against kids you did not know, Michael was the great equalizer. I also knew that getting the right kids on my side helped in spelling bees and walking home from the movies so I didn’t get beat up. Learning how to organize my team with the right people, served me well when I became a men’s college head basketball coach in terms of winning the recruiting wars. I always felt the April recruiting wars was the deciding factor in many games in the following December.
    America is in the choosing sides phase of the coming civil war. To use a college recruiting phrase, it is accurate to state that the letters of intent to join one side or another side, have mostly been signed and the commitments offered.  However, there is one big uncommitted piece, but very soon the sides will be drawn.

    Missing MH370 data 'strongly suggests' the Malaysia Airlines jet was deliberately flown off course towards ANTARCTICA, experts tell new documentary

    • New documentary tries to find out what happened to flight MH370
    • Satellite data suggests plane flew for hours after losing contact
    • Expert says it 'strongly suggests' it was deliberately flown off course
    • Australian search co-ordinator confident MH370 will be found by May 
    • Flight vanished on March 8, 2014 travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing






    General Wesley Clark: Our friends and allies created ISIS

    Not that it was really a conspiracy 'theory' but with General Wesley Clark (ret.) now openly admitting "ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies... to fight to the death against Hezbollah" it appears the 'angel investors' cat is out of the bag. Adding that "they recruited the zealots and religious fundamentalists" Clark says 'we' create "Frankenstein." He is careful not to name names, but we ask (rhetorically of course), which of our (oil-bearing) allies has the biggest bone to pick with Hezbollah (apart from Israel of course)?

    Clark on creating Frankenstein...


    Anonymous Leaks Satanic Cult Member Names, Places, Phone #s -

    Operation Death Eaters : We hunt down pedophiles & destroy tyranny


    Greetings world, We Are Anonymous.
    The biggest story of our generation is unfolding in the UK to near complete silence in the international corporate media. The UK media that cover it at all depict it as a ‘sex scandal’ committed by ‘child lovers’.
    What the UK media depicts as “child sex” has left children missing the lower half of their bodies. These so-called ‘sex scandals’ involve children provided for torture as bait to blackmail political opponents in Northern Ireland. The UK has open files on 200 missing boys from 1977 and 1983 The investigation has so far involved a huge circle of UK establishment from media, politicians, police and intelligence, known to police as The Untouchables. There are international ties being ignored.
    To the people of the UK, your ruling classes are preying on you. Not just in the ways you always knew they were. Our friends in the UK, just like our friends in Gabon, have a political class that is torturing and murdering their children and mutilating their bodies. Unlike in Gabon, the UK media is following the direction of the Paedophile Information Exchange and telling you these people are child lovers who need understanding and tolerance. They are telling you this is sex. Who controls the words controls your thoughts.
    This is not sex.

    Watch As Florida Police Tase Elderly Man With His Hands Up

    Key West, Florida–  A shocking video uploaded to YouTube on Sunday shows an elderly gentleman with his hands up, posing no risk or threat to the officers, get tased in front of horrified witnesses.
    The video, taken by a witness who was with his family on their way to Key West, shows officers yelling at people to get out of their vehicle.  The elderly man exits the passenger side and an officer grabs and twists his arm.  Another officer comes around to the other side of the vehicle yelling “let him go.”  As the officer lets go, the man puts his hand back in the air, and the second officer tases him for no reason.
    The man drops to the ground as the witnesses gasp in horror and question whether or not he is alive, noting that his body is limp.


    Mother Calls 9-1-1 to Get Intruders Out of Her Home, Cops Show Up, Shoot and Kill Her

    Gastonia, NC — A tragic story of police negligence emerges out of Gastonia, North Carolina this week. A mother of two was killed by cops after she called 9-1-1 for help.
    Police say Betty Sexton called them for help so police could remove two intruders from her home that she shared with her boyfriend.
    The audio from the 9-1-1 call indicates that Sexton knew the two intruders and simply wanted police to help get these unwanted guests out of her house.
    Waiting for police to arrive, Sexton grabbed an old musket gun to protect herself from the intruders. When they arrived, police saw Sexton holding the antique gun.

    read more:

    Sunday, February 22, 2015

    Judge Fuller must resign

    Federal Judge Mark Fuller was arrested for domestic violence last month after his wife called 911 during the attack.
    But rather than face trial, Fuller agreed to an intervention program. He will spend no time behind bars--he's set to return to the bench--and his record will be expunged.
    read more:

    “The truth is unspeakable”: A real American sniper unloads on “American Sniper” "The truth is unspeakable," says real-life American sniper who wants nothing to do with a dangerous propaganda film

    Hearing Garett Reppenhagen describe how he felt the first time he shot someone is like listening to an addict talk about his first time injecting heroin. “I leveled my M-4, put him in my iron sights, and took three shots. One of them hit him center mass and he went down in the middle of the road. I had this instant sense of satisfaction, overwhelming excitement and pride. It was really kind of an ecstatic feeling that I had.”

    Bradley Cooper and Madeleine McGraw in "American Sniper" (Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment)
    I had just seen the film “American Sniper,” the revisionist propaganda piece of myth-making and nationalistic war porn being sold to us by Bradley Cooper, Clint Eastwood and screenwriter Jason Hall as an apolitical character study. I wanted to talk with an actual American sniper, and Garett was generous enough to pick up the phone. (He’s also written for Salon.)
    Garett has a lot in common with Chris Kyle. Both entered the military at an older age; both spent endless hours on rooftops, in windows or in trash piles in Iraq, “doing their job”; both were in Iraq in 2004 hunting al-Qaida leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi; and both spent time after active duty trying to help veterans.
    The similarities end there.
    read more: