Thursday, August 25, 2016

Resurfacing Soon

We at The Pretty Lie or the Ugly Truth have reconvened with our constituents after the tragic loss of Wendy Beal. If you haven't had occasion to view the memorial that we recently posted, please take the time to learn what our former editor, the late Wendy Beal, was all about. In the interest of justice, we will be more diligent as we reorganize and we will be adding some other features of other endeavors relating to technologies that may be the solutions for world hunger, access to clean water, alternative energies, life extension, and many other ambitions. As always, we remain committed to exposing those - especially those in public office - who go outside the scope of their authority to inflict harm on the innocent through selective and malicious prosecution and ruthlessness, capriciousness, and diabolically operating in the theater of justice. We will continue to utilize our assets to convict them, at least in the court of public opinion. Please stay tuned as we will be posting continuously as will be reporting on events of interest to our viewers. Thank you for vising the Pretty Lie or the Ugly Truth, where integrity is our first priority.