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Call this a "short note" on our news site. And headline it, "Disorientation."
 For we are and have been witnessing precisely that. It's incredible. A man 
shoots a pregnant woman to death and is charged with two homicides
 -- hers and that of the unborn. Yet, we allow doctors to perform late-term
 abortions. Disorientation. Most recently, a young Texas man assaults his 
girlfriend in a way that kills her three-month-old unborn child, and is
 charged with murder. We are confused! Many abortions take place later
 than that! And any are wrong.
An offshore well begins spewing oil in the Gulf of Mexico, threatening that
 entire, vital system of water, and our response, once it is capped, after
 weeks of angst: more ocean drilling.
Christians are slain my Muslims around the world. The upshot: Muslims
 are the persecuted.
Many are against war and capital punishment but are pro-abortion. They
 consider themselves "humanitarians."
(Or folks are okay with war and capital punishment, but oppose abortion.)
Meanwhile, to defend God's Creation is suddenly socialism?
We listen to commentators instead of the Gospels and the result is:
 confusion. The devil is the prince of this. Obfuscation. Aberrant sexual 
behavior and intravenous drug use cause a horrendous crisis that becomes known as AIDS; it threatens the entire populace. Innocent people who contract it from blood transfusions die. The response:
 to defend and legitimize that sexuality and declare those who oppose
 it (hating the sin, while loving the sinners) as intolerant.
As for drugs: legalize marijuana (even the staid New York Times now 
calls for this).
You are looking in a mirror. We are disoriented. The devil loves things
 backwards (look at the word "live"). Evil is good and good is evil.

The Death Camps to Come

IN  THE  PUNISHMENT  BLOCK  AT  CAMP  FEMA (See below for details)

(See below for details)
A grim life for the goyim in the death camps of the future, and even worse to follow, is here predicted by Jewish writer Ellie Katsnelson.
Introductory note by Lasha Darkmoon
This article is an edited abridgement  by myself of a long  comment  sent  in to the Darkmoon site on July 8, 2014 at 10:13 am. It was comment number 1 for a new article and immediately created a furor among our readers.
Completely ignoring the article itself, our angry readers savagely attacked the controversial 5300-word off-topic comment instead, accusing its author, Ellie Katsnelson, of being a “demonic” Jewish supremacist and the ultimate “icon of evil”.
Given the unprecedented interest caused by this outstanding comment, my editor-cousin John Scott Montecristo asked me if I could turn it into a feature article of roughly half the length. I agreed. So here it is now, with 2500 words lopped off but with substantial additions of my own to compensate for the cuts I was forced to make. I apologize to Ms Katsnelson for these additions, but she has already given me full permission to do this, as and when needed, provided the final result is pleasing.  
I predict that this extraordinary article, a tour de force that rises to a chilling climax,  will one day achieve cult classic status.
. . . by Ellie Katsnelson,
edited and abridged by Lasha Darkmoon
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A good Israeli friend of mine recently suggested to me that I should occupy my time in writing about the dark clouds of terror that are about  to descend upon America.
Not knowing where to begin, I thought I should start at that turning point in the coming age in America, namely, the herding of the masses, that is, you goyim, into concentration camps, colloquially known as FEMA.
I asked myself: where exactly in the camps do I begin? Just before or just after their establishment? Knowing that my friend Aaron would not grant me the privilege of picking his superior Jewish brain, I decided I would have to rely completely on my own limited intellectual resources: that is, on my little womanly self, sometimes tender and cosmopolitan, at other times fiercely Jewish. And so I began the description of life in the camps right in the middle of it, after the camps had been established and running for some time.
I shall now speak of the future: a future in which a rusty Judaic dagger is stabbed into the  hearts of all genuine lovers of freedom. After all, dear friends, the future I am about to describe shall be nothing less than the soon-to-come JEWISH RULE OF AMERICA.
Thus forewarned, and the preamble no longer detaining us, let me begin my sad task of outlining in broad detail the coming doom of the American masses, many of them anti-Semites who certainly need to be taught a salutary lesson.

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The Occult Roots of The Wizard of Oz

With its memorable story and its cast of colorful characters, the Wizard of Oz quickly became an American classic. More than a hundred years after the release of this book, kids everywhere are still enchanted by Oz’s world of wonder. Few, however, recognize that, under its deceptive simplicity, the story of the Wizard of Oz conceals deep esoteric truths inspired by Theosophy. Here we’ll look at the Wizard of Oz’s occult meaning and its author’s background.
Although the Wizard of Oz is widely perceived as an innocent children’s fairy tale, it is almost impossible not to attribute a symbolic meaning to Dorothy’s quest. As in all great stories, the characters and the symbols of the Wizard of Oz can be given a second layer of interpretation, which may vary depending on the reader’s perception. Many analyses appeared throughout the years describing the story as  an “atheist manifesto” while others saw  it as a promotion of populism. It is through an understanding of the author’s philosophical bckground and beliefs, however,  that the story’s true meaning can be grasped.
L. Frank Baum, the author of the Wizard of Oz was a member of the Theosophical Society, which is an organization based on occult research and the comparative study of religions. Baum had a deep understanding of Theosophy and, consciously or not,  created an allegory of Theosophic teachings when he wrote the Wizard of Oz.

Syria’s abandoned children: Portraits of just some of the millions of youngsters displaced and left with no education by their country’s civil war

  • More than 50,000 children now call Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp near the border with Syria their home
  • Amal Qalloosh, 11, fled her home near the city of Daraa with her family after a government bombing
  • Some children work in Zaatari while the lucky are allowed to attend a school at the camp

  •  At Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp near the border with Syria, the horror of the neighbouring country's civil war can be seen in the faces of its youngest refugees. 
    More than 50,000 children under the age of 18 call the wind-swept, massive desert camp home. 
    All have stories about the war, like 11-year-old Amal Qalloosh, who fled her home near the city of Daraa with her family after a government bombing. 

    Zainab, 5
    Fouad, 14
    Mohammed Ghassan, 8
    Living in fear: Zainab, five, Fouad, 14 and Mohammed Ghassan, eight, who are living in Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp near the border with Syria
    Batoul, 6
    Amal Qalloosh, 11
    Zainab, 5
    Displaced: Batoul, six, Amal Qalloosh, 11 and Yasmeen, nine, fled their homes after bombing in Syria and are now living in a camp site in Jordan

    Read more:

    The caged humans of Bali: Heartbreaking pictures show the holiday island's dark side, where mentally ill people are locked away in their own filth and chained up by their families

  • There are an estimated 26,000 severely mentally disabled people living in Indonesia who are kept in 'pasung'
  • People in pasung are locked in cages or chains by their families, who cannot afford to treat their illness
  • More than three million tourists visit the Bali every year but almost none are aware of this dark side
  • Local psychiatrist Dr Luh Ketut Suryani, 69, is on a mission to free every Balinese person from pasung

  •  This little metal cage away from the main house has been Sari's prison for over sixteen years, when she became mentally ill she got placed in this tin shed with only a woven bamboo floor to sit on. Here she is sitting in a position hardly changed over all these years. Now she is not able to walk anymore

    This little metal cage away from the main house has been Sari's prison for over sixteen years, when she became mentally ill she got placed in this tin shed with only a woven bamboo floor to sit on. Here she is sitting in a position hardly changed over all these years. Now she is not able to walk anymore

    Bloodsport: Israelis Gather, Watch, Cheer, Celebrate Over 1,200 Dead in Gaza

    Before the start of Israel’s siege of Gaza, we predicted that the government of Israel would not relent until approximately ’1,500′ Palestinians were dead. That looks to be the case this time around, as the death toll in Gaza reaches 1,200 today. Tel Aviv made noises to the effect that they want to continue their military campaign until they feel that Gaza is ‘disarmed’, or crippled with the inability to resist, in any way, Tel Aviv’s strangulation of Gaza.
    Previous over-the-top bombing campaigns and ground incursions in Gaza and Lebanon have seen those numbers reached, before Israel would back down on hostilities. If past history is any guide, the 1,500 number seems to be limit before international, and even US, public opinion kicks in and demands an end to hostilities by the IDF.

    I don't know the whole story behind these images, but they say a lot on their own. Here, some Israeli girls have apparently been told to "sign" bombs directed at Lebanon, writing messages like "from Israel with love." Link (via lawrenceofcyberia and thismodernworld)Update: That link keeps crashing my browser. Here are better links, to the source of these photos: onetwo, and another. Caption, via AP, "Israeli girls write messages on a shell at a heavy artillery position near Kiryat Shmona, in northern Israel, next to the Lebanese border, Monday, July 17, 2006." AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner.

    Tuesday, July 29, 2014

    Whistleblower: FEMA Camps Going Active Housing US Citizens Forcibly Taken

    Someone claiming to work for the Los Angeles Department of Health Services, reports that “officials are planning to forcibly remove homeless people from the streets later this summer and house them in facilities which they will not be permitted to leave.”


    These are US citizens, homeless yes, but convicted of no crime, to be locked away in “facilities” aka FEMA camps, without the option to the liberty and freedom US citizens are guaranteed by the US Constitution.


    According to this source, the words “FEMA camp” were not allowed to be used and the term preferred is “low cost housing,” and that the deal had been made with the US government to implement these plans. This was stated at a policy meeting on June 18, 2014, according to InfoWars.


    L.A. Officials Plan To Implant Homeless With RFID Chips

    homelessMac Slavo: An anonymous source claiming to work inside of the Los Angeles Department of Health Services recently dropped a bombshell that could set a dangerous new precedent in how the government deals with those they find to be a burden or threat to a stable society.
    In a report penned by Paul Joseph Watson, the whistleblower says that Los Angeles County is preparing to round up and forcibly house homeless citizens in detention facilities referred to internally by department employees as “FEMA Camps,” though the source says that they have been instructed to refer to the detention areas as “low cost housing” facilities.
    According to the source, law enforcement teams will soon be rounding up homeless individuals on the streets, checking them into the facilities, and detaining them indefinitely for “their own health and safety.” What may be even more alarming, however, is that the government is reportedly planning on embedding these individuals with RFID chips presumably to track their whereabouts.
    The program is focused around removing or relocating homeless people from the streets of downtown L.A., starting with Skid Row.

    Life under fire in Gaza: the diary of a Palestinian

    What's it like for families struggling to survive in Gaza? A Palestinian author describes the overcrowding and shortages, the horror of seeing familiar places reduced to rubble – and the constant fear of death
    Beit Hanoun during ceasefire

    Two Palestinians among the rubble in Beit Hanoun during the ceasefire on 26 July. Photograph: Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images

    Suburban Family Says Dog Fatally Shot by Police in Front of 6-Year-Old Girl

    A family in Hometown says a police officer shot and killed their dog in front of their six-year-old daughter. They say Apollo never lunged at the officer.
    Family members and area residents say a young dog was fatally shot by police in front of a 6-year-old girl Friday afternoon in a Chicago suburb.
    The dog’s owners say 1-year-old shepherd-mix Apollo had gotten out of their yard in the 8700 block of Beck Place in southwest suburban Hometown and the family had just returned him to their lawn when police arrived.
    “We were in the lawn and the cop already had his gun out,” said owner Nicole Echlin. “I tried to call him in the house and he just stood there staring and I guess he showed his teeth and the cop just shot him, right in front of me and my 6-year-old daughter.”

    Family Says Police Fatally Shot Their Dog

    Family Says Police Fatally Shot Their Dog
    Family members say their dog was fatally shot by police in Hometown, Illinois Friday. Regina Waldroup reports.
    Echlin said her young daughter “started screaming” after the shooting.

    Monday, July 28, 2014


    The truth is that far from being the poor victim it likes to portray itself as, Israel is in fact the most aggressive and belligerent nation in the region, having invaded pretty much everyone it shares a border with.
    The following maps show just who is wiping who off of the map!
    The above map is Israel as it was first created by UN declaration in 1947. The blue portion is Israel, the rest is all Arab lands. Note that Jerusalem was completely within Arab lands and Israel was much smaller than it is today. Note also that there is NO Israeli presence inside the area surrounding Jerusalem. No settlements, certainly no IDF. The red square outlines the approximate region shown in the map to the right.
    This is Israel as it is today. Note that the western border of Palestine has been pushed up to Jerusalem. Such a land grab is NOT the result of a defensive act, but of an invasion to bring Jerusalem under Israeli control, even though Jerusalem was not originally part of Israel. The maps clearly tell the story of an Israel conquering lands which do not belong to it. Since Sharon took office, Israel has built more illegal Jewish Settlements on Palestinian land. Note on the above map that the majority of the lands which were originally Arab lands when Israel was created, are now under complete (dark blue) or partial (green) Israeli control. Only the black areas remain to the Palestinians, and those are shrinking by the minute. 
    How does a defensive action result in the total conquest of someone else's lands? The answer is that it does not. Israel is the aggressor. The maps of Israel then and now prove it. 

    Stop buying into what Sharon claims Israel "has to do" and look at what Israel has actually done. The maps tell the story of a nation eager to conquer lands which do not belong to it. Israel has invaded virtually every nation it shares borders with, including Syria and Lebanon, and as the map above shows has almost conquered Palestine and is ready to "ethnically cleanse" the region. Far from being the poor victimized society desperately defending itself Israel likes to pretend it is in order to wrest more money from Americans, Israel is in fact the most militarily aggressive nation in the region.
    Israel has ALWAYS portrayed non-Israelis as animals, in order to make it easier for the American tax payers who pay for the weapons accept their killing. And Israel has always resorted to staged terror bombings to further its agenda, such as the Lavon affair and more recently when a supposed suicide bomber turned out to be a known Israeli collaborator. In one recent case photos showed that what was reported as a suicide bomb in Jerusalem was actually a car bomb

    Friday, July 25, 2014



    “And it came to pass at noon, that Elijah mocked them, and said, Cry aloud: for he is a god; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or peradventure he sleepeth, and must be awaked. And they cried aloud, and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them.” 1 Kings 18:27,28
    Islamic terrorism is famous for their stated love of death, destruction and the shedding of blood. They consider it a glorious honor to strap suicide bomb vests onto the bodies of men, women, children and anyone else who is stupid enough to sacrifice their lives to the moon god Allah.

    It Turns Out Hamas Didn’t Kidnap and Kill the 3 Israeli Teens After All

    Photo: Mohamed Farag/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

    When the bodies of three Israeli teenagers, kidnapped in the West Bank, were found late last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not mince words. "Hamas is responsible, and Hamas will pay," he said, initiating a campaign that eventually escalated into the present conflict in the region. 
    But now, officials admit the kidnappings were not Hamas's handiwork after all. 
    Non-plagiarizing BuzzFeed writer Sheera Frenkel was among the first to suggest that it was unlikely that Hamas was behind the deaths of Gilad Shaar, Naftali Frenkel, and Eyal Yifrach. Citing Palestinian sources and experts the field, Frenkel reported that kidnapping three Israeli teens would be a foolish move for Hamas. International experts told her it was likely the work of a local group, acting without concern for the repercussions: 
    [Gershon Baskin] pointed out that Hamas has earlier this month signed an agreement to form a unity government with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, bridging, for the first time in seven years, the Palestinian leadership in the West Bank and Gaza.
    “They will lose their reconciliation agreement with Abbas if they do take responsibility for [the kidnappings],” Baskin added.
    Today, she was proven right:

    Michigan cops go on trial after shooting dog in front of owner (VIDEO)

    The fatal shooting of a dog by law enforcement officers in Michigan late last year was premeditated, according to the attorney of the pet’s owner.
    On November 22, officers shot and killed Brittany Preston’s 1-year-old mixed breed Labrador named Lexie in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.
    On July 15, Preston’s attorney, Chris Olson, filed a federal lawsuit against the city, police officers David Jacquemain and Jeremy Moskwa, and animal control officer Tom Massey. The lawsuit alleges that the killing of Lexie was premeditated and was a violation of Preston’s Fourth Amendment rights.
    "They had a premeditated intent to kill the dog and that is exactly what they did," Olson told The Huffington Post.
    Olson says Preston’s grandfather, who reportedly suffers from dementia, had left Lexie outside. Police were called to the house on a complaint of excessive barking by the dog.
    "Before even getting out of the car, an officer is heard saying, 'The only thing I'm gonna do is shoot it, anyway. I do not like dogs,'" Olson said of the recordings taken from a dashboard camera of the responding officers’ cruiser.

    Two dozen killed as several UNRWA schools hit in Gaza

    18 civilians and three aid workers killed in strikes on UNRWA schools today
    Children from the Beit Hanoun school now seek shelter at Gaza hospital (AA)

    BEIT HANOUN, Gaza Strip - At Kamal Adwan hospital, the ambulances arrived unusually full with several injured at once. While this is becoming an increasingly regular sight in Gaza, there was something new about these ambulance that were rushing in people from a UNRWA school at Beit Hanoun.
    Everyone of those injured or killed had hoped that they would be safe under the UN's protection. But they were not. In recent weeks, people have been flocking to UN-run shelters and the UN said it was sheltering 117,469 displaced Palestinians sheltering at 77 schools before today's bombing. This is more than double the number at the peak of the 2008-2009 Israeli incursion, but many of these internal refugees now feel like they have been left with literally nowhere else to go, now that even the UN schools have succumbed to the Israeli bombardment. 
    The scenes at the school in northern Gaza are horrific. The peaceful light blue walls of UNRWA schools are still spattered with blood. The children who once studied here, suddenly forced to see another face of their school.
    The black and white floor is covered with pools of blood, with a blood soaked blanket and a pair of lonely sandals scattered nearby. The blood belongs to the people who were fasting and were waiting to break their fast three hours later.
    Medics informed MEE that out of this single school massacre, 18 people, including a baby, have been killed and over 200 were injured.
    Since the attack the panic levels among the already frightened families have reached new levels. Women and children have now fled the school and are taking refuge in hospitals, but these are also full and struggling to cope. 
    The sheer influx of wounded is too much for one hospital, forcing causalities to be sent to four different hospitals: Beit Hanoun, Kamal Adwan, al-Awda and Shifa hospital.
    It is an exhausting feat for a mother to go by foot, searching haphazardly for her children who could be in any one of these four hospitals scattered throughout Gaza. Several people have still not been accounted for, with relatives continuing their frantic search.
    The family of 17-year-old Doaa Abu Awda, was forced to scour the various hospitals for their daughter. The family ran to Gaza City’s Shifa hospital, despite the heavy shelling in the area, after they were told that she sustained injuries and was being treated there. Once they got there, however, they were told by the receptionist that she was not there. The family ran throughout all the corridors, trying to find her, but couldn’t find her anywhere. After exhausting all possibilities, the family made it down to the morgue and, at once, their search come to a tragic end. 
    Abu Awda was with her family, seeking refuge in a place that she trusted to be safe. More than a thousand Palestinians were in the school in Beit Hanoun seeking refuge with her, when the bombs struck. 
    “I was sitting in the soccer field when five tank shells hit,” an injured child tries to tell Middle East Eye although he struggles to get the words out. 
    Another woman, running in terror, screams, “my daughter, my daughter… they had her legs and arms amputated.”