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How Police Can Seize Your Home Even If You’re Innocent

Chris and Markela Sourovelis
Chris and Markela Sourovelis. Image source: Institute for Justice
Chris and Markela Sourovelis are suing Philadelphia, the district attorney’s office, and the police department to shut down one of the most aggressive forfeiture units in the country.
It all started one afternoon last May when Chris Sourvelis received a frantic phone call from his wife.
A few months after their son was arrested for selling $40 worth of drugs outside of their house in the Somerton section of the city, the police had returned. But this time they wanted something else — their home.
“I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t bother anybody,” Chris Sourovelis told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “But we struggle from week to week not knowing what will happen.”
What started as a way for Philadelphia officials to seize property from drug traffickers has quickly evolved. Now Philadelphia’s civil forfeiture unit allows homes to be taken away from homeowners who haven’t even broken the law.
And Sourovelis isn’t the only one who feels it isn’t right to take away homes from those not convicted of crimes.

Police Officially Refuse To Hire Applicants With High IQ Scores

It’s long been rumored amongst law enforcement critics, but did you know that police departments officially disqualify high-scoring applicants? That’s not to say that all cops are stupid… Just that if you’re too smart, the police simply won’t hire you.
The policy became solidified as a concrete federal ruling almost a decade and a half ago with little fanfare from the mainstream media. Back in 1999, a Federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by a police applicant who was barred from the New London, Connecticut police force. The reason for the disqualification was literally because he had scored “too high” on an intelligence test. The department made it clear, they didn’t want the bottom of the barrel in terms of intelligence, but they didn’t want anyone “too smart” either.
READ MORE: 1146-des-photos-mourir-de-rire-trt-fotogaleri[800x600] It’s long been rumored amongst law enforcement critics, but did you know that police departments officially disqualify high-scoring applicants? That’s not to say that all cops are stupid… Just that if you’re too smart, the police simply won’t hire you. The policy became solidified as a concrete federal ruling almost a decade and a half ago with little fanfare from the mainstream media. Back in 1999, a Federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by a police applicant who was barred from the New London, Connecticut police force. The reason for the disqualification was literally because he had scored “too high” on an intelligence test. The department made it clear, they didn’t want the bottom of the barrel in terms of intelligence, but they didn’t want anyone “too smart” either.

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Child Sex and Politicians: Some Very Powerful People Do Not Want You to See This Documentary Just Unbanned


We know they are there, the corrupt, the blase, the same sick people who occupied decadent Rome, England in the Profumo scandal, the more recent exposure of pedophile Rolf Harris et al 









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Govt Round Ups Of Patriots Have Begun – What Happened To Unreleased Documentary Producer Of “Lawless America” (Videos)

(N.Morgan) Bill Windsor has been missing for months. His documentary Lawless In America was never released. He disappeared and has been gone since August. This needs to be shared and exposed. Where is Bill Windsor? Some of the people working with him on his documentary were threatened by this regime if they worked with Bill. The Powers That  Be don’t want this documentary out and they want to silence him. If you have any information as to Bill’s where abouts, please contact me.



Hi.  I am emailing because I need your help.  I am asking you to send me a signed, sworn affidavit to use as evidence in court.

As you may know, I have been viciously defamed by a group of people, some of whom were removed from the movie because I felt they were not telling the truth.  I am battling these people in court in what I believe is the largest defamation lawsuit in the history of the United States.  These people have published close to 300 articles about me, filling 8,000 pages of single-spaced 9-point type.  They have set up dozens of horrible websites and have recorded over 50 horrendous videos.  These people have published that I have committed hundreds of criminal acts, and they have reported me to the FBI, IRS, and many other agencies.  People have published that I am a pedophile, a pedophile lover, anti-gay, a bigot, have sex with animals, have venereal diseases, and more.  They have published that I am a terrorist planning to kill every government official in America.  They regularly publish that the movie is a “fake movie,” and that I have operated this and many other scams to steal money from you and others.  It’s me, representing myself, against close to 700 nameless, faceless people for the most part.

I really need your help.  I want to establish that those filmed knew this was filming for a documentary movie.

Please modify the attached Microsoft Word file to put it in your words and to express anything else that you want to say.  Please include your observations about the professionalism with which the filming was handled.  If you’ve seen some of the defamation, feel free to comment about it.    

If you donated money to me, please include a sentence stating that you donated and that you were never told that the donation would be tax-deductible (as they are claiming I committed tax fraud).  Please state that you were not conned into donating.  Some people donated money by putting cash in a jar, and I do not have those names, so if you donated in any manner, please reply to this email with the amount you donated, so I can be sure everyone is properly recorded.

Please sign before a notary (most banks do this for free), and mail to me as soon as possible at:  William M. Windsor, PO Box 150325, Dallas, Texas 75315.

These people have a stated goal to destroy me and the movie.  They have done irreparable damage.  I plan to defeat them in court.  With my reputation restored, I hope to have the funds to complete the movie the way it needs to be completed.  I need your help.



William M. Windsor
Phone: 770-578-1094 – blog site

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The cost of food has been steadily increasing in places like Thailand and Venezuela as evidenced by the fact that since the beginning of 2014, riots are occurring in countries that are suffering through extreme food shortages.  These mass protests movements may all have one thing in common, increasing food prices are the cause of the civil unrest.
According to Dr. Yaneer Bar-Yam and his research colleagues at the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI), they are collectively stating that civil unrest, spurred by food shortages. may be anticipated for their effect by a mathematical model that correlates the variables of rising food costs, diminished and that are related to income and civil unrest. The present data suggests that America is ripe for the same kinds of civil disruption that we are witnessing in Thailand and Venezuela. How bad could the civil unrest become?  Nobody can be certain except to say that America is entering into uncharted waters.
If one uses the violent civil unrest in Ferguson, MO. as a barometer of severity of the act of rioting, we need to realize that people are protesting the shooting death of one young man by a local police officer. Imagine how much more vitriolic these protests would become, how much more looting would take place and how many more people would be killed and injured if people and their children were facing starvation and these riots were food riots. The people of the United States are almost at the point of no return with regard to the coming food riots.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Ferguson: No Justice in the American Police State _ Paul Craig Roberts

There are reports that American police kill 500 or more Americans every year. Few of these murdered Americans posed a threat to police. Police murder Americans for totally implausible reasons. For example, a few days before Michael Brown was gunned down in Ferguson, John Crawford picked up a toy gun from a WalMart shelf in the toy department and was shot and killed on the spot by police goons.
It appears that the murder of Michael Brown did not satisfy the blood lust of the goon thug cop murderers. Less than four miles from Ferguson, goon thugs murdered another black man on August 19. The police claims of “threat” are disproved by the video of the murder. You can see the entire scene much better here. This is a clear case of outright murder of a man by our Nazi Gestapo police. The police then handcuff their dead victim.
Clearly, the American police are an enormous danger to the public. It will be interesting to see what excuses the police shills will come up with to justify this murder. It is not American civilians with carry permits who murder 500 people a year. It is the goon thug police. Gun control should be applied to the police who lack sufficient intelligence and judgment to go around armed.
Five hundred is more than one killing by police per day. Yet the reports of the shootings seldom get beyond the local news. Why then has the Ferguson, Missouri, police killing of Michael Brown gone international?
Probably the answer is the large multi-day protests of the black community in Ferguson that led to the state police being sent to Ferguson and now the National Guard. Also, domestic police in full military combat gear with armored personnel carriers and tanks pointing numerous rifles in the faces of unarmed civilians and arresting and threatening journalists make good video copy. The “land of the free” looks like a Gestapo Nazi state. To much of the world, which has grown to hate American bullying, the bullying of Americans by their own police is poetic justice.

Ed Gein in a Skin Suit with Louboutins~~~Dog Poet

Date: Friday, 22-Aug-2014 09:56:50

Dog Poet Transmitting.......
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Now we see an ominous glimpse of the agenda of the 1%. Those who are directly responsible for world conditions at this time. ISIS was created by western and Israeli intelligence services to act as a foil and a stimulus for reckless adventurism, manifesting as a whole lot of murder and mayhem against people without the weaponry to defend themselves. They are the new boogeyman to replace Al Qaeda, who is getting long in the tooth and they are the ones who are going to be blamed for the next major league false flag event soon to take place in the US or some similarly strategic location. However, the sense of things here says, USA! USA! USA!
Even your generic dumbass ought to be able to catch on to this by now but... unfortunately for the country, probably not. They'll provide the immediate outrage and sense of violation, while screaming about liberals, who in fact are not liberals. As is t.he case with those whose job description is to come up with symbolic names for their staged offences against humanity, they have assigned the name ISIS to this group of psychopathic mercenaries; Egyptian moon goddess and wife of Osiris. We can only hope Horus is around and a departure from expectations.
Here's the kind ofindividual that makes up the ranks of the 1% being as I was born (allegedly) on the 22nd, I am including 22 quotes from the Monsters of the New World Order and you get a lovely photo of David Rockefeller to go with it who says lizards don't walk among us. Sure, you could argue he looks as much like a weasel and of course his dietary preferences reflect that but lizard feels as legitimate as anything else.
Now let us foray into yet one more cheap stunt from the dungmeisters at the top No... really? Really? Yeah, well, I don't know one way or the other but anytime something like this happens and anytime the Zio-press trumpets some event that sparks all sorts of potential action, I have to assume they fabricated it.
In the meantime, onward goes the relentless assaults upon human freedom and common sense this is all part and parcel of tenderizing and pacifying the public to accept whatever ridiculous situations these fiends come up with. Things like that and things like this are meant to send a powerful message to the lumpen (headed) proletariat. This is meant to be enjoyed along with the disappearance of a functioning economy, a bankrupt jobs market, a no longer present manufacturing base and assorted ills ALL CREATED by these same evil and possessed autobots, who operate at the pleasure of their infernal liege lord. If you are not human but you are walking around in a human suit, especially in the way Ed Gein used to, or if your behavior leads to similar results, there are only a few options as to what you might be. You might have regressed back to an animal state and we see that more and more, as appetite goes into ascendance over reason. You could be divine... and we see less and less of that as time goes by or... you could be demonic and in the cases of those plaguing humanity 24/7 we would have to say it is the latter that is in evidence.
For the elite there is a whole new meaning to, “let them eat cake”. I have to assume that Louboutins are shoes and that puts me in mind of the irrepressible Jimmy Choo. I don't know how many of you are aware of the upscale women who were having surgery done on their toes so that they could fit into a pair AND for the rest of you lunkheads there are increasing shortages of all those critical comestibles upon which you rely. When it comes to maintaining the basic elements of life and the acquisition of basic staples, nothing says it better than Nutella.

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Whitney Houston and the 2012 Grammy Awards Mega-Ritual

The 2012 Grammy Awards took place in a horrible context: the wake of the sudden, mysterious death of Whitney Houston. The show went on nevertheless … but not without a great deal of strange symbols and events that made one thing very clear: There is a definite dark side to the entertainment business. We will look at the facts surrounding Whitney Houston’s death, the symbolic elements of the 2012 Grammy Awards (including Nikki Minaj’s ritualistic performance) and see how the ceremony turned into another mega-ritual.
I had a feeling that in 2012 the occult agenda of the entertainment industry would be kicked in high gear. I was right: In the span of a week, the most important night in sports (the Superbowl – see the article about it here) and music (the Grammys) were infused with ritualistic elements witnessed by millions of viewers. While the Superbowl half-time show lasted only 13 minutes, the ritual surrounding the Grammys lasted for days and its aftermath is still going on as odd facts and accounts regarding Whitney Houston continue to surface in the media.
This article will list several facts and events that took place before, during and after the Grammy Awards that have a symbolic significance in the grand scheme of things. While some of the facts mentioned here might have been the result of coincidence or poor timing, they still came together in one big, classic case of synchronicity. In other words, apparent coincidences sometimes reveal an underlying pattern behind events.
“Carl Jung described synchronicity as ” the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance and that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner. Synchronistic events reveal an underlying pattern, a conceptual framework that encompasses, but is larger than, any of the systems that display the synchronicity. Concurrent events that first appear to be coincidental but later turn out to be causally related are termed incoincident.”
When we look at the facts and the occurrences surrounding Whitney Houston’s death coupled with the symbolic elements of the 2012 Grammy awards, the entire “event” has the looks of an occult ritual, complete with a blood sacrifice, a celebration and even a “re-birth”. Some of the things described below were pre-planned, while others were possibly just odd coincidences. However, the overwhelming and almost palpable energy emanating from the 2012 Grammys definitely made some things align in a synchronistic fashion. Let’s look at the most significant events that happened during that fateful weekend.

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Nanny State and Police State Unite to Arrest Boy For Bringing the Word “Gun” to School

Anthony Freda Art
Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
Thankfully, the dynamic duo of the Police State and the Nanny State come together again to protect the American people from another dangerous terrorist. This time, the danger to society was a 16-year-old boy from Summerville, S.C. who went so far as to write a fictional statement about killing a dinosaur with a gun.
After being given an assignment to “write a few sentences about themselves” as if it were a Facebook status, Alex Stone proceeded to write a fictional story that included the words “gun” and “take care of business.”
“I killed my neighbor’s pet dinosaur, and, then, in the next status I said I bought the gun to take care of the business,” Stone said.
Unfortunately for Stone, after reading the status, his teacher became alarmed that a dinosaur had been harmed and, to make matters worse, an American citizen had access to a gun. Apparently, what was even more disturbing to the teacher was that this gun-wielding, dinosaur-murdering terrorist dared bring the word “gun” into the school and write it down on a piece of paper. The teacher certainly recognized that the amount of damage a written word can do to the general student body is incalculable. After all, it had just killed a dinosaur and now, here it is, in the middle of the school!
After realizing that the power of the word “gun” was too much for a single teacher to handle, the teacher wisely called in the appropriate law enforcement officials who, having spent years building up surplus military gear, were trained to handle such a situation.

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Babylon Is Fallen

by kate u/v kaia

1. NAME: The master key to the entire system's/CROWN CORPORATION'S game. The 
NAME is the lynch pin to the entire legal/control construct. Without a LEGAL NAME, 
which is your consent by agreeing to be said NAME, the system vampires cannot literally 
feed on your life blood/creation source energy that is typically shown in the physical 
materials we collect. It is only the CONSENT to be/use/have a LEGAL NAME/Mark of the 
Beast that is required for your absolute spiritual contract/deal with the devil motif to be 
in FULL FORCE AND EFFECT with you as a SLAVE and them as MASTER. For PROOF of 
this, look and see how much of your life/existence involves a LEGAL NAME and you will 
see the measure of control the system has over you.
2. REGISTER/REGISTRATION etc. : Any/all things registered are FULLY SURRENDERED 
with consent to the CROWN CORPORATION with NO legal recourse until such things are 
removed by exposing the INTENT by those who serve the CROWN CORPORATION to 
commit fraud knowingly/unknowingly.
ex: A child that is REGISTERED is CROWN PROPERTY by ignorant consent where the truth 
of REGISTERING was not brought forth which is the original INTENT by CROWN 
CORPORATION SERVANT'S OWNERS to have people offer their children unknowingly into 
slavery of soul, and thus, body. It's the soul they're really after, so keep that in mind.
3. MONEY, GOLD, SILVER, ASSETS, BITCOIN etc. are ALL illusions of value where YOU are 
the true creator of all physical manifestations. Money, external value, has been the tool 
as the third party interloper "middle man" that has made draining your power possible. 
Money or the like only has value if one has been duped into thinking it does. This illusion 
is the ultimate distraction and destroyer of creator souls, literally. ALL money is based on 
the soul CONTRACT commonly known as a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.


Adam Heller, an English teacher at Fox Lane High School in Bedford, New York, has been fired for questioning the official narrative of the Sandy Hook shooting online – he is now suing.
Because Heller made comments that the government may have been behind the shooting, the Bedford school district fired him after a disciplinary hearing on charges that he suffered from “mental illness.”
The person Heller was chatting with online informed the FBI that Heller had received a rifle from a friend soon after the Sandy Hook shootings. Police then monitored him online and off. After Heller purchased a gun police questioned him at his home, which eventually led to his involuntary commitment.
Interestingly, the same week we also saw a Sandy Hook investigator die of unexplained causes.

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 During the Kent State trials it was widely assumed that someday a scholar (or scholars) would diligently study the mountains of evidence deliberately preserved for history, sift fact from fiction, and finally answer the questions that dominated the public debate. The most important question was: "Why were four students killed by Ohio National Guardsmen during a campus protest on May 4, 1970?"

     To date, only one person has even tried to accomplish this almost herculean feat. That person is William A. Gordon, a 1973 graduate of the university who, as a freelance journalist, covered the aftermath and wrote numerous articles and opinion pieces over a period of 19 years.
     Mr. Gordon, who is now a full-time author and publisher, was a quiet yet virtually ubiquitous figure in the aftermath. He reported on events as they actually unfolded, attended the trials, reviewed thousands of pages of official documents, and talked to as many of the key players in the Kent State tragedy as he could.
     His research included over 200 new interviews with 170 people, including eyewitnesses to the shootings, Ohio National Guardsmen, high ranking Justice Department and White House officials, attorneys in both the criminal and civil trials, surviving wounded students and the parents of the fatalities, an Ohio governor, and local law enforcement officials.

     Mr. Gordon was also the only journalist to review the extensive pretrial depositions taken for the wrongful death and injury trials and the 44-volume, 13,000-page trial transcript. Along with other journalists, he also filed Freedom of Information Act requests which resulted in the release of the FBI's 8,000 page investigative file and other internal Justice Department documents.

     On top of that, Mr. Gordon conducted additional research in the archives at Yale; Kent State; the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus, Ohio; and Richard's Nixon presidential papers, which were then housed in Arlington, Virginia.

     The result of Mr. Gordon's efforts is Four Dead in Ohio, a book which remains the first and only study to re-examine the various explanations why the four students were killed by Ohio National Guardsmen at Kent State.

New light shed on Kent State killings

- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Previously undisclosed FBI documents suggest that the Kent State antiwar protests were more meticulously planned than originally thought and that one or more gunshots may have been fired at embattled Ohio National Guardsmen before their killings of four students and woundings of at least nine others on that searing day in May 1970.
As the nation marks the 40th anniversary of the Kent State antiwar protests Tuesday, a review of hundreds of previously unpublished investigative reports sheds a new — and very different — light on the tragic episode.
The upheaval that enveloped the northeastern Ohio campus actually began three days earlier, in downtown Kent. Stirred to action by President Nixon’s expansion of U.S. military operations in Cambodia, a roving mob of earnest antiwar activists, hard-core radicals, curious students and others smashed 50 bank and store windows, looted a jewelry store and hurled bricks and bottles at police.
Four officers suffered injuries, and the mayor declared a civil emergency. Only tear gas dispersed the mob.

Kent State Victim Claims Evidence of Order to Fire

Students give first aid to a fellow student shot and wounded by Ohio National Guardsmen

A man wounded when Ohio National Guard troops opened fire on student anti-war protesters at Kent State University 37 years ago says an audiotape recorded that day reveals someone gave the order to fire.
The recording captures the 13 seconds of gunfire – more than 60 shots were fired – that left four students dead and nine others wounded. One of the injured was Alan Canfora, who was shot in the wrist.
On Tuesday, Canfora released newly enhanced audio recordings of the incident. Shortly before the volley of gunfire, he says, a voice in the background can be heard yelling, "Right here! Get Set! Point! Fire!"
"When I first heard that, I was shaking. I shed tears," Canfora said.
Canfora wants the government to reopen its investigation of the May 4, 1970, shootings. They occurred on the fourth day of a demonstration against the recent American invasion of Cambodia, during the Vietnam War. Ohio's governor had called out the National Guard to quell the uprising.
Ever since the tragic events of that day, Canfora has been trying to make sense of it — how an anti-war demonstration at Kent State, not unlike hundreds then taking place on college campuses across the country, could end in bloodshed and death.
He says he has listened to other tapes, analyzed photos and researched witness accounts, transcripts and interviews. Canfora says he has always felt that one of the three Guard officers on the scene must have given an order to fire.

Kent State shootings

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kent State shootings
Kent State massacre.jpg
John Filo's Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of Mary Ann Vecchio, a 14-year-old runaway kneeling over the body of Jeffrey Miller minutes after he was shot by the Ohio National Guard
LocationKent, Ohio, US
DateMay 4, 1970
12:24 pm[1] (Eastern)
TargetKent State Universitystudents
WeaponsM1 Garand rifles
.45 caliber pistol
12-gauge shotgun
Non-fatal injuries
PerpetratorsOhio Army National Guard

Memorial to Jeffrey Miller, taken from approximately the same perspective as John Filo's famous 1970 photograph as it appears today.
The Kent State shootings (also known as the May 4 massacre or the Kent State massacre)[2][3][4] occurred at Kent State University in the US city of Kent, Ohio, and involved the shooting of unarmed college students by the Ohio National Guard on Monday, May 4, 1970. The guardsmen fired 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis.[5][6]
Some of the students who were shot had been protesting against the Cambodian Campaign, which President Richard Nixonannounced during a television address on April 30. Other students who were shot had been walking nearby or observing the protest from a distance.[7][8]
There was a significant national response to the shootings: hundreds of universities, colleges, and high schools closed throughout the United States due to a student strike of four million students,[9] and the event further affected public opinion—at an already socially contentious time—over the role of the United States in the Vietnam War.[10]

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 to this:   
through the corrupt acts of a close-knit group of doctors belonging to John Muir Physician Network.
Glenda Seeking Treatment for Recurring
Lung Fungus Infection
Causing Shortness of Breath

Glenda was admitted to John Muir Hospital for shortness of breath, and treated for recurring fungus infection from January 5, 2012, to January 14, 2012. She had COPD. During the hospital stay, Glenda developed three painful and serious pressure ulcers on her back that were deprived the special care of a wound specialist. These pressure ulcers caused Glenda to experience increasing pain. Treatment was not provided for Glenda's painful pressure ulcers.  
  • The advanced stage of these pressure ulcers caused concern upon the part of a nurse shortly before Glenda’s transfer from John Muir Hospital. The nurse then took pictures of the ulcers. This scene was witnessed by two of Glenda’s visitors. Prior to entering the hospital, Glenda was being treated by a wound specialist for a pressure ulcer on her ankle. Pain from the ankle pressure ulcer was treated by topical medication.

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Dispelling The Myths

There’s a huge myth in the United States that America is at war with street gangs, thugs and drug dealers which requires this kind of combat oriented firepower—supposedly to “Keep Americans Safe”.
To that end this government has purchased billions upon billions of rounds of hollow-point bullets, given to the private US armed force that is imposing martial law upon this nation one city at a time.
In addition to the ammunition the police are being armed, along with DHS, ICE, DEA and every other domestic agency as if there is a war in progress that “threatens” the life of every man woman and child in America. That’s a LIE!
The only real threat to every man, woman and child in America is coming directly from this government and all of its criminally employed mercenaries. The image above is from the illegally formed force being employed against the people of Ferguson Missouri, to put down an insurrection which this government continues to cause by shooting unarmed poor and black people in numbers, on a routine basis. There are also snipers, and fully armed street thugs, trained in Israel to be “Amerikan Police” as if this entire nation is filled with nothing but “Enemies of the State”!
There is no insurrection coming from street thugs, gangs, drug-dealers or government terrorists: There is only the totally out-of-control and fully armed mercenary forces that are hostile to every US citizen.
In the past fifteen years there have been exactly ZERO confrontations that took place between “outgunned law enforcement types” and out of control gangs of any type: Yet the military armaments continue to poor into police agencies all over the USA. The vast majority of murders that have taken place here came from the military weapons, most of them illegal, that are being used by government forces against the public—each and every day.
The truth is that there are areas in every major metropolitan city where the “cops” will not go today because they will be killed and they know it.
That’s why they don’t engage the people they say they’ve been armed to confront—it’s much easier to rape, torture and murder ordinary unarmed citizens ­ than it would be to do the job they say they have been trained for. And yet there has been none of the so-called “threats”, in evidence, anywhere in the nation that has seen any kind of confrontation which was ever answered by the so-called “police”!
The result of all these very public lies must be publicly answered NOW!
All those bullet-proof armored vests and gear will never protect these cowards that refuse to do their jobs of protecting the public: The tanks, drones, heavy machine guns, sniper rifles and the missiles are not needed to quell the public’s rights to question these barbarians, the same criminals who routinely brutalize and assault the public before killing far too many of us—with no consequences whatsoever for their out of control behavior. What the public needs is a literal army to protect us from the government’s hired mercenaries in every county, state or city in this country.
Since the government will never allow that, it will soon be up to the public to defend themselves with the over 500 million weapons that the people here still own.

Obama’s Nazis

A Summary of the Situation in Embattled ‘New Russia,’ Ukraine’s Southeast
POSTED BY Eric Zuesse, via OLGA LUZANOVA ⋅ AUGUST 15, 2014
Video: A Summary of the Situation in the Embattled Novorossiya
Translation from Russian by Alan and Alya Bailey, Subtitles by Marcel Sardo / Edited by Olga L. and Gleb Bazov
Alexey Mozgovoy: The peaceful population is being eliminated using missiles. These actions make the civilian population leave their homes. So, generally speaking, Kiev does not need the population; it is irrelevant in the area where they plan to conduct fracking.
There’s already a drilling rig in Slavyansk and it’s starting its work. The equipment for building the rigs has already been delivered to a little settlement near Slavyansk. So what use is there for the population? It’s not needed there. The complete elimination of the population is being covered up by the so-called ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation -- the 'terrorists' are the local residents there].
All types of weapons that the other side has in its arsenal are being used without any remorse. The weapons have to be checked – and they are being checked. Some missile launchers SAU, American ones, have been brought from Poland and they are being used in full. There are lots of mercenaries from different armies who have worked in other countries – in Syria, Libya, Lebanon. They are there, on the other side now and they are having fun.

Murderpedia - Antoinette FRANK

Antoinette Frank was a 23-year-old rookie New Orleans police officer when she and Rogers LaCaze terrorized the family-owned Kim Anh restaurant, shooting dead Officer Ronald Williams, and siblings Ha and Cuong Vu during a 1995 robbery.
Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: New Orleans police officer - Robbery at a Vietnamese restaurant
Number of victims: 3
Date of murders: March 4, 1995
Date of arrest: Same day
Date of birth: April 30, 1971
Victims profile: Ronald Williams, 25, an off-duty New Orleans cop, and two of the restaurant owner's children, Cuong Vu, 17, and Ha Vu, 24
Method of murder: Shooting
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Status: Sentenced to death on October 20, 1995

Antoinette Frank (born 30th April 1971) is a former New Orleans police officer who was convicted of the murders of three people and is one ot two women on Louisiana's death row located in St. Gabriel at the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women.
Frank had an unstable childhood, but there was one thing that was clear to her since she was a small girl: she wanted to become a policewoman.
As a teenager and, later on, young adult, Frank suffered from being a member of a broken family: her brother was a law fugitive, her father would appear in her life only occasionally, and Frank became distressed about these issues, needing psychiatric help.
According to author Chuck Hustmyre, a former policeman himself, when Frank applied to become a cop in Louisiana, she lied about her psychological and psychiatric condition in order to be hired as a policewoman.
Frank served in the New Orleans Police for less than one year and was hired despite being caught lying on several sections of her application. During a shooting, she met her future boyfriend, an alleged drug dealer named Rogers LaCaze, who had been badly injured during the shooting and who required help from Frank that night, as well as hospitalization.


A Killer in Blue

In Corruption-Plagued New Orleans, a Woman Cop Is Sentenced to Die