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“Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy” : A Creepy Children’s Book About Satanic Ritual Abuse


“Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy”, is a children’s book published in 1990 written by author Doris Sanford. According to the book’s description:
“The words of the text and the objects and situations illustrated are based on months of intensive research into the nature and practice of satanic ritual abuse. Any child who has been ritually abused will recognize the validity of this story.”
The book was marketed primarily to mental health professionals, school counselors, parent organizations, and support groups. The summary on the back of the book reads:
“When five-year-old Allison’s parents begin to see a change in her behavior at home, they seek professional help for her. They find that Allison and other children have been ritually abused at a day care center. Thus begins Allison’s recovery through counseling and through her parents’ affirmations that it was not her fault, that she is precious and loved, and they will keep her safe.”
While the book was probably intended to help children recognize and identify signs of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), it is nevertheless one the most terrifying children’s book ever written. The book is written in codes and contains symbols only SRA victims can recognize, which makes reading the book to non-victims a creepy and scary experience.
As stated in other articles on this site, SRA is a basic element of Monarch Mind Control. This book therefore reflects several aspects of Mind Control such the usage of drugs, of mind games, of ritual abuse, of Satanic ceremonies and so forth.


Syria's starving hordes: In a biblical picture of suffering, crowd stretching for as far as the eye can see gathers amid the rubble of Damascus for UN food hand-outs

Hour of need: Residents of Syria's besieged Yarmuk Palestinian refugee camp, south of Damascus, crowding a destroyed street during a food distribution led by the UN agency

  • Yarmouk, the Palestinian area of Damascus has been sealed to the outside world on and off since July
  • These photographs show the first food parcel arrival in Yarmouk for months, hundreds lining in the streets
  • Yarmouk may yet again cut off from humanitarian aid following clashes in Syria's capital, UN reports
  • Today, 175 rebel and foreign fighters were killed in a Syrian army ambush near Damascus

  • Hundreds of men, women and children fight to get to the front of the queue as a refugee camp in Damascus receives food parcels after being cut off for months.
    Today the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) called on rebel forces and Al-Assad’s troops alike to allow ‘safe and unhindered humanitarian access’ to thousands of civilians in Yarmouk, a Palestinian district in the Syrian capital.
    Yarmouk has seen some of the worst fighting in the capital, leading to severe food shortages and widespread hunger.


    WALL STREET INSIDER: Ukraine And Deepwater Horizon – Different Acts Within Same Play (UPDATE)

    I have seen little to nothing of this in the media, but received a tidbit of information from an individual whose opinion I value greatly and whose earlier warnings have so often proven far too accurate for comfort.  There was much in the message of a personal nature, and it will remain personal. What is being published here are just those details pertinent to the events in Ukraine, and a somewhat out of left field (at least to me) suggestion that what took place surrounding the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, was no mere accident, but an event orchestrated, and pushed by Saudi sponsored interests in order to slow and/or delay U.S. energy production.
    It’s time we speak again.
    What is unfolding in Ukraine is but a singular move within a much larger chess match.  Russia, China, and the Saudis are all heavily invested, as are some of the major LNG producing entities both here and abroad.
    It is economic politics, a very old game, from which the few are hoping to control the many.  Why the media does not indicate the truth of this, I don’t know.  Perhaps every mouth and pen has been bought out already.  Then again, I watch and read much less from any of that clatter these days.  Partly due to physical challenges, and partly due to it gives me a headache listening to impudent children lie so easily and so often.
    Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russian government has “turned off the gas” to the Ukraine no fewer than forty times.  Some outside that realm know of that already, but what even fewer know is that former Ukraine President Yanukovych had just last year, approved a ten billion dollar LNG exploration agreement with U.S. based Chevron.  Please look it up yourself to confirm.  Three months later, and he is literally run out of office.  Coincidence?  You know better than that by now, don’t you?  If people would but pay closer attention to such agreements, they would have a far better idea of what may soon follow.  There is much money to be made off of such temporary destabilizations.  George certainly knows his way around such things, and I was informed CGI will enjoy a quite reasonable profit as well.

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    Family 'living a nightmare' over son they claim is being held against his will in hospital and being forced to take drugs he does not need after being admitted for minor nasal surgery

  • Bret Bohn went to hospital after developing a relatively minor ailment
  • The 27-year-old had been an athletic, healthy field guide in Alaska
  • But his health then went downhill after he was proscribed drugs
  • Mr Bohn's parents tried to have him discharged - but were refused
  • Doctors at the hospital then assumed power of attorney over him
  • Mr Bohn's family have been in a custody battle for him ever since
  • The last time they saw him was a supervised visit on Christmas Day

  •  A family have told how their son's deteriorating condition in hospital turned into a heart-breaking custody battle that stripped them of their right to visit their child.
    Bret Bohn, 27, went to hospital in his home state of Alaska after developing a relatively minor case of nasal polyps - overgrowths in the nose - last fall.
    He was an athletic, healthy man who worked as a field guide for hunters

    The Bohn family are fighting to visit their son Bohn, who has been declared a ward of the state in Alaska

    But after the polyps were surgically removed, the growths came back and he was prescribed Prednisone, an anti-inflammatory medication.
    Mr Bohn's family say it had a devastating effect on him. Soon afterwards, he started to have trouble sleeping, they said. 
    In October, his parents, Glenn and Lorraine, took their son to the Providence Medical Center in Anchorage for severe insomnia. Doctors there prescribed drugs and sent him home.

    10 Years of Failure: New film documents struggle of farmers deceived by biotech industry

    (NaturalNews) It has been 10 years since the Philippine government approved the country's first genetically modified (GM) crops for commercial cultivation, and its farmers are now far worse off becauseo f it. In the new documentary film 10 Years of Failure, Farmers Deceived by GM Corn, the farmer advocacy group Farmer-Scientist Partnership for Development, or MASIPAG, reveals the plight of GM corn farmers in the Philippines who were hoodwinked by the biotechnology industry and are now suffering from massive debt, poor yields and even starvation as a result.

    The 25-minute film, which is available for free viewing on YouTube, was released on so-called "World Food Day," the day that Monsanto and Syngenta were given awards by the World Food Prize Foundation for their abominable transgenic creations. It tells a much different side of the GMO story, one you will probably never hear from the mainstream media or the bought-and-paid-for politicians that go around claiming that genetically engineered foods are the saviors of humanity.

    On the contrary, GM crops, and particularly GM corn in the Philippines, has all but destroyed the traditional maize industry in this southeast Asian country. Rather than boost yields, reduce inputs and create crop stabilization as claimed, GM corn in the Philippines has completely ravaged what used to be an industry owned and managed by individual farmers rather than powerful multinational corporations. And the farmers who now realize that they were lied to are having a difficult time escaping the clutches of Big Biotech.

    "In the film, GM corn farmers relate how they became indebted because of the rising cost of GM corn seeds and increasing cost and quantity of inputs being used," reads a press release about the film. "The film also share[s] the farmers['] account on the effect of GM corn farming such as emergence of new pests, soil erosion, corn contamination and human and animal health impacts... [and] the difficulty to go back to traditional or organic corn farming because of the loss of traditional seeds and practices replaced by GM corn farming and the effects of neighboring GM corn plantations."


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    The Pretty Lie Asks Charlevoix School Board Why They Are Ignoring Us

    Parents who have children playing baseball for the Charlevoix Rayders should read the email below about Coach Telgenhof.

    From: Wendy Beal <>
    Date: Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 1:32 PM
    Subject: Charlevoix County baseball coach Allen Telgenhof' suitability to mentor area youth
    To:,,,, Richard Joseph <>,,

    To the Char-Em School Board,

    I sent you the email below nearly a month ago and  I am disappointed that I did not receive a response from one board member. I know that you received my message because I received an email from Lisa Schrock regarding the school board meeting February 17th. Was I supposed to attend?

    Many readers of our blog have asked what, if anything, is being done by the school board in regards to looking into our allegations against Mr. Telgenhof and his questionable behavior in the community. So far I have told them that I am apparently being ignored for some reason.

    I am now respectfully requesting each board member reply to me and explain their individual position on Mr. Telgenhof and his suitability as a mentor for impressionable youth.

    To paraphrase a statement from Mr. Telgenhof regarding Mr. Jarema, I feel that the school board's silence and inaction in this matter indicates that Char-Em condones this behavior and the board does not care that they are providing the kids with a very poor role model.


    "By bringing him into the classroom you condone his behavior and are providing the kids with a very poor example of an attorney and public official."

    "I do believe this goes beyond politics."

    Does this matter go beyond politics? It seems that the board is more concerned with tip-toeing around Charlevoix County's illegitimate prosecuting attorney than they are in sparing the kids from a hot head who physically assaults his wife(my opinion only). This is only one of many things that Mr. Telgenhof has gotten away with in the recent past.

    I think that I clearly spelled it  all out in the email below, complete with factual documents, yet the board can't believe their own eyes. How can you not see anything wrong with this guy's behavior?

     It is disturbing to me that nobody finds the documented assault abnormal or the system immoral for allowing him to get elected in the first place.

     It isn't right that the board is giving him a free pass to continue working with children in spite of his documented violence directed towards his wife.

    I sure hope the kids don't lose a game and have to endure the insanity that he displayed when he assaulted his wife and stabbed his couch to death. He wasn't  even drinking and I find his behavior even more frightening since he was "in his right mind" when the 911 call was made by his wife.

     I hope that each board member responds to me with their position on Mr. Telgenhof. There are more voters who are not in The Good Old Boy Club than there are in. The board should keep that in mind when I tell them that our readers from Charlevoix aren't happy with how this is being handled (or not handled).

    We think that the parents should apprised of the situation so that they can decide if they really want their kids around this guy. Since the school board wants to pretend it is alright for Mr. Telgenhof to conduct himself like that we may have to step things up and hold a peaceful protest, complete with picket signs, at all of the home games. It is wrong to stay silent on something as serious as this and we are not going to go away.
     As a victim of domestic violence, I find it hard to have any respect for him after he assaulted his wife and most mother's wouldn't be impressed, either.

    I hope to hear from you soon.
                                           Wendy Beal

    To the Char-Em School Board,

                                                  I am writing to you regarding you current baseball coach Allen Telgenhof and his suitability as a role model for impressionable youth. I do not think that you could have picked a worse example for our students to emulate.

                                                  I am part of a blog project exposing corruption in government and elsewhere and Mr. Telgenhof, in my opinion, is unfit to serve as prosecutor or coach.
                                                   I recently submitted a FOIA request to Char-Em and received a packet of information from the district. It was revealed that Mr. Telgenhof nearly involved the school district in litigation over some team shirts that weren't paid for. Hi ha ha attitude about this serious matter should put the school board on alert that something isn't quite right with this guy.  

                                                   We have blogged extensively about what we see as deficiencies in Mr. Telgenhof's character. Examples of this would include two calls to the Telgenhof's residence regarding domestic violence - one in Antrim County (nobody was arrested) and again in Charlevoix County. Erin House, special prosecutor for the Attorney General in Antrim County was assigned to investigate ,but apparently  she didn't think there was enough evidence to prosecute Mr. Telgenhof.  (?) You be the judge.        

                                                   Just because he didn't get in trouble it doesn't mean that he didn't do anything wrong. See Mrs. Telgenhof's handwritten statement to police.

    On May 21, 2011, Telgenhof’s wife called 911 to report domestic violence on Allen Telgenhof. 

    His wife’s handwritten statement to the police:

    “I was sitting on the livingroom couch and Al came in the living room accusing me of texting an old boyfriend on another telephone. He tackled me on the couch and held me down preventing me from getting my cell phone. He was reaching in my shirt and down in the couch trying to find a cell phone. I tried many, many times to get up and to scream, but Allen kept shoving his hand over my mouth to prevent me from screaming for help. I could not breath. When he would take his hand off my mouth, I would again scream and he put it back on again. He also bit me at least three times. I told him I wanted my phone to call 911 and he prevented me from doing that. He told me he knew the law and that as long as I wasn’t in the process of making a cell call that he would not be in trouble for not letting me have my phone to call 911. I tried to get the phone by kicking it toward me with my foot, but was unable. Many times I was unable to breath. He told me no one would help me. He finally let me up, but would not give me my cell phone to make a 911call. I finally used the house phone.” From the FOIA Request

    The 911 tape

    I do believe this goes beyond politics. Schools need to be careful who they invite in and provide forum to. By bringing him into the classroom you condone his behavior and are providing the kids with a very poor example of an attorney and public official.
    Thank you for you attention to this serious matter.Please forward to any board members that I may have overlooked.

                                                                                            Wendy L. Beal

    Sunday, February 23, 2014

    Pictured: The shocking decline of 15-year-old girl 'kidnapped' by doctors nine months ago who her parents claim are using her as a 'guinea pig for medical experiments'

    • Justina Pelletier, 15, admitted to Boston Children's Hospital nine months ago suffering from flu on suggestion of normal doctor who was away at time
    • She hasn't returned home since and is locked in psychiatric ward where staff have told her 'she is never going home'
    • Tufts doctors said she had Mitochondrial Disease but doctors at Boston Children's diagnosed 'Somatoform Disorder' in four days
    • Somatoform is a rare mental illness where she 'imagines physical pain' 
    • Department for Children and Families handed hospital custody after parents questioned diagnosis even though they claim they had backing of previous doctors
    • Can only see her family for hour a week and calls home are listened in on
    • Distraught parents reveal their Kafkaesque nightmare to MailOnline
    • She is a shadow of her former ice-skating self and can no longer not walk unaided
    The 15-year-old was admitted to hospital nine months ago suffering from a bout of the flu and has been locked away in a stark psychiatric unit at Boston Children's Hospital ever since with sex abuse victims and children who have self-harmed themselves.
    For her devastated parents and her three sisters, her plight is almost too heartbreaking to bear. Unable to contact her beloved family or friends, her every move is monitored.
    Everything sacred to a teenager: her phone, iPad, music and collection of pink fluffy toys – has been taken away from her. She can only see her family for one hour a week and calls home are listened in on.

    A school portrait of Justina Pelletier, taken in 2012A spokesperson for the DCF said the Department tried to 'abide' by the recommendations of doctors where possible



    Editor’s Note: America needs more cops like Officer Regina Tasca of the Bogota Police Department. She lost her job as a police officer protecting a mentally disturbed citizen from two thugs and those thugs are cops! Officer Sgt. Chris Thibault and Sgt. Joe Rella officers from Ridgefield Park police.
    Tasca is in the middle of disciplinary hearings that may result in her termination from the Bogota, New Jersey Police Department. She stands accused of “bizarre and outlandish” behavior in two incidents a year ago during which she revealed herself to be “A danger to other police officers.”
     Her first supposed offense — which wasn’t mentioned until after the second — was a failure to assist another officer who was “attacked” by a drunken woman who was roughly half his weight and barely five feet tall. Her second was was to intervene when a police officer from another jurisdiction viciously assaulted an emotionally troubled young man who was not suspected of a crime.
    “I consider myself a peace officer,” Tasca told Pro Libertate. “My thing is to help make sure that people are safe, and that they don’t have a reason to fear the police – that we treat them like human beings. The incident that started all of this was one in which I intervened to prevent excessive force against a kid who was the subject of a medical call, not a criminal suspect.”
    On April 29, 2011, Tasca was on patrol when she got a call for medical assistance. Former Bogota Council Member Tara Sharp, concerned about the erratic behavior of her 22-year-old son Kyle, called the police to take him to the hospital for a psychological evaluation. Requesting police intervention, particularly in cases of this kind, is never a good idea. Sharp was exceptionally fortunate that Officer Tasca was the first to respond: She has years of experience as an EMT and had just completed specialized training on situations involving psychologically disturbed people.
    Once on the scene, Tasca acted quickly to calm down the distraught young man.
    “When the call came, I heard that a couple of officers from Ridgefield Park were coming to provide backup, which I thought was OK, Tasca related to Pro Libertate. “Kyle had been shouting and swearing when I got there, but I got him calmed down.” The young man’s mood changed abruptly when he saw the other officers arrive.
    “He noticed them and asked me, `Why is there another police officer here from another town?’ Then he said that he was leaving, and he moved maybe two or three steps when one of the Ridgefield officers jumped him.”
    Sgt. Chris Thibault tackled Kyle, wrapped him in a bear hug, and attempted to handcuff him. Within an instant, Sgt. Joe Rella piled on and began to slug Kyle in the head while his horrified mother screamed at the officers to stop.
    Tasca instinctively did what any legitimate peace officer would do: She intervened to protect the victim, pulling Rella off the helpless and battered young man. Eventually the Ridgefield officers handcuffed Kyle – then turned their fury on Tasca.
    “One of them yelled at me, `We can’t have this!’” she recalled. “I said, we `can’t have’ what? There was no reason to take that kid to the ground and start slugging him. This was a medical assistance call, and the mother was sitting their screaming at them to stop beating on their son. I didn’t fail to aid another officer; I acted to stop a beat-down.”
    Two days later, Tasca was summoned by her captain, who informed her that she was being suspended pending a disciplinary hearing. She learned that in addition to “using force” to stop Rella’s assault on Kyle Sharp, Tasca was accused of failing to assist Bogota Officer Jerome Fowler when he was “assaulted” by an intoxicated woman on April 3.

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    (LAWLESS AMERICA, THE MOVIE) Justina Pelletier's Case - Not What It Seems

    Posted By: MaryMaxwell [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Saturday, 22-Feb-2014 21:25:47

    Justina Pelletier’s Case – Not What It Seems
    By Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB
    Thanks to Bill Windsor and his Lawless America series on, the public has been able to find out what’s going on in courthouses these days. The following appears to me to be the “big picture.” If you don’t already know about the plan to ruin America, this will seem unbelievable, but please invest 10 minutes in reading it.
    1. The mother-child bond is to be destroyed.
    2. The courts are to rule unfairly and to harass the litigants.
    3. Anyone who challenges The Powers That Be is to be killed (or perhaps just financially ruined, or disabled, or bereaved).
    4. The media is to present occasional cases of suffering and injustice in order to remind us of our helplessness.
    I recommend that we not concern ourselves with the particulars of the Pelletier case. They are interesting and heartrending, so it makes for good reportage – but that is just what our “overseers” want -- for us to get bogged down in the particulars, and for good measure, to get traumatized.
    I recommend, instead, that we pretend the last 30 years did not happen and just recreate the attitude of strong US citizens. This means going on the offensive against the persons who are wrecking our country, including their low-level servants.

    Ex-Navy SEALS Found Dead on ‘Captain Phillips Ship’ Points to Maritime Piracy Scam

    Shawn Helton
    21st Century Wire
    Two security contractors who were former Navy SEALS were found dead aboard the Maersk Alabama, this is the same ship that was manned by Captain Richard Phillips during a subsequent Somali pirate hijacking and standoff in 2009, a story which had all the hallmarks of a Hollywood rewrite was similar to the celebrated Bin Laden tall tale, Zero Dark Thirty in its apparent accuracy…

    In recent years, Phillips has been heavily criticized for his role during the 2009 hijacking, causing many of his former crew members to speak out that he had fabricated his heroics aboard the Maersk cargo ship. In addition to Captain Phillip’s tales at sea, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service apparently never recovered the $30 grand that went missing after the hijacker’s were said to have seized it

    Polygraph’s were performed on high-ranking navy personnel who had been at the crime scene following the incident but nothing of substance has turned up. 

    IMAGE: Actor Tom Hanks alongside the real ‘Captain Phillips’.

    The Phillips story provides a bizarre back drop for the mysterious deaths of two former Navy Seals aboard Maersk Alabama just this week.

    In this latest case, authorities have identified the two men as Mark Kennedy and Jeffrey Reynolds, both ex-Navy SEALS who were found dead within a cabin aboard the Maersk Alabama on February 18th, as it was docked in Port Victoria, in Seychelles. Seychelles is a small island just northeast of Madagascar, known to the public for its white sandy beaches and luxury resorts. At the moment there is no stated cause of death for both security professionals but both men are believed to have been working on the ship since January 29th.

    Friday, February 21, 2014

    Teens Tied Down and Shot Up With Drugs at Pembroke Pines Facility

    Teens Tied Down and Shot Up With Drugs at Pembroke Pines Facility
    Cold fluorescent light bounces off the slick white floors of the hallway. Doors slam; girls scream in the distance. A half dozen police officers march across the tile. Staffers wrapped in blue hospital scrubs trot behind. Outside, 20 cop cruisers and two ambulances paint the parking lot with their reds and blues, responding to a dispatch call of a possible riot.
    Think One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nestmeets The Hunger Games.
    Fourteen-year-old Kate paces down the hall of the facility for mentally ill teenagers, seemingly glassed away from the chaos. Head down, steps slow as a sleepwalker's. She's just under five feet, baby fat rounding a frame that's covered in a pink hoodie and khaki pants.
    As a security video clearly shows, a crewcut police officer darts to Kate's side. A gloved hand reaches for her left arm. Like a sprung trap, she twists around, her right hand crashing two quick blows against the officer's shoulder. His gloved right fist pulls back, then slams into her face. As Kate crumples, the officer clamps down on the back of her head, taking her to the floor. More cops pile in. With Kate pinned beneath his weight, the officer winds up and fires another punch.

    Illustration by Pat Kinsella

    Illustration by Pat Kinsella

    Illustration by Pat Kinsella
    "Why are you hitting her!?" someone screams.
    Before April 28, 2013, was over, Kate would be pepper-sprayed and hauled off in handcuffs. Later, the teenaged orphan would be charged with battery of a law enforcement officer, a felony.
    Ultimately, her arrest would bring attention to a little-known, publicly funded facility — the Center for Adolescent Treatment Services (CATS), a 56-bed program inPembroke Pines that's run by a Hialeah-based nonprofit group called Citrus Health Network. Former residents describe CATS as a gulag-like holding pen for damaged, low-income kids. Inside, children compete to earn "points" while supervised by a low-educated and reportedly abusive staff — think One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest meetsThe Hunger Games. Worse, residents claim they were regularly tied face-down to beds with four-point restraints and shot up with a mysterious chemical sedative they took to calling "booty juice."

    Sunday, February 16, 2014

    Who Is The Real Mary Beth Kur? Or is it Kerr?

    Mary Beth Kur, Charlevoix attorney

    Is this Mary Beth Kur or "Ms. Kerr"?

    We at The Pretty Lie feel that it is our duty to look into the backgrounds of those individuals who want to run for public office because the local media has failed us greatly. The most recent Charlevoix prosecutor's race is a perfect example of The Good Old Boy Club in action.

    More Here:

    The real Telgenhof - behavior fitting for a prosecuting attorney, don't you think? Complete with photos:

     Because they refused to print letters to the editors of the local papers regarding Allen Telgenhof and the allegations of domestic violence against him, Charlevoix County now has a prosecutor and youth baseball coach with questionable ethics.


    Mary Beth Kur endorsed Telgenhof and supported his election bid due to her intense and much publicized dislike for his opponent John Jarema. Apparently that wasn't the first time that she let her emotions override her judgement.

    While doing some research I misspelled Ms. Kur's last name and I found a very interesting court document from 2008.

    Here is what I ascertained from reading about this case. Someone referred to only as"Ms. Kerr" who was prosecutor of Charlevoix County decided to testify against her former band teacher who had sexual relations with several young students in Michigan and Florida.

    "Ms. Kerr" apparently became sexually involved with her teacher while in middle school and she continued to see him sexually even after she was in college. She only spoke out against this creep after he remarried and after she became prosecutor.

    According to the new wife - "She denied any sexual activity with petitioner while she was in middle school or high
    school, specifically denied seeing Young in the file room with petitioner as Young alleged, and
    denied ever engaging in an act of oral sex with petitioner in a car as Kerr had alleged. (Tr. Vol.
    VIII, pp. 1395-96) She stated that Kerr was “stalking” her and that Kerr was jealous and in
    competition with her. (Tr. Vol. IX, p. 1451)"

    Does anyone else have a problem with her silence on such a serious topic which resulted in several other young girls being sexually abused by her lover? Why didn't she speak up and save those girl's from having their lives destroyed by this man?

    And some more highlights from this court document regarding" Ms. Kerr". (I wonder why they spelled her name wrong? Repeatedly......)

    Other women from both Michigan and Florida testified as Rule 404b similar acts
    witnesses to petitioner’s conduct. Each witness had prior conversations with the other witnesses
    and had shared their stories. Some were pursuing civil actions for money damages against
    petitioner. One witness was Ms. Kerr, a sitting elected prosecutor and former assistant
    prosecutor in Genesee County, alleged that she had victimized by petitioner. Ms. Kerr had been
    a student of petitioner’s in the 1970s, contemporaneously with Elizabeth Crear (petitioner’s
    second wife). Ms. Kerr also had contact with witnesses from Florida who were pursuing a civil
    suit against Mr. Crear following his acquittal on charges there. Ms. Kerr stated that she went to
    Whittier in 1976-1977, later graduated from college and law school, and was at the time of trial
    the elected prosecutor of Charlevoix County, Michigan. (Tr. Vol. IV, pp. 459-461) Ms. Kerr
    claimed a sexual relationship with petitioner during her eighth grade year. (Tr. Vol. IV, pp. 469-
    470) She did not report these acts to her parents or school officials at that time. (Tr. Vol. IV, p.
    485) She continued her relationship with petitioner, according to her testimony, during her high
    school and college years. He was the center of her life. (Tr. Vol. IV, p. 486) They had
    numerous acts of oral and vaginal sex. (Tr. Vol. IV, pp. 495-499) She later became mad, or at
    least upset, at him after he changed his phone number to an unlisted one and she was unable to
    contact him. (Tr. Vol. IV, pp. 559-561) While shopping at a mall in 1987, she ran into Linda
    Craig, a woman she had known in school. After her conversation with Linda Craig, she decided
    to go to school officials in Flint and make a complaint about petitioner. (Tr. Vol. IV, p. 527)
    She also made an anonymous phone call to the Miami school system about Mr. Crear and had
    thought about getting such revenge when she was 18 years old. (Tr. Vol. IV, p. 530) Ms. Kerr
    also admitted that she had contacted many of the other witnesses. (E.g. Posner FL Dep. Tr. 213,
    FL trial Tr. 114-115)

    The good stuff starts on page 6.

    In case they use their connections to take this link down, I have also saved it on Google documents at this link.

    From OTIS:

    Photo of Offender

    Geroge Crear III - convicted pervert / teacher

    Articles about the weirdo band teacher at links below:,4514771

    And then there is this quote from the Petoskey News Review article announcing her candidacy.


    “Our current judge, Richard M. Pajtas, has established and maintained extremely high standards in the operation of our court during his tenure,” Kur said. “I would be honored to follow him and feel confident in my abilities to maintain those high standards. I have worked with and have great respect for several other people I know who are interested in this position. Our campaign will focus on those qualities we feel make me the best person for this very important job. Speaking for everyone involved in my campaign, I can safely say that we, along with most of the people we know, have grown very weary of any sort of personal attacks and negative, hurtful attempts to win elections at all levels.”

    Do the citizen's of Charlevoix really want someone with standards as high as Judge Pajtas? Please see our research on Pajtas and the role that he played in the tragic suicide of Wayne Wynkoop. (As we have mentioned before, Mary Beth Kur FOIA'd Wayne Wynkoops death investigation/ autopsy report - Why?)

    Ask the Wynkoop's how they feel about Pajtas and his high standards. Ask Albert Frost how he feels about Pajtas and his high standards. He had property worth more than 2 million dollars and when Pajtas and Co. were done with him he says he got $8.00. The Good Old Boys strike again.

    And Pajtas also used his authority to let Traverse City court referee Dennis Mikko completely off on child pornography with little explanation and for no apparent reason that I can see. He even made the prosecutor's office pay some of sicko Mikko's attorney fees.

    See here:

    I don't think that warning the voters about the candidate for prosecutor  who was given a free pass for domestic violence because"he is a Charlevoix attorney" can be considered a personal attack or a negative and hurtful attempt to win an election.

     We at The Pretty Lie were trying to alert the voters, who are ultimately the losers, about the manipulation of the truth by the media and the Good Old Boys who seemingly control them.

    And more on the Good Old Boy Club and Kur's connection with same. From our research:

    And then there is this seemingly cozy relationship that she has with the sheriff.
    From the article below:

    Prosecutor Mary Beth Kur made a phone call that night toCharlevoix County Undersheriff Donald Schneider. The phone call was recorded:

    Kur:  "(Our son) ended up calling 9-1-1 ....So Bush came out with (Charlevoix City Police Officer) Matt (Umulis)....I don't know Bush very well but if somebody would just please say something about respecting my son's privacy...."

    Schneider: "I'll take care of it..." 

    Kur: "I don't want anything like… I just don't know him well enough to just ask him that..."

    Schneider: "I'll take care of Bush..."

    We at TPL hope that the next judge would like to raise the bar on standards and not continue with the abuse of power of exhibited by many elected officials here in Northern Michigan.

    This voter spoke the sentiments of many voters in the fiasco that was the Jarema - Kur election a few years back.

        East Jordan voter Allison MacKay seemed as enthusiastic about voting against Kur as she did for Jarema.
          "I'm going to vote her out," MacKay said, as she headed toward the polls.
          MacKay said Jarema "seems more honest, straightforward." She said of Kur, "there's too much politics there."


    And even more scandal:

    It seems that Kur also helped to drive her clients wealthy husband to ruination in this fascinating article from The Northern Express:

    Reporter Mitch McKay is correct - the race for 33rd Circuit Court judge is turning out to be a real freak show.

    Friday, February 14, 2014

    “Killer cops aren’t welcome here”: Cop Who Killed Kelly Thomas Driven Out of Restaurant

    Lily Dane
    Activist Post

    Remember Manuel Ramos, the scumbag murderer ex-cop who said, “You see my fists? They’re getting ready to f*ck you up” to Kelly Thomas before beating him into a coma?

    Remember that, despite video evidence of the beating that ultimately led to Thomas’s death, an Orange County jury inexplicably acquitted Ramos and let him walk free?

    That jury may have been easy on Ramos, but it appears that citizens won’t be so kind.

    Last weekend Ramos visited a Denny’s restaurant in California, about a mile from where the brutal beating of Kelly Thomas occurred.

    Customers recognized Ramos and began complaining about his presence.

    Sunday, February 9, 2014

    Zookeepers kill healthy baby giraffe with a bolt gun because he was 'surplus to requirements' and then feed him to the lions but not before doing an autopsy in front of young children

    This is the horrific moment schoolchildren crowded around to watch as the body of a perfectly healthy giraffe was chopped up before being fed to lions.
    Despite more than 20,000 people signing an online petition to save two-year-old Marius, staff at Copenhagen Zoo yesterday went ahead and shot the animal with a bolt pistol.
    Young children stood at arm’s length as his carcass was skinned and dissected before the meat was thrown to the lions.

    Scroll down for video

    Perfectly healthy: The giraffe named Marius who was shot dead and autopsied in the presence of visitors to the gardens at Copenhagen Zoo
    Perfectly healthy: The giraffe named Marius who was shot dead and autopsied in the presence of visitors to the gardens at Copenhagen Zoo



    'It's not natural for a 34-year-old to just cease to exist'

    Miriam Carey
    WASHINGTON — Under crystal-clear skies on a warm autumn day, suburban mother Miriam Carey left her home in Stamford, Conn., to drive 270 miles to Washington, D.C., on a trip from which she would never return.
    To this day, no one really knows why she was gunned-down by federal officers in the shadow of the Capitol dome.
    The 34-year-old dental hygienist had her beloved infant daughter buckled into the back seat of her black Nissan Infiniti on Oct. 3, 2013, when she apparently made a wrong turn and suddenly found herself at a security checkpoint at the White House.

    Miriam Carey shooting press conference. WND photo by Garth Kant.
    The media mistakenly reported that Carey rammed a barrier or a gate, but the initial police report mentions only that she tried to make a U-turn.
    Read the initial police report on the Miriam Carey case, Page 1 and Page 2.


    Saturday, February 8, 2014


    We will re-post this after editing by the source. Stay tuned ........

    Mitchell Jon MacKay

    PROSECUTOR CHARGED WITH DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, bad checks, property damage, charges reporter with taking photos of a crime scene.  Wait, didn’t reporters always take pictures of crime scenes?  Well, yes, but that was before an obscure law having to do with gravesite indignities that the current prosecutor of Charlevoix County, Michigan dug up from presumably computer search because he had no idea the law even existed. But then he presumably didn’t know he couldn’t beat up his wife, write bad checks or destroy property either, so….
                This is a matter of relativity.  Not long ago State Police employee Bill Smith, commander of the Gladwin post was busted for drunk driving in Sault Ste. Marie but got off through a complicit judge; trooper Aaron Sweeney of the Petoskey post was busted for domestic violence; a former Charlevoix deputy was charged with domestic violence on M-66 – it goes on and on.  And a reporter is busted for taking photos.  This is known as malfeasance, using the law and the uniform for nefarious purposes.  Happens every day.
                Way down there in Texas a former prosecutor was recently found guilty of malfeasance for failing to record exculpatory evidence in the Michael Morton trial which begot Morton 25 years in prison.  The ex-prosecutor, most recently a judge – there’s a scandal in itself – was disbarred, fined, ordered to community service, and received ten days in jail of which he did five with good behavior and…that’s all.  Twenty-five years of an innocent man’s life begot five days in jail and loss of license which he can reapply for in five years. 
                I know of a certain judge who did five years of disbarment for misappropriation of trust funds but he certainly never did anything so heinous as photographing dead bodies.  That takes an especially diabolical paparazzi.  Fortunately our local cops and prosecutors are on the job, even if some of these are on the docket. 
                But then, we have to allow for hypocrisy too.  Well, like congresswoman Debbie Stabenow for instance who campaigned on the internet for salvaging the SNAP program of food assistance, then appeared for photos with the congratulatory promoters of cutting food assistance and rewarding agriculture with more corporate welfare, people like those Koch brothers.  That photo should be illegal.  Where would America be without hypocrisy?  The US Constitution upheld slavery – yes, it actually says it in that short document.  The US Constitution upheld Indian displacement – yep it’s there too.  What’s not there in that hallowed parchment is separation of church and state; the framers didn’t want to go there nor did they want to deal with the precept of presumed innocent until proven guilty – those items were added argumentum ad hominem in the course of interpretation thereafter.  Well, sort of like “Citizens United” with nary a citizen voting. 
                What we have here, friends and neighbors, is the burgeoning police state that disallows anyone, reporter or public from “interfering” with police actions.  They don’t want proof positive of any malfeasance.  That’s what this is all about.  First it’s money, then it’s power trip, then it’s secrecy, in that order.  Isn’t the latter what the whistleblowing chronicles are all about?  And isn’t the former what bureaucracy is all about?  The middle ground is the benefit of putting on the uniform so that clemency is pretty much a done deal when officials go afoul of the law. 
                Look, if a prosecutor, a judge and a cop can break the law with impunity but a news reporter can be arrested for exercising the 1st Amendment, we may know there’s something very wrong here in America.  And this is not big bad Chicago, Los Angeles or Detroit; this is Charlevoix county, rural Michigan.  But the coliseum games continue unabated because it’s established in rule of law, due process.  Watch this upcoming contest for Circuit judge of this county, which will prove to be a real sideshow, a freak show tragicomedy of errors but for the only reputable candidate to date, Roy Hayes III.  It’s time for another American Revolution, folks.  The reason is exactly the same as ever:  arrogate oppression.

    ©2014 Mitchell Jon MacKay